95 Degree New B Type CNC External Turning Holders of BCLNR2525M12 or BCLNR2020K12

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Specifications of cutting tool

Including external turning tool holders, boring bars, threading holders, grooving holders, cartridge and micro turning tools.



As the first product, our turning cutting tools has the following impassable advantages:


· our turning cutting tools cover a wide application range with a full line-up of ISO cutting tools that produce high quality and high precision cutting tools and parts for all manufacturers requirements.


· Main cutting tools type include external turning tool holders, boring bars, threading holders, grooving holders, cartridge and micro turning tools.


· All the spare cutting tools are made by ourselves, stable and controllable quality can reduce the wear of the insert and adjustment time.



· Mainly use for turning machine, boring, grooving and threading in NC Lathe.

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Q:How to weld a tool
Carbide blades should be fixed firmly Cemented carbide welding blade should have enough degree of fixation, it is to rely on groove and welding quality to guarantee, therefore, according to the blade shape and the cutting tool geometry parameter choice blade groove shape. Before the blade welding to the tool holder need to blade, tool rod to make the necessary inspection, first check the blade bearing surface can't be serious bending. Hard alloy welding surface must not have serious carburizing layer, at the same time should also will carbide blade surface and cutter bar set of dirt to clean, to ensure the welding.
Q:What is the function of the side angles of the lathe? How to choose
Deputy Angle mainly is to reduce the effect of friction between tool and machined surface, cylindrical cutting conditions, reduce pair of Angle, can significantly reduce the residual area after turning, improve workpiece surface finish.
Q:The blade is related to what
The first is the tool material, such as the resistance of the brand YT15 is not as good as YT5, then the blade of YT15 is easier to slide, and the different material parts of the car should be used with the license plate number. Look at cutting form, in the intermittent process (e.g., processing square flange), tool by cyclical impact, the same tool in continuous cutting must be more than the intermittent cutting, the life of a hair germ, the quality is poor thing (porosity, slag inclusion, surface had risen and fall big) can also cause alternating stress and led to the collapse edge. The third watch tool unit on the cutting edge of cutting resistance, cutting tool rake Angle is too small, the cutting tool not sharp, feeding the conference led to the increase of cutting resistance, excessive cutting resistance will cause collapse edge. It also has a relationship with the Angle of the car knife, such as the impact of the Angle on the lane.
Q:How do you make a 45-degree car knife
Set the knife and hold your hands together. The tool is worn in the direction of the top down, not too strong, and it is done by grinding wheels. The Angle of the Angle is determined by the Angle of the car. Open slot, grinding wheel trim. When the slot is open, gently push up to see if the seal is appropriate, but slowly pull up from the top and make sure the groove is a straight line. As for the width, make sure that you know how to make it in the slot. Don't get cold while hot. The usual slot is wide and the iron filings are good.
Q:What are the special requirements for a blind car knife?
The tip of the knife blade is greater than 90 degrees (about one hundred and twenty degrees), so that the tip of the blade is protected
Q:The use of a lathe tool
Characteristics and requirements of blade blade (1) the change of tip position should be within the range of the accuracy of the workpiece, after the positioning of the high precision blade or the replacement of the new blade. (2) the blade clamping reliable Should guarantee the blade, knife pad, the interface fit closely, can withstand shock and vibration, but also shoulds not be too large clamping force, the stress distribution should be uniform, in order to avoid crushing blade. (3) it is best to keep the shavings smooth and easy to observe. (4) it is convenient and rapid to use the blade and replace the new blade. The structure of small size cutter should be compact. When meeting the above requirements, make the structure as simple as possible, make and use convenience.
Q:The main difference between the thread and the outside thread? Is it mainly on the car knife?
The processing method is the same as the external thread first to get the outside diameter car good inside screw to have a good thread bottom hole
Q:How to wear a car knife to the outside garden
Howke can process the outside circle is better, a clip, can achieve the mirror effect, with the car generation grind!
Q:What is the best Angle for a car knife
The distance that the tool moves at each turn of the workpiece, called the quantity of feed, is expressed in terms of f (mm/r). The thickness of the metal layer, which is cut each time, is called cutting depth, which is represented by the ap (mm). In order to ensure the quality of processing and improve the productivity, the parts process should be phased in, the parts of the medium precision are carried out in the plan of the cart. The purpose of the rougher is to cut the bulk of the machining from the blank as quickly as possible, and make the workpiece in the shape and size of the requirement. Coarse car give priority to in order to improve the productivity, increase the cutting depth in the production, to improve the productivity in the most favourable, followed by appropriate increase feed, and adopts medium or medium to low cutting speed. Using high speed steel lathe tool for rough turning cutting dosage recommendations are as follows: cutting depth ap = 0.8 ~ 1.5 mm, feeding the f/r = 0.2 ~ 0.3 mm, cutting speed v take 30 to 50 m/min (steel).
Q:It is good to use a lathe tool for welding or with a numerical control tool
Summary: the welding knife is suitable for bulk small processing. CNC turning tool is suitable for bulk processing and processing. If my answer is helpful to you, please accept the best answer in time. Thank you!

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