PE Gas Pipe

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Product Description:

General Information of PE Gas Pipe :


Place of Origin

China (Mainland)










ISO4427, ISO4437

Raw Material

PE80, PE100


Black, Blue




Product Description of PE Gas Pipe:


Material: PE80/ PE100 (mainly PE 100 now).

Sizes: 20mm--630mm

SDR: SDR11, SDR13.6, SDR17, SDR21, SDR26, SDR33

Pressure: 0.4Mpa(PN4), 0.6Mpa(PN6), 0.8Mpa(PN8), 1.0Mpa(PN10), 1.25Mpa(PN12.5), 1.6Mpa(PN16) 

Color: Black or others on request 

Connection: Socket-fusion jointed,  butt-fusion jointed , electron-fusion jointed,  flange jointed

Standard:  ISO4427, ISO4437, GB/T 13663-2000 

Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001

Application: Water supply, Industries liquids transportation , sewage conduit

Identifies: black water pipe identifies the color at least three blue stripes, and evenly distributed along the pipe circumference


Advantage of PE Gas Pipe: 


1. Non-toxic, no heavy metal additives, no fouling, not breed bacterium,

2. Corrosion resistant: PE is inert material and it can resist the corrosion of many chemical mediums, or electron chemical corrosion. except for few strong oxidants

3. High strength, good performance to resist the environmental stress cracking, good creep resistance.

4. Good flexibility: small diameters, PE pipe for water supply can be coiled and supplied for longer length, which saves a large number of fittings, PE pipe can be easily shifted according to requirement of the projects.

5. Light weight, simple safe and reliable welding technique, convenient construction and lower cost of the whole engineering,

6. Smooth interior wall, small water resistance, high flow capacity,

7. Long service life, up to 50 years under normal conditions.

8. Recyclable, benefit to the environment



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Q:Construction technology of internal and external double hot melt joint of PSP steel plastic composite pipe
If the welding temperature is up to 210 + 10, the double fusion welding tool can be used for welding operation. Dn32 and Dn32 the following specifications pipe and pipe welding, the whole round after the first pipe weld to 30% - 50% mark depth, and then fitting into hot melt appropriative welding die heating, and achieve the identified depth; pipe and pipe fittings fused Dn40 and Dn40 above ground when should the pipe and insert special hot melt transition joint welding die heating, and achieve the identified depth.
Q:What is PPS steel plastic composite pipe?
The product has the following advantages.1, retains the traditional metal pipe steel and strength, far better than plastic pipes, aluminum pipe;2. The utility model has the advantages of smooth inner wall, small frictional resistance and no fouling, and the outer wall is more beautiful and luxurious;3, light weight, toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, applicable temperature is wider, -30 DEG C to 100 DEG c;4, and the pipe can be connected by means of wire cutter, socket, flange, welding groove, etc., a variety of ways, and labor;5, and the pipe fittings connecting parts, thermal expansion coefficient is small, more safe and reliable;6, the price performance ratio is reasonable, comprehensive cost is low, more economical than copper tube and stainless steel tube.
Q:Is the water pipe in the house made of PPR pipe or stainless steel pipe? What brand is better?
This requires water pipes to withstand corrosion, high temperature, frost resistance, and has good mechanical properties. By comparison, the plastic pipe can not withstand high temperatures, easy to occur in the temperature under the condition of large deformation caused leakage, and the compressive capacity is small, easy to brittle fracture, which is not applicable to its long-term heating, should not be used in the cold north, not suitable for high-rise buildings.Composite pipe sets the advantages of metal and plastic in one, but it is because of the expansion coefficient of plastic and metal is different, long-term use will lead to delamination of the pipe, causing harm.We all know of brass, copper in chemical and active sort order is very low, stable performance, strong corrosion resistance. Copper is a kind of metal with a certain strength and excellent plasticity and toughness. It has excellent low temperature performance. Therefore, copper water pipe can resist heat and fire, not aging, and has a certain frost heaving resistance. From the copper pipe on the installation of Peking Union Medical College Hospital in 20s after eighty years of vicissitudes of life, still a good performance on copper pipes can be durable, with long-term safety and reliability of buildings with the same life. In addition, the copper tube is durable and has little thermal expansion rate, and is especially suitable for being embedded in the cement wall without worrying about the cracking of the wall. But copper pipes are more expensive.
Q:How to connect the steel plastic composite pipe with the valve?
It mainly includes welding type, clamping sleeve type and flaring type.Joint accessoriesIncluding: nuts, card sets, flaring core, expanding sleeve, flared nut.
Q:PSP plastic steel composite pipe can be hot melt connection?
Yes, I know of Zhuozhou Rong an's brandCan be hot melt connection, hot melt machine and PE almost
Q:How is the stainless steel composite pipe produced?
As a general practice for metallic materials, the stainless steel sheet is closed to the other metal material and is then divided into tubes.
Q:Is the coating tube a composite tube?
As the name suggests is to provide power tube power output, generally with the load driving circuit in the last stage, the output current is relatively large, because the production process limit, high current amplification triode tube is not large, so the composite tube for the way the magnification increases.
Q:Can the heat pipe of building be made of steel plastic composite pipe?
Mainly depends on your temperature is not greater than the upper limit of the composite pipe temperatureThe plastic steel pipe in the composite pipe is divided into a cold water pipe and a hot water pipeAttention should be paid when purchasing
Q:Why can't steel plastic composite pipes be embedded in reinforced concrete?
Because the thermal expansion coefficient of steel is very close to the coefficient of thermal expansion of cement after solidification, reinforced concrete is ok.
Q:The difference between aluminum pipe and PPR pipe
The inner and outer layers of the aluminium plastic pipe are made of polyethylene plastic, and a layer of aluminum interlayer is rolled in the middle, and the copper fittings are needed to be connected for construction. The relative advantage is that the copper is not connected in a certain length.
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Location Wuxi,China
Year Established 1998
Annual Output Value US$1.5 Million - US$2 Million
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Eastern Europe
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