Overlap-Welded Pex-al-pe Pipe

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Overlap-welded Pex-Al-Pe Pipe 

Sizes1216 1418 1620 2025 2026 2632mm

Working for cold & hot water

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Overlapped welded aluminum plastic composite pipe

1)With available diameters: 16, 18, 20, 25, 26, 32mm


2) Non-toxic, anti-corrosive


3) Light weight, strong mechanical properties and thermal-resistant ability


4) Low fragile humidity and long using life


5) Low flowing resistance inside the pipe, scaling can rarely happen


6) The fluids cannot be contaminated. Effective diameters are big


7) Oxygen is 100% isolated and infiltration is thoroughly prevented. In case they are used as shielding materials for telecommunication circuit, magnetic interference can be prevented


8) Anti-static, and suitable for gas and fuel transportation


9) Can be bended or straightened without restriction

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Q:Plastic pipe and plastic lined steel pipe has what difference?
Installation construction: in the course of construction and installation, the lining plastic pipe can not be cut for the plastic lined steel pipe on the spot because of the construction technical change. Increase construction difficulty and cost. The on-site construction of the plastic lined steel pipe can not be prefabricated in advance and prolong the construction time. The lining of the plastic pipe will produce a shrinkage phenomenon (relative), which will increase the design pressure of the piping system. Lining plastic pipe because lining plastic relatively thick, relatively wear-resistant.
Q:When will the PSP steel plastic composite pipe be of type G connection?
PSP you say is the steel plastic composite pipe and plastic coated steel plastic pipe, G type connection is clamp connection, in all PSP pipe products, only inside and outside coated pipe is G type connection!
Q:What are the disadvantages of the PPR steady state composite tube?
In fact, the metal just to cater to consumers, think it adds metal pipe quality is certainly good. In fact, it doesn't have to be that big. I'm not saying that the pipe isn't good. I mean, this kind of pipe is very rare abroad. It's of Chinese characteristics. You know it.
Q:Is the plastic lined steel pipe the same as the PSP composite pipe?
PSP steel plastic composite pipe base material is steel, and plastic coated PE/EP, the surface of the plastic coated steel.
Q:What are the advantages of plastic steel composite pipes?
And the pipe can be connected by means of wire cutter, socket, flange, welding groove, etc., a variety of ways, and labor
Q:What's the difference between the steel wire mesh composite pipe and the steel skeleton plastic composite pipe?
1, steel skeleton plastic composite pipe: with reinforced skeleton full wiring fuse sleeve for welding, welding area is large, high reliability.2, steel mesh skeleton PE: General supporting the use of pure PE electric melting sleeve connection, non reinforced skeleton, fused into the middle jumper, the welding area is small, low reliability.
Q:What does "plastic steel composite pipe" mean?
By pretreatment, preheating, internal coating, leveling, postprocessing technology made in water supply galvanized plastic composite pipe, is the upgrading of traditional galvanized pipe, steel plastic composite pipe with threaded connection.
Q:Is the water pipe in the house made of PPR pipe or stainless steel pipe? What brand is better?
This requires water pipes to withstand corrosion, high temperature, frost resistance, and has good mechanical properties. By comparison, the plastic pipe can not withstand high temperatures, easy to occur in the temperature under the condition of large deformation caused leakage, and the compressive capacity is small, easy to brittle fracture, which is not applicable to its long-term heating, should not be used in the cold north, not suitable for high-rise buildings.Composite pipe sets the advantages of metal and plastic in one, but it is because of the expansion coefficient of plastic and metal is different, long-term use will lead to delamination of the pipe, causing harm.We all know of brass, copper in chemical and active sort order is very low, stable performance, strong corrosion resistance. Copper is a kind of metal with a certain strength and excellent plasticity and toughness. It has excellent low temperature performance. Therefore, copper water pipe can resist heat and fire, not aging, and has a certain frost heaving resistance. From the copper pipe on the installation of Peking Union Medical College Hospital in 20s after eighty years of vicissitudes of life, still a good performance on copper pipes can be durable, with long-term safety and reliability of buildings with the same life. In addition, the copper tube is durable and has little thermal expansion rate, and is especially suitable for being embedded in the cement wall without worrying about the cracking of the wall. But copper pipes are more expensive.
Q:What is the F-PPR composite pipe?
F-PPR composite pipe is F-PPR high fiber composite pipe 25*4.2 hot water pipe.
Q:What is the difference between PE composite pipe and steel plastic composite pipe?
The steel plastic composite pipe refers to the internal common plastic, and the PE composite pipe comprises an ordinary PE composite pipe and an ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene composite pipe.
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