Agriculture HDPE Plastic Olive Tree Harvest Net

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300 m²
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1000000 m²/month

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Product Description:

 Agriculture HDPE Plastic Olive Tree Harvest Net

Production Description: 

These nets are entirely made of UV stabilised polyethylene monofilament. The nets available have various kind of meshes in order to optimise the different harvesting methods of olives and fruits. Every net is suitable for a different application such as natural falling harvesting, hand harvesting or mechanised harvesting. The nets are available in different weights and colours and can be supplied in rolls or in sheets already stitched together with or without central vent.Olive collection net are used not only for the olive harvest, but also to gather chestnuts, nuts and deciduous fruits in general. 

  • Produced with HDPE virgin material

  • UV stabilized - Long life

  • For Food : non-toxic, responsive to current European legislation on packaging for food.

  • Guarantee 5 years 

  • Green&Black 50g/m2

  • Farmer used the net to gain olive from tree. 


TypeCMAX-Olive Net
Weight33-200 gsm
ColorBlack, Green, Dark Green, etc
Width,Length1-6m, 50m,100m as your requirements
Raw material100% Virgin HDPE with U.V Stabilized and irganox
Using lifeAt least 4 years
Delivery time30 days after deposit
Specificationconstruction(/inch) Warp=3, Weft=4.5, Br.Str.(kg) ,Warp=10, Weft=2 ,Screening factor(%) :10%
Packingrolls with PVC suare tube(5×5cm)/double folded/PE Stretch film/label
OEMIf you have your own packing design,we can quickly meet your requirments.


Agriculture HDPE Plastic Olive Tree Harvest Net

Agriculture HDPE Plastic Olive Tree Harvest Net

Agriculture HDPE Plastic Olive Tree Harvest Net

Agriculture HDPE Plastic Olive Tree Harvest Net

Agriculture HDPE Plastic Olive Tree Harvest Net

Agriculture HDPE Plastic Olive Tree Harvest Net

Agriculture HDPE Plastic Olive Tree Harvest Net

Agriculture HDPE Plastic Olive Tree Harvest Net


Agriculture HDPE Plastic Olive Tree Harvest Net


Delivery Time: 20 Working Days After Confirmed P.O.

Packaging: Each piece packed in plastic bag, and several pieces per bale with PP woven bag outside, or in rolls with inner paper tube with plastic bag outside.

Agriculture HDPE Plastic Olive Tree Harvest Net

Agriculture HDPE Plastic Olive Tree Harvest Net


1.Q:Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? 
   A:Our factory is located in Shanghai, China. You can take flight to Shanghai Hongqiao airport, and 25 mins reach to our factory. 


2.Q:What is the material of your products?
   A: We use the raw material of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with UV Stabilized & Igranox to make our netting 


3.Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control? 
   A: we are very proud to let you know that , We use the best raw material , have at least 5years experienced workers,

        the advanced machine and specialized team to assure the quality


We perform Quality Control inspections on 100% of our products.


Our inspection standards are strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 certification system.


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Q:Is my plastic killing me?
complicated stuff. look into over the search engines. just that might help!

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