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Product Description:

Specification of Tungsten carbide blade/ knife:

Raw material: K10. K20. K30. YG8. YG6X. YG15X and so on.

These kinds of material: They has high wear resistance, super hardness high precession and high bending strength. Everyone of our products is strictly tested. 

Our products advantages as below:

- Factory price and advanced equipment

Grade 1 Raw Material. such as YG3X.YG6X

High hardness and wear resistance 

20 years professional experience

Be more durable OEM &ODM Service

All payment terms supported

Fast delivery time & Convenient Transportation

ISO 9001-2008 Quality Control System

- 100% virgin tungsten carbide 

Detail information of our products

- tungsten carbide blades can be used for cutting the following goods: 

Corrugated boards/paper, PowerPCB/printed circuit board, Asbestos tile, Paper, Rubber, Books and magazines, Plastic film, Tobacco, Cloth, Non-ferrous metal, Plastic, Wood/timber, Lithium battery, Leather and so on.

- SRT supplies blades for the following industries  

Arts and Grafts, AutoGlass, Ceramic Dicing, Converting, Hunting, Food, Packaging industrial, Fiber, Medical, Magnets, Customized blades and so on.

- Products range: Strips & plates cutting tools, Ring Roller, Products for mining industry, Other customized items, Tungsten heavy alloy and so on.


Process as below: 

Powder Mixing →Pressing→Sintering→Blank test→Finish machining→Quality assessment→Packaging→Delivery


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Q:What's the difference between a milling cutter and a blade?
A tool that is used for turning and cutting parts. A lathe tool is one of the most widely used knives in machining. Working part of the lathe tool is a portion of production and the processing chip, including the blade, the structure of the chip broken broken or volume approach, chip removal, or should the storage space of the chip, cutting fluid channels such as structural elements.
Q:What type of lathe tool is used for regular lathes? What is the cutting material?
Boring cutter The boring tool is used for enlarging the hole and the thick and fine processing of the hole. The hole axis distortion and deflection of the hole axis caused by drilling and reaming can be corrected, so it is especially suitable for the machining of the hole which is suitable for the hole spacing. The boring tool can be used in lathe, milling machine, drilling machine and boring machine. According to the structure characteristic and usage, the boring knife can be divided into single blade boring knife, multi-blade boring tool and floating boring tool. Here is a brief introduction to a few simple blade boring knives. In order to ensure the quality of the bore, the boring tool should meet the following requirements: (1) there is sufficient stiffness in the boring tool and boring tool. (2) the boring tool is both firm and easy to handle in the boring tool bar. (3) be sure to have reliable breaks and cuttings.
Q:What do you have to do when you have a full-body tool and a welding tool
Regular blade grinding die not only increases the life of the die, but also improves the service life of the machine, so it is very important to master the correct and reasonable time. Mould need grinding for users is direct approach is: after punching accumulated to a certain number of times, to check whether there is larger burr punching quality produce, check whether the die cutting edge rounded corners on (rounded corners p RO. 1), whether gloss disappear, if you have this kind of circumstance happening, illustrate the punch is dull, at this point needs sharpening. Die if grinding at the appropriate time, 3 times can prolong service life, but not the correct grinding, instead will increase sharply mold edge damage, reduce its service life, mold has its form a complete set of mold grinding machine, grinding, choose the appropriate grinding machine will be greatly convenient for the user, improve production efficiency.
Q:The lathe tool, milling cutter, planer, drill, boring knife, which is the cutting fluid
Turning, milling, planing tool, drilling, boring cutter, these are as part of the carbide, carbide processing, have a more targeted, is one of the microemulsion cutting fluid. It is called the MB132 microemulsion cutting fluid.
Q:What are the advantages of a high speed steel material
Due to the high performance of the mechanical properties of the mechanical properties, the hardened deformation is small. Carbide particles evenly distributed the surface of the larger, not easy peeling from the tool cutting edge, small size cutting tool abrasion resistance increased by 1.5 to 2 times, large size cutting tool by 20-30%.
Q:Method of installation of CNC internal turning tool
The sliding 3 blade under the knife rod is used to reduce the sliding 3 blade under the knife rod to reduce the screw
Q:The difference between the Angle of the blade and the Angle of the blade
The front Angle of the vehicle knife is the Angle of the surface of the cutter's contact with the cutting when the base and the cutting are out. The blade Angle is the Angle between the main blade and the base of the cutting plane, which affects the direction of the cutting and the strength of the tip. In other words, the front corner of the car knife is usually a front Angle, but the front corner has a tilted Angle; When the tip of the blade is at the lowest point on the cutting edge, the blade Angle lambda is positive, using lambda > 0, and the chip is in the direction of the processed surface. The tip of the blade is at the highest point of the blade, the tip of the blade is negative and lambda < 0 means that the chip is left in the direction of the processing surface. When the tip of the blade is zero, the chip will flow in the direction perpendicular to the cutting edge and turn directly into a roll. When the blade tip lambda > 0, when the tool cuts through the workpiece, the first contact with the workpiece is the blade instead of the tip, which protects the tip from shock or shock.
Q:How to sharpen a high speed steel forming tool (arc cutter)?
High speed performance is good, the technology of strength and toughness with good, so are mainly used for manufacturing complex thin blade and impact resistance of the metal cutting tool, also can produce high temperature bearing and cold extrusion mould, etc. Besides use produced by the method of high speed steel smelting, since the 1960 s and the powder metallurgy HSS, its advantage is to avoid the smelting production caused by carbide segregation caused by mechanical properties and heat treatment deformation.
Q:The number of the tip of a CNC round head turning tool
The knife is in the center of the cutter, and the position is 9/0. Lathe tool: Turning tool, is a tool that is used for Turning processing, having a cutting part. Main job is to produce and processing part of the chip, including the blade, the structure of the chip broken broken or volume approach, chip removal, or let store the space of the chip, cutting fluid channel such as structural elements. The cutting part of the tool is made up of the main cutting edge, the side cutting edge, the front edge of the knife, the face after the main and the side of the blade, and the blade of the knife. The combination of the cutting part and the handle part (the filling part) is mainly the integral, welding, mechanical clamping and weld-mechanical clamping.
Q:How do you solve the blade with a knife blade
This is not the problem of machine tool, it is the processing resistance that causes the knife (when the resistance is removed and the blade of the knife is removed).

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