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Specifications of cutting tool:

Including external turning tool holders, boring bars, threading holders, grooving holders, cartridge and micro turning tools.


As the first product, our turning cutting tools has the following impassable advantages:


· our turning cutting tools cover a wide application range with a full line-up of ISO cutting tools that produce high quality and high precision cutting tools and parts for all manufacturers requirements.


· Main cutting tools type include external turning tool holders, boring bars, threading holders, grooving holders, cartridge and micro turning tools.


· All the spare cutting tools are made by ourselves, stable and controllable quality can reduce the wear of the insert and adjustment time.



· Mainly use for turning machine, boring, grooving and threading in NC Lathe.


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Q:What is the difference between the Angle of the lathe and the Angle of work
Angle of annotation: the Angle of the tool is made and the cutting edge of the tool is required, and the Angle of marking on the tool design diagram is given.
Q:What are the types of car knives used in mechanical manufacturing?
According to the shape; (1) right side knife: left to right, and cut workpiece outside. (2) left side knife: left to right, the turning piece outside diameter. (3) face knife, shape has left and right side knife, (4) circular arc turning tool: the edge of the blade is round, which can be cut in the right and left direction, suitable for the turning of rounded corners or curved surface. (5) cut off the knife: for cutting or cutting. (6) internal turning tool: used for turning the inner hole of the car. (7) external threading tool: used for cutting outside threads. (8) internal threading tool: used for turning internal thread, according to cutting tool. High speed steel lathe tools, ceramic cutting tools, carbide tool and boron carbide tool, commonly used knife with cobalt tungsten carbide type classification and k class class Commonly used code k01 k10/19 dated k20 corresponding old code YG3 YG6 YG8 WC + Co (ingredients), p class titanium tungsten cobalt (composition of WC + TiC + Co) commonly used code p01 p10 p30 corresponding old code YT30 YT15 YT5, M class cobalt tungsten titanium tantalum (composition of WC + TiC TaC + + Co) commonly used code M10 M20 corresponding old code YW1 YW2. The structure can be divided into the overall car knife, the welding tool, the lathe tool, the turning tool and the shaping tool.
Q:What are the advantages of welding knives
Nc is not the car with indexable insert now, he is the main advantage of tool change time is short, processing speed, the blade of long life, like this can maximum play to the function of the machine tool, to reduce the depreciation of the machine tool.
Q:What is the grinding wheel of the grinder for the grinding wheel
How much of a circular arc you want to make is a little bit smaller. Bring a mask, remove gloves, and be safe
Q:What kinds of car knives are used?
The blade is made of steel, and it is made from grinding and turning into a cutting knife, thread knife and so on. Blade material: high speed steel. Hard alloy ceramic diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN). Cutter shape: outer circle, inner hole, face knife (left for positive dao, and for anti-dao), thread knife, groove knife, etc
Q:How to make the workpiece smooth
Try it another way! Increase the speed and speed of the knife! The car is not only related to the Angle of cutting but also the quality of the processing material and the cutting parameter selection are very important!! All the knives have been tried! Try changing other processing environments!
Q:Why does a lathe tool have a rear Angle? How is its size chosen?
The rear Angle of the car knife is to prevent the item from causing friction. The size of the rear Angle determines the strength of the tool, the impact resistance, the heat dissipation. Process quench workpiece, hard work piece, can choose negative front Angle, small back Angle cutter. The workpiece is soft, such as copper. To finish the process, you need to increase the Angle before and after, and add the coolant when necessary. In order to reduce friction and elastic deformation, the quality of processing is affected.
Q:What is the length of the cut and the length of the car knife
The cut length is the size of the lathe tool when the lathe is prepared for turning, and the length of the tool is the size of the vehicle's completion piece. Basic knowledge of
Q:How does a lathe tool grind not to have a burr on the piece?
Workpieces burr, knife didn't grind good quick wear, or when the car broke down the tip effect of chip resistance is big, poor friction produce burr, must be used before knife kong pen ground leveling wheel, grooving to smooth and straight
Q:What kind of car knife works well?
According to the material of the workpiece to determine the use of the tool, there is no better turning tool, only the most suitable car knife.

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