Indexable face finish milling cutters cnc alloy steel face cutting tool

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Product Description:

Specifications of face finish cutter:


cnc face milling cutter 
- High precision 
- Suitable for cutting heavily 
- Easy insert replacement

CNC lathe milling tool holder, face cutter, facing milling cutter,  side & face milling cutter cnc milling cutter face cutter finishing milling cutter for aluminum



- firm clamping

- high precision

- easy insert replacement

- general use

- suitable to use cutting fluid

- suitable to apply through,coolant system 





- Mainly use for should milling, side milling, face milling, grooving milling and so on in CNC milling machine & CNC machine center. 

- Suitable many type Inserts

- Surface Treatment: Black Oxide; Nickle Plating.

- We can also produce milling insert

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Q:What is the difference between the Angle of the lathe and the Angle of work
The root cause of the Angle change is the change in the position of the cutting plane, the base plane and the orthogonal plane, so the Angle of work is also called the practical Angle.
Q:How to handle the Angle of the sharpener
The back of the rough knife Behind the mill vice, handle the tail should be turned to the right a pair of Angle kappa r 'point of view, predominate at the same time the bottom of the tool grinding wheel direction flat face inclined than a pair of big Angle after 20 Angle. The concrete blade grinding method is approximately the same as the main back of the rougher. The difference is that the grinding wheel should be worn to the tip of the blade. In this way, you can also grind out the subangle kappa r 'and the second pair of postangular alpha' alpha '. 5, coarse grinding the front Grinding out the front of the lathe with grinding wheels and grinding out the front Angle gamma0
Q:What kind of car knife does the car bearing steel use
Look at your terms, W1Y and T726, and see what impact and hardness you have, mainly cutting speed. If the material is annealed, then the t15 will also be able to improve the speed of the cutting, and the personal bias is only for reference
Q:How to wear a broken cutter
Grinding, grinding wheel dressing are first is good, have good, main behind, in front of the first pair of back, to make the blade in front of the grinding Angle consideration, and then open a chip breaker groove, to steady hand, wear protective goggles) at the same time to do the motion of the small and mobile firmly, until the ground to want arc Angle, depth, the blade, then the main cutting edge grinding chamfering, cutting face and vice cutting face of transition arc or small chamfer, take fine hard abrasive grinding, finally to improve the cutting tool durability.
Q:Do you want to get a car knife on the tool holder
I did, you said what dao is the general, do you want to ask a knife is installed on one side of the tool rest, yes, of course, fine car when measuring tool, build meaning to find this Turner books to read, but now Turner: no, don't earn money, mix a hungry deathless, may be changing
Q:Lathe tool welding method!! Concrete action steps!! Precautions should be taken!
To make the handle Find the alloy to be welded You want acetylene and oxygen to ignite Burn the copper strip in the position of welding Sprinkle powder before it is set (a white powder is not good for me) Put the alloy on it. Waiting for him to cool
Q:The Angle of the car knife measure the feeling of the experiment
The workbench adopts the high precision linear rolling guide, the bed platform is smooth, the operation is easy. Adopt the high-strength FC30 cast iron, and maintain the mechanical precision for long time.
Q:What is the cutting part of the lathe?
The tip of the knife is the connection between the main cutting edge and the side cutting edge. Depending on the situation used by the tool, the tip of the blade has the tip of the tip and the tip of the reverse. From the above analysis, we can learn that there is a close relationship between the various parts of the lathe. In fact, in a dozen or dozens of square millimeters, several parts form angles. These angles have great influence on the quality of processing and the service life of the tool.
Q:Why is it that someone grinds a lathe for a few months and the car comes out smooth
Grinding wheel to king kong pen draw with fine grinding, coarse and fine to open the car's tank except aluminum, copper, iron, slot open to straight, groove to smooth and bright, chip removal, ground front, behind, pay back, not heavy and groove surface that is not much, has exquisite knife Angle, two cubits people waist, knife slightly higher micro become warped wheel center see sparks a thread to slow translation, the slot micro move up and down perpendicular to the grinding wheel corner, finish turning Angle is bigger than rough turning point, finish turning speed, margin not big 0.1 0.4 enough, slower feeding, dry years should know.
Q:What requirements are required when loading a knife
According to experience, the outer circle of the fine car often holds the tool slightly higher than the center of the work. When the inside of the car is inside, it is often slightly lower than the center of the work. It is generally not more than 1% of the diameter of the workpiece, whether it is high or low. For the tool tip to be pointed at the center of the workpiece, the following method is used: The knife is made according to the top height of the stern seat. The tip of the blade is close to the center of the center, adjusting the height of the blade according to the height difference between the tip and center. When it is important to note that the tool let point slightly higher than the top centers 0.2 ~ 0.3 mm, then tighten screw, turning tool will be a little lower, so the height of the blade are basic consistent with the height of the top center.

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