Non-Negative Pressure Water Supply System

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Product Description:

Performance of Non-negative Pressure Water Supply System

Flow Range:5-1500m3/h

Head Range:5-500m

Power Range:1.1-250KW


Material:Cast Iron,Stainless Steel

Work Pressure:<1.6Mpa

Products Overview of Non-negative Pressure Water Supply System
1. no negative pressure (no suction) automatic water supply equipment directly use the municipal pipeline network as water source, forming a continuous airtight relay pressurization water supply patterns, completely avoid lowering the water quality caused by the traditional secondary pressurization water supply system, completely ensure the water quality of the municipal water. 
2. make full use of municipal water pressure itselfe, make up the pressure difference, effectively and maximize the frequency conversion effect. 
3. traditional secondary pressurized water supply way, the water is tapped into reservoir, which leads to original pressure wasted and reduces the neighboring user pressure, while this equipment directly fill pressure to original water pressure, so as to realize the optimal limited pressurization, guarantee the adjacent pipe pressure was not affected. 

Performance Characteristics of Non-negative Pressure Water Supply System
1, directly connected with the municipal pipeline, no reservior needed. 
2, small volume, occupies little space, convenient installation. 
3, water tank, pumps are made of stainless steel, no secondary pollution. 
5, the water pressure is steady, won't cause adjacent user pipe pressure fluctuations. 
6, automatic operation, can unattended. 
7, protection function is well-found, the fault automatically alarmed. 
8, make full use of the original water pressure, make up pressure difference, high efficiency and energy saving. 
When the municipal pipeline is high-pressure, equipment in stop condition, municipal water goes directly to the user network through the by-pass pipe. 
When the municipal pipeline is low pressure, equipment automatic starts the pump on the basis of original municipal water pressure, carries on the variable frequency speed regulation pressurization water supply. 

Technical Parameters of Non-negative Pressure Water Supply System
Water flow: 0-1500 M3 / H 
Head: 0-500M 
Control motor power: 0.75-1500KW 
Water supply number: 10-10,000 households 
Pressure control range: 0.15-1.6 MPa 
The average energy saving rate: 30-60 percent 
The control principle: sine wave PWM or space vector SVPWM 
Operation mode: single pump or multiple pump automatically switch 
Control mode: programmable and PID control 
Overload ability: 150% 60 seconds 
Protection function: Soft start, diagnostic display and protection function of over-voltage, phase lack, covert, undervoltage, broken road, instantly blackout, short-circuit, etc. 

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Q:Does the water pump and the circulating pump belong to the centrifugal pump?
They're all centrifugal pumps!
Q:Why does the GB/T3216 specify the pump performance tolerance as positive and negative?
Tolerance coefficient is due in the manufacturing process, will, so each pump products are possible shapes and sizes do not conform to the pattern of the situation, and ensure the test results in the value (operating point) when compared, should be allowed to have a certain tolerance. It should be noted that these tolerances are only relevant to the actual pump and do not involve test conditions and measurement uncertainties.If the pump at a certain working point (the same lift) standard (Design) flow of 20m3/h, the actual flow of 22m3/h, indicating that the pump in the design process has unreasonable place, resulting in waste of power. Deviations from the manufacturing process usually have no positive deviation.
Q:Water pumps are always pumping water, what's the matter?
First check whether the water pump suction gas 2 check the negative pressure of the pump suction is too low 3 check whether the water pump 4 no problem of opening the pump head to check whether the water pump impeller damage
Q:How to install circulating water pump for cooling tower?
Water pump, cold water pump and hot water pump, the specific installation depends on the location of the cooling tower and the location of the heat exchanger, high cooling tower position, the need for hot water pump, heat exchanger position high.The cooling tower, cooling tower (Cooling tower), is using water as coolant, from a system to absorb heat emissions to the atmosphere, heat exchanged to produce steam, steam heat to volatile evaporation dissipation, convection and radiation heat transfer principle to disperse industrial waste heat or refrigeration and air conditioning to reduce evaporation cooling device therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the system, device as a barrel. The cooling tower can be divided into natural ventilation cooling tower and mechanical ventilation cooling tower according to its ventilation mode.
Q:Water pump maintenance what should be maintained?
1 by sound to determine whether the bearing is good. If the sound is abnormal, replace the bearing.2, check whether the impeller is worn, if worn, will affect the flow head efficiency.3, check whether the mechanical seal can continue to use.4, change oil.
Q:The pump assembly and the pump are not a thing
Yes, all the auto parts are called assembly, and the pump is the same. It's called water pump assembly. Also, the pump half assembly is the water pump head.
Q:Pump adapter belongs to the system of fire pool equipment?
Not belong to. According to the specification, fire hydrant system and automatic sprinkler system fire water supply pipe should be installed on the pump adapter, therefore, it belongs to the fire water supply facilities.
Q:Is the pump lift horizontal or vertical?
The vertical height from the center line of the pump impeller to the surface of the water source
Q:How many lift pumps should be used for 100 meters tall buildings?
At least 130m guarantee that the top floor customer has 3KG water pressure
Q:37KW how many contactors does the pump need to start directly?
37KW current is about 70 a few A, you can use CJ12-100 contactor, the answer is for reference only, the premise is that the motor limit voltage is 380V.

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