pipe fittings for steel mesh reinforced PE pipe

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There is steel platereinforced structure inside the pipe fitting, and the steel plate is surroundedby the HDPE the structure is very solid and also obtains excellent anti-corrosionand abrasion resistant feature, it can guaranty the steady and life span of thewhole piping system.

The Steel Reinforced PE fittings is a combination of  a steel sheet which works as the reinforcing part and HDPE which works as the stuffing material injected on both surfaces of the steel sheet.

The end of Steel Reinforced PE pipe will be constructed differently for different connections.

1) At a flange connection end, there is a flange head for the connection. You need flange connection kits, which is ordered separately.

2) In an electro-fusion end, the outside surface is pre-treated for a proper electro-fusion. You need a electro-fusion Coupler, which is ordered separately. Electro-fusion connection can only be done by using the Huachuang brand Electro-fusion Bar-code Scanning Welding Machine.

So, there are three kinds of fitting connection options for each pipeline:

•DD Option: Both ends are Electro-fusion connection ends

•FF Option: Both ends are Flange connection ends

•DF Option: One end is an Electro-fusion connection end and another end is a Flange connection end.

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Q:What's the difference between stainless steel pipe and stainless steel composite pipe?
Stainless steel tube, the whole pipe is stainless steel lighter, bearing capacity, there is no composite pipe, but it is not easy to embroider
Q:Can PSP steel plastic composite pipe be used in hot water system?
The inner and outer layer of plastic to corrosion protection with smooth wall, chemical corrosion resistance, no pollution, small fluid resistance, no fouling, not the breeding of microorganisms, the advantages of fluid from pollution two, service life of up to 50 years.
Q:Does the silicon carbide wear-resistant pipe belong to the ceramic composite tube?
Ceramic lined ceramic tube can be divided into alumina ceramic composite, silicon carbide ceramic composite, silicon nitride ceramic composite.
Q:How much is the hole net, steel belt and polyethylene composite pipe 1 meters?
Hole net, steel belt, polyethylene composite pipe, the market price is between 50-70 yuan.
Q:PE pipe and plastic lined steel composite pipe like?
Is not the same, full use of PE polyethylene production, steel skeleton polyethylene composite pipe (that is, you said the steel plastic composite pipe with steel mesh) in the center of the tube, they can transport water and gas, but the production and maintenance of all different connection.
Q:What is a PE composite pipe?
I said before my other PE composite pipes do not understand, I'll give you ask ah, now the new environmental protection products are called "environmental protection" brand, it is difficult to differentiate the same; but with no life of steel plastic composite pipe length. PS I'll ask you tomorrow and tell you the rest
Q:Steel lined composite pipe generally had several?
The ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plastic steel composite pipe is compounded by the ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene pipe and the carbon steel tube by the scientific process.
Q:There are several kinds of plastic steel composite pipe, what is the connection mode?
Steel plastic composite pipe is divided into two kinds of plastic and plastic lining, if the design is lined with plastic coated steel pipe can be used instead, but if the design is not available to replace the plastic lining plastic pipe.
Q:Can the pE composite pipe be cooled by electric fusion?
Non removable tread. This is a very important point, because the electric melting pipe with pipe welding, the contact surface has melted, must pass through the cooling process make it solidified into a whole, in this process, if the mobile pipeline or stampede will cause the weld, weld gap and so on, easy to cause the pipeline to Water Leakage.
Q:What are the components of the CEMS composite sample tube?
Heat tracing: self regulating power, automatic compensation, accompanied by heat insulation, high efficiency insulation;Electric control: can be equipped with instrument signal cable, compensation and control cables meet the monitoring instrument display, create conditions for computer centralized control; fire safety, leakage protection, anti-static, electromagnetic shielding effect.

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