new Face cutter milling cuter for cnc machine

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Specifications of face finish cutter 


- High precision 
- Suitable for cutting heavily 
- Easy insert replacement

CNC lathe milling tool holder, face cutter, facing milling cutter,  side & face milling cutter cnc milling cutter face cutter finishing milling cutter for aluminum




- firm clamping

- high precision

- easy insert replacement

- general use

- suitable to use cutting fluid

- suitable to apply through,coolant system 





- Mainly use for should milling, side milling, face milling, grooving milling and so on in CNC milling machine & CNC machine center. 

- Suitable many type Inserts

- Surface Treatment: Black Oxide; Nickle Plating.

- We can also produce milling insert

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Q:How to wear a broken cutter
The grinding method of the cutting tool is usually the cutting slot. According to the feed, turning depth, cutting speed, cutting the toughness of the material, to determine the size and depth of chip breaker groove arc, consider blade Angle, blade Angle, chip curl hair strips after fracture; When grinding to a positive or negative Angle, change the chip to fly out of the direction
Q:How to weld a tool
The structure of welded cutting tool should be sufficiently rigid Sufficient rigidity is guaranteed by the size of the maximum allowable dimensions and the use of high strength steel and heat treatment.
Q:Lathe tool welding method!! Concrete action steps!! Precautions should be taken!
To make the handle Find the alloy to be welded You want acetylene and oxygen to ignite Burn the copper strip in the position of welding Sprinkle powder before it is set (a white powder is not good for me) Put the alloy on it. Waiting for him to cool
Q:The lathe tool is not moving when the thread of the CNC lathe thread
The tooth is stopped at the beginning of the tooth because it does not find the point of the tooth. There are two reasons why you can't find a knife point: one is that your car's tooth speed is too fast, and when you find it, the main shaft turns around again. The other is that the thread head of the main shaft encoder is missing, and it is necessary to check whether the coder has a problem or a problem.
Q:What is the handle of a lathe tool
It's usually 45 # steel or 40Cr. A good thing is T8, high speed steel and whole hard alloy Tao feng cutter will solve the welding tool tungsten steel milling cutter for you
Q:What is the length of the cut and the length of the car knife
Process characteristics Easy to guarantee the accuracy of the location of the workpiece A for example, easy to guarantee coaxial requirements Using the card disc to install the workpiece, the rotating axis is the spindle of spindle of lathe spindle The axis of rotation is the center of the two centers B is easy to ensure that the vertical and vertical degrees of the end and axis are perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the workpiece The cutting process avoids the inertia force and the impact, allowing for the use of large cutting and cutting, which can improve the productivity. It is suitable for the processing of non-ferrous metal parts
Q:Kneel for the difference between the blade and the edge of the blade.
It is. Damping along the cutting edge is in the knife surface grinding width is small, the Angle  o1 < 0  chamfer surface, enhances the tool squeeze damping effect, help to eliminate the low frequency vibration in the process of cutting. Negative chamfer width  1 b is associated with cutting thickness  c, b  usually 1 = f (0.3 ~ 0.8), take larger value when rough machining, finish machining of small value. The carbide cutting tools, take   ~ o = - 5-10 . Vibration free edge width b  1 = 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm,  o1  ~ = - 5-10 .
Q:The Angle of the blade of a CNC lathe is R
The final two-digit number is the tip of the blade, such as CNMG120408, and the tip of the blade is R0.8, according to the blade. And application programming on the blade edge, generally used more chamfer, as long as pay attention to the drawing requirements, such as you take knife to 0.8 0.4 R inside, what was cut.
Q:What is the reason for the grinding noise of a lathe tool on a regular lathe
The Angle of the car knife is not right, the grinding knife, or the turning tool holder.Insufficient system rigidity; The knife Angle is not reasonable..
Q:What's the difference between a car knife and a milling cutter
Installed on the lathe tool, used to cut metal cutting tools. Welding tool, is on the common steel bar, with milling cutter machining carbide insert the corresponding incision, borax and copper solder brazing.

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