Mono Solar Cells156mm*156mm in Bulk Quantity Low Price Stock 18.4

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Brief Introduction


- Up to 20.0% efficiency, one of the highest performing mono crystalline cells on the market

- Three bus bars boosts current collection over the entire cell area, leading to higher fill factors 

- Blue anti-reflecting coating allows more sunlight be captured and converted to electricity

- Finer, closer fingers improves charge collections for improved energy yield

- Lower light-induced degradation leads to greater power output over the entire module lifetime

- All solar cells are tightly classified to optimize output of module

- Maximum yield and longevity due to hotspot prevention

- Premium appearance results in a highly uniform and aesthetically appealing module




- Product Mono-crystalline silicon solar cell 

- Dimension 156 mm x 156 mm ± 0.5 mm 

- Thickness 200 μm ± 30 μm 

- Front 1.5 ± 0.1 mm busbar (silver)

- Silicon nitride antireflection coating 

- Back 3.0 mm continuous soldering pads (silver)

- Back surface field (aluminum)



 Electric performance parameters 

Mono Solar Cells156mm*156mm in Bulk Quantity Low Price Stock 18.4

- Testing conditions: 1000 W/m2, AM 1.5, 25 °C, Tolerance: Efficiency ± 0.2% abs., Pmpp ±1.5% rel.

- Imin : at 0.5 V

 Light Intensity Dependence

Mono Solar Cells156mm*156mm in Bulk Quantity Low Price Stock 18.4


 Soldering Ability


- Peel Strength: > 1.0 N/mm (Pull soldered ribbon from busbar in 5 mm/s of 180°)



 Dimension Figure

Mono Solar Cells156mm*156mm in Bulk Quantity Low Price Stock 18.4

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- Any time and anywhere, reply clients' email and solve all problems happen in the work  at the first time.

- Remove clients doubts and offer the best solution at the first time.

- Give our clients the lastest news of the photovoltaic, update the newest stock informtion.



 Production and Quality Control

- Precision cell efficiency sorting procedures

- Stringent criteria for color uniformity and appearance

- Reverse current and shunt resistance screening

- ISO9001,ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001,TUV Certificated

Mono Solar Cells156mm*156mm in Bulk Quantity Low Price Stock 18.4

Mono Solar Cells156mm*156mm in Bulk Quantity Low Price Stock 18.4

Mono Solar Cells156mm*156mm in Bulk Quantity Low Price Stock 18.4


1. Q: Do you have your own factory?

   A: Yes, we have. Our factory located in Jiangsu

2. Q: How can I visit your factory?
    A: Before you visit,please contact us.We will show you the route or arrange a car to pick you up.
3. Q: Do you provide free sample?
    A: Commenly we provide paid sample.

4. Q: Could you print our company LOGO on the nameplate and package?

   A: Yes, we accept it.And need an Authorization Letter from you.

5. Q: Do you accept custom design on size?

   A: Yes, if the size is reasonable.

6. Q: How can I be your agent in my country?

   A: Please leave feedback. It's better for us to talk about details by email.

7. Q: Do you have solar project engineer who can guide me to install system?

   A: Yes, we have a professional engineer team. They can teach you how to install a solar system.

