Stainless Steel Impeller Castting Forging and Machining Wt.from 2Kg to 290Kg

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   Stainless steel impeller castting forging and machining Wt.from 2Kg to 290Kg.The use of casting and forging mode to produce blank,and manchinining the parts.


Name: Mining Machinery Parts

PartsDetail:Casting machining

Process: Water glass process of lost wax investment

Casting Standard: ASTM, AISI, DIN, BS and JISMax

Stainless Steel Impelle Casting Size: 1 meter 

Stainless Steel Impelle Casting Weight: 0.2~190Kg

Stainless Steel Impelle Dimension Tolerance: CT7Surface Roughness: Ra6.4~12.5

Stainless Steel Impelle Productivity: 7000 tons per year 

   A world class manufacturer & supplier of lost wax investment castings in carbon steel and alloy steel, is one of the large-scale professional investment casting production bases in China, consisting of both casting foundry & machining factory. Annually more than 70000 tons Precision casting parts are exported to markets in Europe,America and Japan. OEM casting service available according to customers requirements..


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Q:How to calculate the speed ratio for the motor to slow down the pulley?
Your device is 1440 RPM divided by 60 is 24, and the wheel of your device is 24 times larger than the speed of the engine.
Q:The driving advantage of pulley
When overloaded, the belt will be skidded on the belt, preventing weak parts from being damaged and protecting the safety. (4) does not guarantee accurate ratio. The pulley material is cast iron, etc. The characteristics of the chain: (1) compared with gear transmission, it can be far apart in the center of the two shaft under the condition of transfer movement and power; To work in low-speed, heavy-duty, and high-temperature conditions and in dusty and dusty environments; Compared with the belt transmission, it can guarantee the accurate average transmission ratio, the transmission power is larger, and the force acting on the shaft and bearing is smaller; The transmission efficiency is higher, which is generally 0.95 ~ 0.97. When the hinge of the chain is worn down, the pitch of the pitch becomes large and causes the shedding phenomenon. 6. Installation and maintenance requirement is higher. The chain material is generally constructional steel, etc. The characteristics of gear transmission: (1) can guarantee the instantaneous transmission ratio is constant, high stability, accurate and reliable transmission motor; The range of power and speed of transmission; The structure is compact and reliable, which can realize a large transmission ratio. High transmission efficiency, long service life; The manufacturing of the gears and the installation requirements are higher. The gear materials are usually cast iron and so on.
Q:The method of turning the wheel of a lathe
Standard regulations of the state of v-belt type O, A, B, C, D, E, F seven kinds of models, there are three kinds of corresponding pulley wheel groove Angle 34 °, 36 °, 38 °, at the same time, rules for each triangle model corresponding to each small minimum diameter of pulley groove Angle, large pulley provisions have been made. The grooves of the pulley are divided into 32 degrees 34 degrees 36 degrees 38 degrees
Q:What are the material of the pulley
Cost, of course, is the most expensive. Cast steel. The key is to see where you're using.
Q:Belt wheel assembly considerations for pulley
1, the last time before assembly must use gasoline cleaning, in order to make sure all the parts clean and dry, cooperate closely and no oil so as to ensure the matching surface, there is enough friction. 2 before assembly by turning the hex bolt, erection and application of gasoline cleaning and dry, not in a bolt or screw hole lubricating oil or grease, coating to ensure that the bolt fastening has enough friction self-locking ability.
Q:Daily belt check of pulley
It's ok to see if there's any bite marks on the belt, and there's no problem with the tiny cracks in the middle.
Q:How does the shaft of the pulley and the motor work?
This is generally interference fit not be fall down, you say so the shaft sleeve is needless, according to you mean the motor pulley on the next, the third floor reply is quite comprehensive.
Q:The notice of the cone pulley
After the pulley check and adjust the position of the main and moving pulley, ensure that the two wheels are in the same plane and the belt is tight. The belt wheel cover should be well and securely installed to ensure the loose exit of belt fault or pulley in operation. 7, taper sleeve belong to wearing parts, after long time operation, inner hole and the chain slot may be damaged, should check before every assembly, finding defects should be timely replacement of spare parts.
Q:Which parameters are required for the selection of the pulley
Example: ordinary cutting machinery tire passive wheel is 2 a natural choice 2 a driving wheel motor is level 2 2.2 measurement is 28 cutter need to input speed 2800 motor speed is 2800 passive wheel is 1:1 so driving wheel 90 and 90 of the pulley has a complete model of: 2 a * 28 * 90 a total of four data
Q:I'm going to have to increase the load by half the speed
The characteristics of the belt drive is no matter how much is the diameter of the main, driven wheel, belt speed is constant, the speed of belt wheel transmission formula is as follows: V = PI * D * n, type, diameter D for pulleys, n for belt wheel speed, according to the characteristics of the V is constant, the driving wheel of D * n, n = D of driven wheel that is to say, the pulley, and the relationship between is inversely proportional to the speed and the diameter of

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