95 Degree New B Type CNC External Turning Holders of BCLNR2525M12 or BCLNR2020K12

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Product Description:

Specifications of cutting tool

Including external turning tool holders, boring bars, threading holders, grooving holders, cartridge and micro turning tools.



As the first product, our turning cutting tools has the following impassable advantages:


· our turning cutting tools cover a wide application range with a full line-up of ISO cutting tools that produce high quality and high precision cutting tools and parts for all manufacturers requirements.


· Main cutting tools type include external turning tool holders, boring bars, threading holders, grooving holders, cartridge and micro turning tools.


· All the spare cutting tools are made by ourselves, stable and controllable quality can reduce the wear of the insert and adjustment time.



· Mainly use for turning machine, boring, grooving and threading in NC Lathe.

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Q:What material is the car knife resistant to the impact of high temperature
The impact should be high-speed steel, also known as the white steel knife, but the temperature is not very high, only about 500 to 600 degrees
Q:How is the welding tool produced?
Is turning on ordinary carbon steel tool rod welding, brazing carbide blade, after grinding (figure 4-19), and its advantages are simple structure, easy fabrication, and can according to the need for sharpening, the use of cemented carbide is sufficient, so quite proportion at present is still in the tool. Defect is the cutting performance of carbide turning tool mainly depends on the workers of the grinding technology, with modern production does not adapt, moreover tool rod can't reuse. In the manufacturing process, as a result of hard alloy and tool rod material (usually medium carbon steel) of different linear expansion coefficient, when the welding process is not reasonable easy to generate thermal stress, seriously will lead to crack of cemented carbide, when welding carbide insert accordingly, should as far as possible using low melting temperature of solder, the blade should be slow heating and slow cooling, for easy to produce crack YT30 are cemented carbide, should put a layer of stress compensator in weld. The welding assembly tool is a carbide tip that is soldered to the blade, and the blade is mounted on the tool pole. This structure is used for heavy vehicle knives. Heavy tool size and weight is bigger, use after welding fabricated structure, only need to loading and unloading of the knife block, grinding energy, tool holder can be repeated use
Q:What kind of car knife does the car bearing steel use
The car bearings steel is made of yw1 and yt14. YW1 is a brittle material and shape of material processing hard alloy, hard alloy, W represents everything Y mean, this is a kind of tungsten, cobalt, titanium, niobium carbide. YT14 carbides are hard alloys of WC - TiC and Co, with the main components of WC, titanium carbide (TiC) and cobalt (Co). Hard alloys are widely used in the machinery industry, not only in military applications. Especially widely used in cutting tool materials, such as turning, milling, planing tool, drilling, boring cutter, etc all kinds of metal processing cutting tool, can be used to heat cutting steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel, tool steel, non-ferrous metals, ordinary steel, cast iron, plastics, graphite, stone material, chemical fiber, glass and other materials
Q:What kind of car knife does the car harden steel? After quenching, the deformation is large and needs to be trimmed
For the cause and countermeasures of the boron blade collapse, see the reference material "the shallow view of the CBN blade". I have also met before, according to your processing allowance, it is better to choose the domestic quality of the better cubic boron n. At present domestic do boron nitride tool manufacturers are mostly foreign CBN composite plate made by made of CBN tool cutting, welding, complex brand characteristics of CBN abroad is not very clear, this is also the domestic composite superhard predicament of the market
Q:90 degrees will be able to cut out the outer ends
The ability to cut depends on two things: The blade has the cutting edge of the blade when the radial tool is removed. Most of the blade can use radial blade. If it is a blade on the right and left hand, it cannot be used in the radial direction. 2) there is a side Angle when radial walking knife (car face). 93 ° or 95 ° a knife, there are 3 ° and 5 ° Angle. If it is 90 °, surfacing, crowded.
Q:The effect and durability of the golden coating of the tool
Golden is coating There is hard alloy Is titanium plating coating If the coating wear down the life of the cutting head is not long He is same with the cutting head without coating And in order to increase the life of the knife you will have a great change in the coolant when you use it
Q:How does the radius of the tip arc affect the size of the part?
In the case of the same speed of the cutting, the smaller r is rougher in the workpiece. Large r is small roughness (smooth after processing). In theory it is impossible to eliminate it, only to minimize the impact. It can be achieved by increasing r and reducing the speed of the knife.
Q:Is the CBN turning water cut
Depending on the CBN license plate number and the processing artifact material, BN - H20 brand CBN cutter can be cut in water, suitable for the place where the cutting fluid must be used with the tool holder.
Q:Method of installation of CNC internal turning tool
Buy a knife sleeve, and the position of the knife is the hole facing. You can install the right center, and our car hole is the same.
Q:How does the internal hole tool sharpen better
I'm going to go, and the car has a depth of 150 mm knife, a shaker, and a knife. Can't operate, please. Ask your teacher for help

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