PV1-F CABLE 1*25

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PV Cable

1.The origin of technicalspecifications

The related requirements of this test technical specifications are come fromK411.2.3 working group about PV-system wire of Germany standardization committee.

This will be released as German national standard.

Germany Rhine TUV (Shanghai) will use the technicalspecification to test and evaluate the performance of PV - cable.

The file number of the technical specification is 2PFG1169/08.2007in German Rhine TUV company.

2.The range of application

2PFG1169/08.2007 is suitable for 1.8kV ( the maximum kilovolt )(conductor-conductor,non earthed system) DC voltage and the flexible single-core cable (wire) of DCside in PV system.

Theproduct shall be used under class II security level.

The highest temperature of the cable operating environment shall up to90℃.

The cable can be used in parallel of many cores .

3. The specialterminology  

PV system(Photovoltaic system): PV solarsystem.

DC side: the parts between PV battery and DC terminalof PV converter in PV device.

The open circuit voltage in the standard testconditions (UOC STC): the PV                                                                 modules, PV wire, PV array, PV generator of not under load (opencircuit) or the voltage in DC side of PV converter  in the standard testconditions.

The short circuit current in the standard test conditions(ISCTC): the short circuit current in PV modules, PV wire,PV arrays or PV generatorin the standard test conditions.

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