Non-Negative Pressure Water Supply System

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Product Description:

Performance of Non-negative Pressure Water Supply System

Flow Range:5-1500m3/h

Head Range:5-500m

Power Range:1.1-250KW


Material:Cast Iron,Stainless Steel

Work Pressure:<1.6Mpa

Products Overview of Non-negative Pressure Water Supply System
1. no negative pressure (no suction) automatic water supply equipment directly use the municipal pipeline network as water source, forming a continuous airtight relay pressurization water supply patterns, completely avoid lowering the water quality caused by the traditional secondary pressurization water supply system, completely ensure the water quality of the municipal water. 
2. make full use of municipal water pressure itselfe, make up the pressure difference, effectively and maximize the frequency conversion effect. 
3. traditional secondary pressurized water supply way, the water is tapped into reservoir, which leads to original pressure wasted and reduces the neighboring user pressure, while this equipment directly fill pressure to original water pressure, so as to realize the optimal limited pressurization, guarantee the adjacent pipe pressure was not affected. 

Performance Characteristics of Non-negative Pressure Water Supply System
1, directly connected with the municipal pipeline, no reservior needed. 
2, small volume, occupies little space, convenient installation. 
3, water tank, pumps are made of stainless steel, no secondary pollution. 
5, the water pressure is steady, won't cause adjacent user pipe pressure fluctuations. 
6, automatic operation, can unattended. 
7, protection function is well-found, the fault automatically alarmed. 
8, make full use of the original water pressure, make up pressure difference, high efficiency and energy saving. 
When the municipal pipeline is high-pressure, equipment in stop condition, municipal water goes directly to the user network through the by-pass pipe. 
When the municipal pipeline is low pressure, equipment automatic starts the pump on the basis of original municipal water pressure, carries on the variable frequency speed regulation pressurization water supply. 

Technical Parameters of Non-negative Pressure Water Supply System
Water flow: 0-1500 M3 / H 
Head: 0-500M 
Control motor power: 0.75-1500KW 
Water supply number: 10-10,000 households 
Pressure control range: 0.15-1.6 MPa 
The average energy saving rate: 30-60 percent 
The control principle: sine wave PWM or space vector SVPWM 
Operation mode: single pump or multiple pump automatically switch 
Control mode: programmable and PID control 
Overload ability: 150% 60 seconds 
Protection function: Soft start, diagnostic display and protection function of over-voltage, phase lack, covert, undervoltage, broken road, instantly blackout, short-circuit, etc. 

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Q:where is the water pump on my 94 civic?
On your car the timing belt drives the water pump. At the same time check the tension er. and replace the belt. its a big job. you drop the front engine mount on most models.
Q:subaru imprezza water pump ?
hi Silicone wont do it, keep in mind the rad cap says 15lb. On my truck there's a center gasket and it leaked out the backside. So it probable has to return out. or possibly a bolt got here out?
Q:is a water pump hard to replace?
10 The Space Between Your timing Belt And Engine Block MAke It Extemely Difficult To Get To Your Water Pump.
Q:Pump head is too high what's the impact?
After the determination of the pump type, such as the actual pump lift is too high, it will not only result in lower efficiency of the pump, and will seriously affect the actual flow of the pump to Q decline. On the contrary, if the pump head selected too high, but the actual operation of the lift is too low, is also affecting the pump efficiency and decrease caused by actual operation when the flow is too large, it is likely to increase the pump power beyond the rated current of the motor and the heating.
Q:What are some possible symptoms of a car with a Water Pump that is On its way out?
Steam coming from your headlight on a rainy night is NORMAL, since the halogen bulb makes a lot of heat. This turns the water into water vapor, (steam) as it attempts to dry out. If you don't physically hear the bearings in your water pump, or watch colored fluid drip out from under your engine, then your water pump is JUST FINE!!! STOP WORRYING! I answered one of your questions the other day. If you take my advice, your engine will run at it's best. For extra protection, drain and flush your cooling system out, and use Mercedes coolant. Dex-cool has been proved to be a potentially bad coolant. READ the dexcool litigation websites. Mercedes coolant, which is YELLOW in color, will last for 150,000 miles, and is a time tested WINNER!!! Use ONLY top tier fuels (read about this on web) and use ONLY synthetic oil, like Mobil One. CLEAN your idle air control valve and throttle plate. AND STOP WORRYING!
Q:97 Dodge Stratus Timing belt & Water pump?
Non- interference engine.Meaning no damage. repair it. 100% guess here Parts: Pump / T-belt / Tensioner,Coolant - $140 your cost -200 shop Labor : 3 hours/Or free rate of difficulty 1--10 -5-
Q:Where to get DC 12v water pump?
Think On the first page alone, there are half a dozen good-looking websites.
Q:does water pump sealers work?
If your talking about the water pump for a car it doesn't have any pumps those would be the radiator pumps that are connected to the water pump and transmission which keeps the radiator and transmission at a temperature that keeps the vehicle from over heating. If you have a overheating car and a mechanic told you your water pump has a leak then sorry you would have to replace the water pump but just don't go to a popular mechanic for that because it can get really expensive do your research and find you someone with a garage it cheaper because the part itself is not that expensive it putting it in that cost lol. Hope this helps.
Q:Water pump make screech noise?
You must have a surface mounted well pump also called a jet pump or you wouldn't hear a noise from a submirsable which is at the bottom of the well. Check where the motor hooks onto the pump itself to see if there are any small oil fittings. I doubt that there are, but it can't hurt to look. If you find any use 3M or similar oil to lubricate the bearings. If the house has been vacant for awhile those bearings might be rusty from sitting, and may stop swealing on their own as you use the pump and the shaft/bearings may grind the surface rust off and stop the noise. If they don't you will have to call a service company to evaluate the problem. Here is part of jet pump potential maintainence issues: Perform necessary pump maintenance: some water pumps require inspection and replacement of internal parts such as bearings or impellers as often as after just four or five years of use. While it may be possible to ignore this maintenance for a while, the effect may be to so wear the pump or pump motor parts that complete pump or pump motor replacement are necessary.
Q:how can you tell if your water pump in your car is going bad?

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