steel mesh reinforced plastic pipe

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The Steel Reinforced PE Pipe is a new kind of high density polyethylene pipe which is reinforced by a steel wire skeleton. Crossing steel wire are spots welded as a net-cylinder structure during the manufacturing process. HDPE , the stuffing material of the structure ,is continuously extruded on producing line. The structure is similar to reinforced concrete structure.

This combination makes the pipe far stronger than standard HDPE pipe and more flexible and corrosion-resistant than steel pipe. Many of its inherent characteristics are far superior to those of HDPE or steel pipe.


The stuffing material of the steel mesh reinforced HDPE pipe and fittings is PE 80 (piping class), and the high quality low-carbon steel wire is used as the reinforced part of the pipes and Q235 steel sheet is used for the fittings.

Characteristics of PE 80(piping class) material

Characteristics Test Standard  Unit Result

Melt Flow Index(5Kg,190)

ASTM D 1238




ASTM D 792



Tensile Yield Strength

ASTM D 638



Tensile Fracture Strength

ASTM D 638



Tensile&Elongation  Ratio

ASTM D 638



Brittleness Tempreature

ASTM D 746


Linear Expansion  Coefficient

DIN 53752



ESCR (F50)

ASTM D 1689



Thermal Stability

ISO 10837




ASTM D 4131(B)

PE 80

Long-term Hydro Static  Strength

ISO 9080



Short-term Hydro Static  Strength

ASTM D 4131



The characteristic of steel wire and sheet


Test Standard



Steel wire

Tensile strength

GB/T 343-1994



Tensile&Elongation  Ratio

GB/T 343-1994



Steel sheet

Tensile strength

GB/T 709-1988



Tensile&Elongation  Ratio

GB/T 709-1988




a. Excellent corrosion resistance

Generally acknowledged as the anti-corrosion material, PE has an excellent property that can resist nearly 275 kinds of corrosive medium, such as non-oxidizing acid, alkali and saline solutions.

b.Super hydraulic performance

The absolute roughness of the steel mesh reinforced PE pipe is 0.01mm only while that of the steel pipe is 0.2mm. So the flow resistance is smaller and the conveying capacity is obviously higher than the normal steel pipe under the same condition.

c.Good flexibility and anti-seismic property

The steel mesh reinforced PE pipe has moderate elastic modulus. So it has excellent adaptability to the nonuniform settlement foundation and ground displacement. The good anti-seismic performance will reduce the cost of losses maximally when earthquake occurs.

d.Lighter weight and easier installation

The density of steel mesh reinforced PE pipe is only 40% of that of steel pipe, we don't need the lifting equipment on site when  installing pipes of small caliber. Using this kind of pipe can also save bend fittings benefit from the pipe laying according to the topography to the general undulating land. And the requirement of trench digging is less than steel pipe.

e.Super abrasion resistance

Generally, the abrasion property of polyethylene is superior to normal metal material .lt dedicates the abrasion resistance feature of steel framed reinforced PE composite pipe is exactly better than that of the normal steel pipes.

Solid Content




Wearing Capacity   (μm/h)









f.Excellent heat preservation property

The basic stuffing material of steel mesh reinforced PE pipe is polyethylene. The Thermal conductivity coefficient of PE is 0.43W/m℃,and that of the steel pipe is 2.5 W/m. So the heat preservation property is very good. Also we don't need any heat-insulation treatment even installing overhead.

g.Outstanding hygienic character

PE material is nontoxic and is widely used in food industry . The steel mesh reinforced PE pipe use PE as basic stuff ,and it has passed each test of the National Preventive Medical Association and gotten the Healthy Permit for portable water conveying. So our pipe can meet the requirements of Food Hygiene Law and Healthy Evaluation. At the same time, the inner surface of our pipe is bacteria free ,electrochemistry corrosion free and won’t introduce secondary pollution.

h.Working lifetime is longer and comprehensive cost is lower

The features of PE material ensure the working lifeof steel mesh reinforced PE pipe is much longer and comprehensive cost much lower than those of the normal steel pipe in the fields of conveying corrosive medium.

