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Product Description:

Specification of Tungsten carbide blade/ knife:

Raw material: K10. K20. K30. YG8. YG6X. YG15X and so on.

These kinds of material: They has high wear resistance, super hardness high precession and high bending strength. Everyone of our products is strictly tested. 

Our products advantages as below:

- Factory price and advanced equipment

Grade 1 Raw Material. such as YG3X.YG6X

High hardness and wear resistance 

20 years professional experience

Be more durable OEM &ODM Service

All payment terms supported

Fast delivery time & Convenient Transportation

ISO 9001-2008 Quality Control System

- 100% virgin tungsten carbide 

Detail information of our products

- tungsten carbide blades can be used for cutting the following goods: 

Corrugated boards/paper, PowerPCB/printed circuit board, Asbestos tile, Paper, Rubber, Books and magazines, Plastic film, Tobacco, Cloth, Non-ferrous metal, Plastic, Wood/timber, Lithium battery, Leather and so on.

- SRT supplies blades for the following industries  

Arts and Grafts, AutoGlass, Ceramic Dicing, Converting, Hunting, Food, Packaging industrial, Fiber, Medical, Magnets, Customized blades and so on.

- Products range: Strips & plates cutting tools, Ring Roller, Products for mining industry, Other customized items, Tungsten heavy alloy and so on.


Process as below: 

Powder Mixing →Pressing→Sintering→Blank test→Finish machining→Quality assessment→Packaging→Delivery


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Q:What are the advantages of welding knives
Welding tool more economic, a common cylindrical turning tool as long as five to six dollars, you buy machine clip will be dozens of quick tool post, cutting head is also expensive, but it is easy to use, fast tool change, fast efficiency
Q:I don't know how to look like 92 degrees
Ordinary lathe tool grinding machine clamp knife and ourselves or have difference, because the machine clamp knife blade is to transfer, so can't consider only one point, must use up all the other.
Q:How do you break the blade
The second is to make the chip curl, the smaller the radius of the chip, the easier it is to break. The ability to crack is also related to the performance of the cutting materials.
Q:How to use a car knife properly in machine processing?
This is a fine-grained tungsten carbide drill with a small amount of carbon niobium, known as YA, which is used in YA6. It is suitable for processing of stainless steel, heat resistant steel, hard cast iron, iron alloy, hard plastic, glass and ceramic. When choosing a hard alloy, it should be considered according to the characteristics of the hard alloy itself, the material of processing and the cutting condition. In addition to the cutting materials of high speed and hard alloy, there are also carbon tool steel, alloy tool steels, diamond, ceramics and so on. The cutting performance of carbon tool steel and alloy tool steel is poor, while diamond price is high, all three are less used. Due to the ceramic material is higher than red hardness of cemented carbide, good abrasion resistance, low prices, is becoming a widely used tool material, but due to the material brittle, afraid of shock, sharpening is difficult, so is limited by a certain while in use. Table 4-4 is the characteristic of common vehicle tool and its cutting cost.
Q:The Angle of the car knife measure the feeling of the experiment
The standard Angle of the car knife can be worn by the universal car knife grinding machine, which is in dongguan.
Q:What kinds of car knives are used?
Pressure plate - use an eccentric pin on the upper end of the screw to keep the blade on the blade. The lever method is used to clamp the blade. The screw type ___ blade is positioned in the pin shaft of the blade through the inner hole. A special tool for the forming surface of a rotary tool, and the cutting edge is designed according to the outline of the workpiece. It depends mainly on the precision of cutting edge of tool. The shaping tool can be repeated and long, but the design and manufacture of the tool is more complex and expensive... Due to the wide range of nc machine tools, the shaping tool is not adopted.
Q:What kind of tool can you use
 cr18ni9ti with silvery white breadcrumbs end milling cutter, the geometric parameters for gf = 5 °, gp = 15 °, 15 °, af = = ap 55 °, 5 °, kr = k 'r = 35 °, 30 °, bg g01 = - = 0.4 mm, re = 6 mm, when Vc = 50 ~ 90 m/min, Vf = 630 ~ 750 mm/min, and a' p = 2 ~ 6 mm per tooth feeding up to 0.4 ~ 0.4 mm, milling force decreases 10% ~ 15%, and the milling power down 44%, also greatly improve the efficiency. Its principle is on the main cutting edge grinding out negative chamfer, milling artificially generated when the devolop tumor, instead of cutting edges for cutting, the devolop tumor of the anterior horn of gb of 20 ~ 302, as a result of the action of the main Angle, the devolop tumor caused by a knife before surface parallel to the thrust of the cutting edge of the chip to become vice flow, to take away the cutting heat, reduces the cutting temperature.
Q:What is the handle of a lathe tool
Tool shank material PCD, PCBN, tool steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high speed steel.
Q:How is the CNC lathe used for the knife?
Find a measure in the knife patch (the Z axis is done with the knife) Drop a knife on the X axis. The prop shaft is pulled out as the x-coordinate remains unchanged.
Q:What are the independent basic angles of the cutting part?
(4) the subangle kappa r is measured by the Angle between the plane and the assumed working plane. (5) the Angle between the blade and the main cutting edge of the blade, measured in the main cutting plane

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