carbide bore milling cutter bore milling cutter carbide cnc boring cutters, milling cutter

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Product Description:

 Specification of milling cutter

- Milling tool 
- Material:High Quality Carbide 
- Profiling, Center Cutting 
- Higher Wear Resistance

Milling Cutting tool

- Application: suitable for processing various materials.

- Best material: we use the import material, AF,SANDVIK,KENNAMETAL,CB,etc.    

- Quality:all our manufactured end mills are inspected by advanced zoller mearsurement.

- Facility:we have the world lastest 5-axis tools grinding machines.

- Flexbility:non-standard sizes are accepted.








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Q:What is a lathe for aluminum
Use a diamond knife if you want a tall light..I hope my answer will help you
Q:What material is the car knife resistant to the impact of high temperature
The impact should be high-speed steel, also known as the white steel knife, but the temperature is not very high, only about 500 to 600 degrees
Q:What does the color stand behind the car knife?
This problem, I also don't know, want to learn, tomorrow I go to ask for advice, know to tell you
Q:How to handle the Angle of the sharpener
Grinding tool First of all: the plane should be flat. Second: there is an Angle in your mind (what is the concept of 3 degrees 7 degrees on a car knife) Again, you can tell the order in which the grinding knife is in the geometric Angle First, grind the front of the lathe, and then the slag on the back, And grind the bottom surface of the lathe. The size of the aluminum oxide wheel is 24 # ~ 36 #.
Q:The height of the tool tip and the center of the workpiece are roughness to the workpiece
The tip of the knife is higher than the center of the workpiece, and the finish will be better because of the continuous contact with the workpiece. It is below the center of the workpiece, because only the cutting edge cuts the workpiece, the smooth finish is not good.
Q:90 degrees can't make a car face! What's the difference between a 45-degree car knife?
The 90-degree turning point is positive and anti-vehicle, and the vehicle is in the outer circle, and the anti-car knife is in the plane. The 45 degree vehicle can be used to both the outside circle and the car plane, but the 45-degree vehicle can't be straight with the platform shoulder. The 90 degree car knife has a 45 degree blade, which has a different blade Angle and a different direction. A 90-degree left side knife is usually used for the ends.
Q:What is a curved blade? What are its features?
45 degrees of versatility of the knife, which can be made out of the outside circle, inner hole, end face, inverted Angle, etc., and the strength of the blade is high, which can be used for strong turning.
Q:How does the main cutting edge of the face of the face of the knife face after the master?
The working part of turning tools is simpler and consists only of the cutting part, which is the handle of the tool (or the pole). No matter how complex cutting tool structure, the single pole tooth cutting parts, can be seen by the cylindrical turning tool and in the light of the cutting part of, outside turning tool as an example to introduce its geometric parameters.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of welding and machine tools?
Welding tool more economic, a common cylindrical turning tool as long as five to six dollars, you buy machine clip will be dozens of quick tool post, cutting head is also expensive, but it is easy to use, fast tool change, fast efficiency
Q:How to sharpen the cut of the lathe
The position and method of sharpening the tool People stand on the side of the grinder to prevent debris from hurtful when the grinding wheel breaks. 2, the distance between the two hands is relaxed, the two elbows tighten the waist, in order to reduce the shaking of the sharpener. 3, grinding, turning to on the plane of grinding wheel center, a turned-up nose about 3 ° ~ 8 °, after turning tool grinding wheel contact should be done about the horizontal direction of movement. When the tool leaves the wheel, the knife must be lifted up to prevent the blade from being hurt by the grinding wheel. 4, in the face of the machete, the tail of the dao is left over the Angle of the main Angle. When the side of the knife is worn, the end of the pole is angled to the right. When grinding the tip of a knife, it is usually used to hold the front of the turning point with the left hand and turn the back of the tool with the right hand.

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