Indexable face finish milling cutters cnc alloy steel face cutting tool

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Product Description:

Specifications of face finish cutter:


cnc face milling cutter 
- High precision 
- Suitable for cutting heavily 
- Easy insert replacement

CNC lathe milling tool holder, face cutter, facing milling cutter,  side & face milling cutter cnc milling cutter face cutter finishing milling cutter for aluminum



- firm clamping

- high precision

- easy insert replacement

- general use

- suitable to use cutting fluid

- suitable to apply through,coolant system 





- Mainly use for should milling, side milling, face milling, grooving milling and so on in CNC milling machine & CNC machine center. 

- Suitable many type Inserts

- Surface Treatment: Black Oxide; Nickle Plating.

- We can also produce milling insert

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Q:What is the method of welding a carbide blade on a tool handle
Burn the copper on the knife rack. Pour the borax over it. Put the alloy blade on top. Borax is poured into the metal blade with an air cut flame. Be careful not to use high pressure oxygen valves. When the copper water inside is evenly distributed, it cools naturally.
Q:Make a simple stationary lathe tool for diy lathe
The guideway is the track that is used to support and guide the parts of the machine on a certain trajectory. The accuracy of the track and the accuracy of the movement directly affect the machining accuracy of the machine. There are slide guide, roller guide and static pressure guide. The shape of the guideway is mainly V, rectangle, dovetail, cylindrical and planar
Q:How to sharpen the blade of a lathe?
Fine grinding tool (1) the grinding and cutting grooves. In order to make the shape of chip breaker groove finishing more correct, the surface roughness more fine, coarse grinding of chip breaker groove need fine grinding, fine grinding of chip breaker groove method is the same as the coarse grinding. (2) it grinds down the edges. The grinding wheel is grinding out the end of the cup grinding wheel, and the grinding wheel is 100 # ~ 200 #. (3) the knife face and the edge of the knife face after the grinding, the grinding method is shown in figure 6-32, which is the same as the grinding wheel and the grinding. Stop sharpening when the main blade is worn out and the edge width reaches the requirement. (4) sharpen the edge. (5) sharpen the edges.
Q:Welding the insulation of the lathe
There is no need for heat preservation. Parts easy to collapse is related to materials processing, and tool grinding cutting 刅, related to the choice of brand of the cutting tools are also associated with quality of carbide itself. Is cemented carbide in the machining of the cutting tools, the cutting temperature is extremely high (at this point do not collapse), sometimes suddenly add night cooling liquid cooling segment (at this time will not collapse), it is hard alloy features: high temperature resistant, wear resistant, low expansion coefficient, etc, so welding is no need to heat preservation.
Q:Why is the blade shavings always grinding
First, carefully before you sharpen dressing grinding wheel, cannot let the grinding wheel to produce radial and axial runout, rounded to mend the thinner, the better, if you didn't do dressing grinding wheel in this step, then hand kung fu is not likely to grind out best to meet the requirements of your knife, with 90 - degree cylindrical turning tool as an example, the first wrapped in cotton yarn, tool rod, to ensure that won't be hot in the grinding process, as long as a hot, due to the instinct of a man, your hand will consciously involuntary shiver, that also will not care so much
Q:What material is used to heat up after welding?
Then an old welder had resoldered it, and it was just the place. The main point is that the flame can't blow for too long, the alloy hair is red and it should be immediately with the matrix, not only faster but also more important. Because it's bad if you don't do it twice
Q:How to sharpen a high speed steel forming tool (arc cutter)?
High speed performance is good, the technology of strength and toughness with good, so are mainly used for manufacturing complex thin blade and impact resistance of the metal cutting tool, also can produce high temperature bearing and cold extrusion mould, etc. Besides use produced by the method of high speed steel smelting, since the 1960 s and the powder metallurgy HSS, its advantage is to avoid the smelting production caused by carbide segregation caused by mechanical properties and heat treatment deformation.
Q:To design the tool manual for the shape of the rib body
Before cutting the cutting tool, check the grinding wheel for the first time, the wheel shaft nut is tightened, and then it is used after the test, so as not to break the grinding wheel or fly out of the hurt. 2) the cutting tool should not be too hard, otherwise it will cause the hand to slide and touch the wheel face, causing the injury accident. 3) wear protective glasses when grinding knives to avoid the gravel and debris flying into your eyes. 4) don't stand in the direction of the wheel when you are sharpening the wheel in case of an accident. 5) when grinding the head of a small knife, it must be put on the tool bar. 6) the gap between the grinding wheel and the wheel shall not be greater than 3mm, and it shall be adjusted properly.
Q:There are several kinds of lathe knives for regular lathes
Carbide welding lathe tool A welding tool, is on the carbon steel cutter bar open groove, according to the requirement of the cutting tool geometry Angle solder will carbide blade welding in the tank, and according to the selected tool geometric parameters used after grinding.
Q:The Angle of the turning tool
Before clearance Angle From the Angle of the tip of the knife to the tip of the knife, a space is formed under the front clearance Angle, the working face and the tip of the knife, and the cutting action is concentrated on the nose. If this Angle is too small, the tool will rub on the surface, and produce the rough surface, the Angle is too big, the knife can easily shake, the knife nose breaks the crack cannot be made. The Angle of the Angle of the knife should be considered when the cutting edge of a tool with a slanted blade is mounted. The Angle of the high speed steel is about 8 ~ 10 degrees, and the carbide tool is between 6 and 8 degrees.

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