PEX/AL/PEX Composite Pipe

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Product Description:

Basic Size of PEX/AL/PEX Composite Pipe:


Size (mm/inch)


AL Thickness






1/2“ /1216mm














Features of PEX/AL/PEX Composite Pipe:  

1,Material: Random Polypropylene

2, Sizes: 16mm to 32mm

3, Pressure Rating: 1.25MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.0MPa ,2.5MPa

4, Colors: every color is available, depend on customers

5, Connection: socket fusion joint, electro fusion joint or transition joint

6, Standard: ISO


Applications of PEX/AL/PEX Composite Pipe:

1, Cold or hot water supply

2, heating system including flooring heating

3, wall heating and radiating system

4, Central air conditioning system

5, industrial liquids transportation

PEX/AL/PEX Composite Pipe


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Q:What are the types and models of aluminum pipe?
Gas aluminum plastic composite pipe: Yellow Q mark, mainly used to transport natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas pipeline system.
Q:What is the function of the composite pipe?
When the composite triode is formed, the emitter of the first tube is the collector at different polarities, and the current direction must be the same as the base current of the second tubes. The polarity of the composite triode depends on the first tube. The current amplification of a composite triode is approximately equal to the product of the amplification of two tubes. When designing a circuit, it is better to choose a well integrated tube, and some have a protective circuit inside, so that the circuit is simple and reliable.
Q:Can aluminum plastic pipe be connected by hot melt?
Can be connected with an external wire, aluminum pipe straight pipe section, and then take on the hot melt pipe inner straight section pipe, then you can take a hot melt pipe.
Q:Steel wire frame composite pipe hot melt connection should be set what quota ah?
Wire mesh, composite pipe, pipe fittings hot melt connection, if it is used for water supply, it has been in the water supply pipe (hot melt, electric welding connection)Quotas included, if it is heating, it has been included in the indoor heating plastic pipe (welding) quota, without other sets of quotas.
Q:What is the connection between the steel plastic composite pipe, plastic pipe?
There are many kinds of steel plastic composite pipe, plastic lined steel pipe, plastic pipe, steel skeleton pipe and so on, that is the combination of plastic and steel are called steel plastic composite pipe.
Q:Aluminum alloy lining plastic PPR composite pipe performance advantages?
Aluminum alloy lined plastic PPR composite tube pressure resistance, anti-aging: not only gorgeous appearance, but more importantly, it can effectively resist ultraviolet radiation in the sun, anti-aging, enhanced pipe service life, suitable for Ming zhuang. 2. linear expansion coefficient, longitudinal shrinkage rate low 3. excellent oxygen impermeable performance of 4. easy to install 5. scope: powerful functions used in the building hot and cold water supply piping system suitable for heating and air-conditioning supply and return water pipe system is applicable to all kinds of food hygiene, drinking water and medicine preparation pipeline system is applicable to all kinds of chemical agents, the air pressure pipeline system... 6.... Free maintenance: stable flow - the inner wall is smooth, no scaling, small transmission resistance and stable flow. Heat preservation and energy saving - low heat transfer rate, heat insulation, energy saving effect 7., applicable to domestic hot and cold water, natural gas pipeline, air conditioning pipe
Q:Is the air conditioner copper and aluminum composite pipe good?
Of course not. Long hours of use can cause problems both inside and outside the tube
Q:What are the connecting modes of PPR plastic aluminum stationary composite pipe?
PPR aluminum plastic pipe connection PPR pipe: hot melt machine welding. Or PP-R outer tooth pipe fitting and aluminum plastic tube internal tooth pipe fitting, PP-R tube internal tooth pipe fitting and aluminum plastic pipe connection.
Q:Steel lined composite pipe generally had several?
Its characteristic is to strengthen the outer layer as a steel pipe with flange, coated with super high molecular weight polyethylene pipe as the inner pipe matrix, the matrix material with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe inner structure integrally formed along the outer pipe extends to the outside edge of the flange end face, will be made one characteristic of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe and carbon steel pipe that has formed pipeline equipment wear resistance, shock and corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, self lubrication, shock absorption performance, anti adhesion, is widely used in power system of fly ash conveying, return pipe, mud tailings, mining industry transportation, coal industry, coal preparation plant of coal powder conveying, high pressure coal water slurry pressure transport and other sectors of the mud, slag containing corrosive medium in the fields of transportation. In order to meet the requirements of long distance, high pressure, high wear resistance, anti adhesion and scaling, our company has developed and manufactured the ordinary spiral welded pipe composite pipes of various specifications of 89mm--, 630mm, and high-quality seamless steel pipe composite pipes. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe above several different types of composite pipe lining, not only make full use of the excellent properties of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene has at the same time, through the composite to adapt to high pressure and long distance transportation field, against external damage and so on, to fill the gaps in the composite pipe, expand the application field.
Q:Gas aluminum plastic composite pipe accidentally broken, what should I do?
There is a dedicated direct, preferably with liquid raw materials, with a good joint painted again
Freesia is a manufacturer specializing in PPR water supply systems - for PIPES and FITTINGS. Our Pipe products has greatly extended from Pure PPR Pipe to Pipes in PE-RT, PE-X, PEX-AL-PEX, Composite Pipes in PPR-AL-PE, PPR-AL-PPR, PPR-AL-PERT, PPR-Copper-PPR, Stainless Steel PPR Composite Pipe. FB-PPR composite pipes and PP-RC Stabi Pipes

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Wuxi,China
Year Established 1998
Annual Output Value US$1.5 Million - US$2 Million
Main Markets South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
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Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
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Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered;Buyer Label Offered
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