Laser-Welded 5 Layers Multilayer Pipe

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Product Description:


BUTT-WELDED pipe for HOT water 


MAX.tempreture 95 degree

Working presure 10BAR


Pex-al-pex pipes are designed with special polythene both inside and outside, being clean and smooth. The aluminum layer in the middle is of 100% insulation


Features of Laser-Welded 5 Layers Multilayer Pipe:


1) Specification: Φ16 - 32


2) Non-toxic, anti-corrosive


3) Light weight, strong mechanical properties and thermal-resistant ability


4) Low fragile humidity and long using life


5) Low flowing resistance inside the pipe, scaling can rarely happen


6) The fluids cannot be contaminated. Effective diameters are big


7) Oxygen is 100% isolated and infiltration is thoroughly prevented. In case they are used as shielding materials for telecommunication circuit, magnetic interference can be prevented 


8) Anti-static, and suitable for gas and fuel transportation


9) Can be bended or straightened without restriction

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Q:Is the plastic lined steel pipe the same as the PSP composite pipe?
Now many places are using PSP steel composite pipe, pressure bearing ability, recommend you a family.
Q:What test test should be done for steel wire mesh polyethylene composite pipe?
In the pull test, after the pipe and pipe are welded together, the pipe is cut open and a small piece of weld zone is drawn to carry out the pullout test
Q:The difference between aluminum plastic composite pipe and PPR aluminum plastic
papAluminum plastic composite pipe is the earliest water supply pipe replacing cast iron pipe, and its basic composition should be five layers, namely, inside and outside are plastic, hot melt adhesive, aluminum alloy, hot melt adhesive, plastic.PPR plastic composite pipe is composed of five layers, the middle layer of thin aluminum layer, the outer layer is PP-R, the inner layer is PE-RT, between the layers of imported hot melt, extruded under high pressure and high temperature, five layers of organic compound, corrosion resistance, light weight, high mechanical strength, good heat resistance, no fouling and long service life long and other excellent characteristics.Steady state tubes are stable states by definition. Because the PPR pipeline is changeable and the hardness is not enough, it can only be used in the Ministry of construction. However, according to China's national conditions, some home improvement pipeline is not buried, so manufacturers in the PPR installed in the aluminum layer to stabilize its status. The aluminum layer of the stationary tube also acts as a barrier to oxygen and a low transmittance. Solve the problem of moss easily in PPR pipeline.
Q:PSP steel plastic composite pipe which apply the item
Steel plastic composite pipe, plastic steel composite pipe, seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe as the base pipe, painted on the inner wall of high adhesion, corrosion protection, food grade hygiene polyethylene powder coating or epoxy resin coating. By pretreatment, preheating, internal coating, leveling, postprocessing technology made in water supply galvanized plastic composite pipe, is the upgrading of traditional galvanized pipe. Product implementation of the Ministry of construction CJT120-2008 industry standards. Caliber range DN15--DN1200 with flange and pressure trough, coating length 6m, 9m, 12m and variable length, coating wall thickness of 100 microns to 500 microns, usually 350 microns.
Q:Is the water pipe in the house made of PPR pipe or stainless steel pipe? What brand is better?
As far as I know, or PPR, stainless steel has been eliminated, and the stainless steel is easy to rust, like home of our own is Su You PPR
Q:PE pipe and plastic lined steel composite pipe like?
Individuals believe that the overall performance of the pipeline is no better than the PE pipeline and has little prospect of application.
Q:What are the connecting modes of PPR plastic aluminum stationary composite pipe?
PPR aluminum plastic pipe connection PPR pipe: hot melt machine welding. Or PP-R outer tooth pipe fitting and aluminum plastic tube internal tooth pipe fitting, PP-R tube internal tooth pipe fitting and aluminum plastic pipe connection.
Q:What's the quota for plastic lined steel pipes?
Belong to the scope of industrial pipeline engineering should set industrial pipeline installation engineering quota in the quota items; if the water supply and drainage engineering, should be set to the drainage quota quota items in volume of steel plastic composite pipe installation related corresponding (according to the installation and connection mode).
Q:What is a PE composite pipe?
At the same time the same corrosion to steel as substrate, steel plastic composite pipe pressure is more than PE as everyone knows, and in the same pipe diameter, the diameter of more than 200 of the price of steel tubes is lower than that of PE 20%--50%, so PE steel plastic composite pipe products the larger diameter, the lower the cost of investment. The price of high pressure is less than half the price of PE.
Q:Plastic steel composite pipe buried pipe how to connect?
Steel plastic composite pipe, seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe as the base pipe, painted with high adhesion, corrosion protection, food grade hygiene type polyethylene powder coating or epoxy resin coating. By pretreatment, preheating, internal coating, leveling, postprocessing technology made in water supply galvanized plastic composite pipe, is the upgrading of traditional galvanized pipe.
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