Plastic Geocell for Slope Protection with CE

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Description Of Plastic Geocell for Slope Protection

The product has the features of high-strength, durable, light weight. In process of construction, the geocell can be pulled into a honeycombed grid and then filled with various materials to provide a solution for erosion control, load support and earth retention projects. Therefore, it is widely used in stabling soft roadbed and bearing the load of dike.

Main Features of Plastic Geocell for Slope Protection

1. flexible to fold during transportation, stretching out

2. filled with stone or concrete during service, forming into structure with powerful lateral confinement and          rigidity.

3. used as cushion coat to strengthen loading capacity of weak ground or slope protection structure 

Specifications of Plastic Geocell/HDPE geocell:

1. Fix railway ground.

2.Fix weak ground of roads and increase loading capacicity.

4.used to build the support block struction

5.Act as independent wall, dock and break-water.

6.Treat desert, beach, riverbed and bank.

Geocell Product Poperties


Height  (mm)Welding distance  (mm)Sheet thickness(mm)Tensile yield strength of the cell≥(MPa)Seam peel strength≥(N)

Applications of Plastic Geocell/HDPE geocell:

*Erosion Control

*Load Support

*Slope Protection

*Channel Protection

*Retaining Wall

*Ground Stabilisation   

now  most of our products are exported to Chile,Mexico,Brazil, Argentina , Russia, Poland, Turkey, USA, UK, Iran,and etc.


IMages of Plastic Geocell/HDPE geocell:

Plastic Geocell for Slope Protection with CE

Plastic Geocell for Slope Protection with CE

Plastic Geocell for Slope Protection with CE

Plastic Geocell for Slope Protection with CE



1. Do you supply free samples for customers?

Yes,we will supply free samples for you.Please send your address for us.

2. How Many years experience do you have?
We have been exported to more than 20 countries in the past 15 years.

3. How long do we usually reply your request?

We always reply our customer within 24 hours.


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Q:why is the lateral welding edge of composite geo-membrane so dim?
Try to choose new materials to produce geomembrane
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Q:what's the paving method of composite geo-membrane?
Geomembrane pavement is divided into channal bottom paving and slope paving two sections. pavement method: Horizontally roll along the channel axis direction. Slope pavement, after qualified acceptance of slope, rool it along the slope axis direction, the joint with the channal bottom composite geo-membrane uses t-shape connection.
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Q:what's the items needed to be noticed in the pavement of composite geo-membrane?
(5) construction, transition layer: (1) embedded method should be used: covering thickness should be not less than 30cm (2) it shall ne equipped with impervious system renovation, both ends buried in the soil is corrugated: Cushion, protective layer, impervious barrier. (4) the geomembrane should not be pulled too tight while paving. (3) soil should be solid, while laying the film .. laying small diameter sand or clay on the contact surface as a protective layer to avoid uneven subsidence, cracks, it should be best paved while construction, within seepage-proof scope, turf and tree roots should be cleaned, especially while anchored with the rigid material, there should be a certain amount of stretching. Construction notes, while covering the protective layer: laying note of geomembrane, heavy direct hit in the geomembrane
Q:What is the construction technology of the color permeable concrete project?
1. To grind surface and use professional grinding machine polishing on the surface of the base, surface laitance, dust cleaning, open the original surface voids and make concrete seal curing agent could be fully penetrated 2, clean up the surface to be polished produced in the process of dust, the dust cleared off. 2. To clean up the surface: The dust produced in the process of polishing should be cleaned off. 3. To spray the concrete sealed curing agent and spray the concrete seal curing agent on the ground, and use the dust drag for uniform treatment. Let material response 2-4 hours. When the surface becomes sticky, you can go on the next step. 4. To clean the surface and water to flush the concrete seal curing agent material overflow part of the flushing reaction. To prevent the residue turn into white. 5. The water polishing. To polish the ground to further enhance the density of the ground surface, and show the mirror effect. 6. To clean the ponding, the remaining water should be cleaned after the water polishing. 7. The polishing of the concrete sealed curing agent, and install the resin polishing pad with the polishing machine, making a further polishing of the ground. 8. The completion display of the concrete seal curing agent .
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Q:How does the brand ranking of the insulation ability of the glass film?
The amber Optical nano ceramic insulation film is the world's first and only a multilayer nano ceramic insulation film which is with high clarity, high thermal insulation, no dyes and metals, not oxidation, and no barrier GPS.

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