PVC insulated Flexible Copper Wire

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  • Insulation Material: PVC Model Number: BV

  • Type: Low Voltage

  • Application: Lighting in residential

  • Conductor Material: Copper

  • Jacket: PVC

  • working temperature: 70 centigrade

  • Max. temperature: 160 centigrade

  • Type of Conductor: Stranded copper conductor

  • Rated Voltage: 450/750V

Packaging Details:PVC copper wire,drum or iron drum
Delivery Detail:PVC copper wire, mainly within 15 days or as your request


PVC copper wire
1.14 years professional experiences
2. Flexible stranded copper conductor
3. PVC insulation
4. Factory pric

PVC insulated Flexible Copper Wire

PVC Wire is used for lighting, electronic equipment, instument and communication equipment with rated voltage 450/750V or less


1. The rated voltage of the wires should equal to or higher then the rated voltage of the system when wires are used at AC system. If the wires are used at DC system, the rated voltage of system should lower then 1.5 times as high as rated voltage of cable and wires. The working voltage of the system could be 1.1 times as high as the rated voltage of the cable.

2. The long term working temperature should lower then 70oC. The working temperature of BV-90 should lower then 90oC. And the laying temperature should higher then 0oC.

3. The curve diameter of the wire should longer than 8 times of the diameter of the outer diameter of cable and wires if their outer diameter is 25 mm or above. If the diameter of cable and wires is above 25 mm, the curve diameter should be at least 12 times of the outer diameter of the cable and wires.



Laying place and requirement

Long term working Temperature0C

60227IEC01  05



Copper conductor PVC insulated wires

Aluminum conductor PVC insulated wires

Fixed laid indoors

Conduit etc.




Heat resistant copper conductor PVC insulated wire at 90 0C

Mainly be laid at the places of high temperature environment and can be laid indoors ,conduits.



Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible cable

Be for laying permanent place where flexible required.





Copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed round wires

Fixed laid, fit for the places with high mechanical protection and moisture place, can be laid in the air or underground.



Aluminum conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed round wires


Copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat wires


Aluminum conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat wires



Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible connector wire

Mainly used at middle and light style moving electronics, home appliances, power and lighting and the places where flexible required



Copper conductor PVC insulated flat flexible connector wire


Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible twisting connector wire



Copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed round flexible connector wire



Cu conductor heat resistant PVC insulated flexible connector wire at 90 0C

Mainly used at the places where heat resistance is required


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