Benefit from the property of anti-corrosion, flexibility and heat preservation, etc., this pipe can be used on the industry of Mining, Oil, Gas, Chemical, the transportation of Ore Pulp and Tailings.

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Q:PSP steel plastic composite pipe transition, according to the head can directly melt with PPR
Within the specified changeover time, the transition joint shall be rapidly inserted into the pipe at the corresponding depth without rotating in the direction of the axis. A certain amount of pressure shall be maintained, the joint shall be pressed, cooled and fixed, and the rotation shall be strictly prohibited.
Q:Can the pE composite pipe be cooled by electric fusion?
No water can be injected into the pipe during cooling. This is generally encountered in pipeline maintenance, owners eager to supply water, electric melting pipe welding is just good, let the cooling water directly, this method is not very scientific, pipeline after water injection will make the pipeline pressure, and just welded wire mesh frame plastic composite tube well is not completely by internal cooling the pressure will make the welding part again Water Leakage
Q:What is the difference between Aerospace Kaiser tube ASAK-Pipe and general aluminum alloy lined plastic composite pipe?
I used space Kaiser tube, and another one of the aluminum alloy lining plastic, contrast, the difference is not small, especially in pipe fittings, aerospace Kaiser pipe design is reasonable. Before the other pipe, not long Water Leakage, only through a friend know Aerospace Kaiser tube, their technical terms is not good and I said, in general this is to eliminate the pipe design of tube explosion may.
Q:Fire special steel plastic composite pipe is lined with plastic or plastic
The steel plastic composite pipe is a new type of pipeline material developed recently in China. The pipeline has successfully solved the loss caused by pipeline corrosion every year. It belongs to the green energy saving pipeline completely. The composite pipe is formed by steel and plastic composite, so has the common advantages of steel, the compressive tensile and corrosion resistance, anti ultraviolet ability is other pipelines can and, therefore can use the pipeline in various engineering fields, and composite steel pipe according to the different environment play different performance advantages.
Q:What's the difference between a steel skeleton pipe and a steel mesh frame?
The steel skeleton plastic composite pipe has some disadvantages compared with the steel wire frame plastic composite pipe:1, connection mode. The steel skeleton plastic composite pipe needs a sleeve directly on the butt welding capacity of the two pipe, and the cost is higher2, the external interface of the steel plate exposed, easy to rust.
Q:What are the features of aluminum alloy lined plastic PPR composite pipe?
It is a kind of light and rigid pipe, because it is an outer aluminum alloy and is lined with PPR plastic.
Q:How long is a plastic steel composite pipe?
Look at the material you use steel: seamless welded pipe 5.13kg/ meters, straight welded pipe is light, because the wall thickness is simply that 5.17 meters per meter, kg plastic steel composite pipe type more, you mean steel skeleton
Q:How to install the steel plastic composite pipe correctly?
The steel plastic composite pipe shall not be buried in the reinforced concrete structure; the pipe shall be provided with holes or pre buried casings when crossing the floor, roof and tank (tank) wall (bottom).
Q:What's the difference between lining plastic PE composite pipe and lining plastic PE composite pipe?
First, the production process is different, and the two is lining plastic thickness is not the same. Lined with plastic PE composite pipe is PE pipe in the steel pipe lining, PE pipe wall thickness is generally not less than 4mm. The inner coating of plastic PE composite pipe, is in the steel pipe for PE spraying, the thickness is very thin, generally less than 1mm.
Q:How can I distinguish between a composite tube and a two stage amplifier?
A composite tube is a system in which more than two electrode systems are arranged in the shell of an electron tube. Each electrode system is independent of the electron flow through which the individual tubes are referred to as composite tubes. A composite tube is a combination of two or more transistors in accordance with a certain law, which is equivalent to a triode, and the compound tube is also called a Darlington tube.

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