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Q:What's the difference between a silicon wafer and a battery?
Silver aluminum printing products called battery!The silicon chip is the raw material for the production of the battery chip, and the silicon chip is conductive!
Q:What is the cutting fluid for solar wafer cutting?
MB, HCT, NTC and other machines, the requirements of silicon cutting fluid and the proportion of silicon carbide powder is generally controlled at 1:0.92-0.95, mortar density in 1.630-1.635 can be cut quite ideal. Even if there is a greater proportion of proportion, and even mortar density of 1.67 or so will not have any problems, as long as the mortar viscosity control in 200--250 can be. But Ernst machine for mortar density is not higher than 1.57, that is to say 1.55-1.57. can control the viscosity of mortar at around 150, so the domestic silicon cutting fluid will appear in the 1.57 density with mortar, mortar viscosity may be less than 120, and if the mortar viscosity density to 150, more than 1.57, even more than 1.60. The viscosity of mortar is too large, directly will cause the machine alarm, actually influence deeper and may cause the film does not wash clean, burn, or heating of the motor, bearing on the machine itself is very wear.Therefore, the current domestic solar silicon cutting fluid, it is not very suitable for the Ernst & Young machine. The good news is that domestic users have found the defects of the machine, the machine began to replace the mortar pump from the original 0.75KW into 1.5KW, which may solve this problem.
Q:Silicon rod / wafer processing production
Another reason is that CZ is easier to produce large size single crystal silicon rods than FZ method. At present, using the method of CZ CZ main equipment: CZ growth furnace growth furnace by CZ components can be divided into four parts: (1) the furnace body comprises a quartz crucible, graphite crucible, heating and insulating element in the furnace wall (2) crystal and crucible for rotary mechanism: including seed chuck, hanging and pulled the rotating element (3) atmosphere pressure control: including gas flow control, vacuum system and pressure control valve (4) control system: including the detection sensor and computer control system processing: charging, melting, necking, shoulder growth, growth, growth and diameter growth of the tail (1) charging: the polysilicon raw materials and impurities in the quartz crucible, the type of impurity depends on the N or P type resistance. Boron, phosphorus, antimony, arsenic. (2): after the melting quartz crucible for polysilicon feedstock after long crystal furnace must be closed and vacuum filling in high purity argon to maintain a certain pressure range, and then open the graphite heater power supply, heating to the melting temperature (1420 DEG C) above, the polysilicon raw material melting. (3) necking growth: when the temperature of the silicon melt is stable, the seed is slowly immersed in the silicon melt. Because of the thermal stress in the contact between the seed and the silicon melt, the seeds will be dislocation, which must be used to reduce the growth of the crystal. Necking is the seed growth will rapidly upward, the seed crystal grows to a certain size of the reduced diameter (4-6mm) due to the dislocation line and growth axis into a corner, as long as the neck is long enough, the dislocation can grow the crystal surface, zero crystal dislocation.
Q:What is a silicon chip made of?
A simple understanding of the silicon wafer is a silicon material cut into pieces by processing. Silicon is a kind of high hardness material, silicon material looks like a stone, he must be washed clean and then heated by a stove melt forming a bulk silicon ingot, and then use the special machine to slice into pieces.
Q:Why silicon wafers are made in watts!
Including single crystal 125*125 150 single crystal 125*125 165 single crystal 156*156 diagonal diagonal 200 diagonal polycrystalline 125*125 polycrystalline 156*156 crystal silicon solar cell crystal silicon solar cell with monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon two categories, with P (or n) silicon substrate by phosphorus (or boron diffusion) to form Pn form production, production technology is mature, is the dominant photovoltaic products on the market. The buried layer electrode, surface passivation, enhanced light trapping, dense grid technology, optimization of back electrode and contact electrode technology, improve the collection efficiency of carrier materials, optimization of anti elbow membrane, concave convex surface, high reflective back electrode, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is greatly improved.
Q:Who is the best silicon chip dryer?
Heating oil bath furnace and electric heating two ways, our company is now used in the two, it should be said that each has its advantages and disadvantages
Q:How much harm silicon on the human body
Silicon is a semiconductor material, if it is to detect the bare silicon wafer, then there is no harm
Q:What is a semiconductor silicon device tester
Then, the image point set circuit is used to realize the isolation of the electrical components and the connecting wires, and the insulation and the insulation of the insulation are not connected with the insulation
Q:What can be used to adjust its viscosity
Polyethylene glycol and water soluble, I believe this may help you solve the problem
Q:P type and N type monocrystalline silicon chip difference?
The doping of phosphorus in monocrystalline silicon is N type, the more the phosphorus is, the more free electrons, the stronger the conductivity, the lower the resistivity;

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