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Product Description:

Specification of Tungsten carbide blade/ knife:

Raw material: K10. K20. K30. YG8. YG6X. YG15X and so on.

These kinds of material: They has high wear resistance, super hardness high precession and high bending strength. Everyone of our products is strictly tested. 

Our products advantages as below:

- Factory price and advanced equipment

Grade 1 Raw Material. such as YG3X.YG6X

High hardness and wear resistance 

20 years professional experience

Be more durable OEM &ODM Service

All payment terms supported

Fast delivery time & Convenient Transportation

ISO 9001-2008 Quality Control System

- 100% virgin tungsten carbide 

Detail information of our products

- tungsten carbide blades can be used for cutting the following goods: 

Corrugated boards/paper, PowerPCB/printed circuit board, Asbestos tile, Paper, Rubber, Books and magazines, Plastic film, Tobacco, Cloth, Non-ferrous metal, Plastic, Wood/timber, Lithium battery, Leather and so on.

- SRT supplies blades for the following industries  

Arts and Grafts, AutoGlass, Ceramic Dicing, Converting, Hunting, Food, Packaging industrial, Fiber, Medical, Magnets, Customized blades and so on.

- Products range: Strips & plates cutting tools, Ring Roller, Products for mining industry, Other customized items, Tungsten heavy alloy and so on.


Process as below: 

Powder Mixing →Pressing→Sintering→Blank test→Finish machining→Quality assessment→Packaging→Delivery


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Q:Welding the insulation of the lathe
For welding high carbon steel and other steel. Usually preheat to 400 degrees before high carbon steel welding. Preheat the other steel to about 300 degrees. It depends. There are other factors to consider. Heat insulation for 1-2 hours is better after welding. I don't know what kind of welding method you're using. Is the gas welding? It's something else.
Q:The same car knife, how to realize the rough car processing wood or steel parts, please, thank you!
In fine cars, the speed is between 600 and 800. Go to basically 0.1 mm around, about the implementation of the thick fine car a knife, basically be you grind a knife, to want to grind a not too big also not too small arc. This ensures that the tip of the blade can be wear-resistant and can guarantee the surface smoothness of the car. Car wood, it's easy. You can grind it with a knife of a rough steel piece, no problem
Q:What is the benefit of a cold car knife?
If it's a car knife, it's not obvious that it's cold if it's cold. Inner cooling is mainly used in closed machining, such as drilling and cutting.
Q:Welding hard alloy is silver welding or copper welding
Welding hard alloy or copper welding, the reason is: high weld strength, high temperature resistance, low cost The tao feng cutter answers for you
Q:How do you weld the car knife
On the handle according to the need to use milling machine processing the blade installation Angle plane, needed to put the blade, with welding flame heating and put on borax flux, the copper electrode into welding seam, after checking the blade position right, stop heating.
Q:A numerical control car tool, what materials are used in the car
Synthetic diamond Diamond is not stable state of the carbon thermal oxidation and graphitization, the killing must be maintained for forced cooling, the unfavorable processing of iron group elements, because the diamond of carbon atoms and the affinity of iron, low tool life. I was looking for the materials in the textbook from the mechanical manufacturing technology foundation of the mechanical engineering press. Because I don't have too much contact, I dare not recommend it. I hope my answer will help you.
Q:How to sharpen a high speed steel forming tool (arc cutter)?
:The grinding wheel of high speed steel is used in aluminum oxide grinding wheel (white), and the carbide tool head is made of silicon carbide wheel (green). Circular knife to open a big crumbs slot as knife rake Angle, remember the big can't grind was too deep, the Angle of uniform is to rely on his hands on the wheel to do arcs, general radius arc knife to be a little bit small not too big, or cutting power is too big
Q:What kind of car knife works well?
Such questions are too wide to be answered by 3,000 points.I hope my answer will help you.
Q:How do you sharpen a cast-iron tool?
The tool should be chosen well, at least with YG6, the fine car is YG3. 2) the car knife takes the Angle of 0, the big cut open the rough and the negative Angle. The big round lone blade.
Q:What are the independent basic angles of the cutting part?
(4) the subangle kappa r is measured by the Angle between the plane and the assumed working plane. (5) the Angle between the blade and the main cutting edge of the blade, measured in the main cutting plane

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