Micro X-ray fluorescence

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Product Description:

M1 ORA is specifically applicable to the jewelry industry, desktop micro X-ray fluorescence (μ-XRF). Compact, small footprint.

Technical parameters:


High-performance micro-focus light source tube, tungsten target, windows

Voltage, power 40 kV, 40 W

1100mm2 large area proportional counter detector sensing area

Spot size 0.3 - 1.0mm collimator (factory setting)

High-resolution color imaging system observed sample, 20-40 times magnification

Sample manual sample stage scissor lift

Quantitative analysis of empirical model based on the standard sample

No standard model based on the fundamental parameter method

Power 230V / 50 Hz, 100 W

Dimensions 355 × 330 × 330 mm

Weight 26 kg

Main features:

M1 ORA can accurately determine the elemental composition of the alloy jewelry, elemental analysis range: all the elements of atomic number 22 (titanium) above.

The illuminated light pipe, a small spot size to 0.3mm, the complex pattern of the sample can be a non-contact, non-destructive analysis, the results can be obtained within minutes.

Sample sizes up to 100 × 100 × 100mm, without any treatment, directly on the sample stage is detected using an optical microscope for accurate positioning.

Using a large sensor area proportional counter sample emitted fluorescence signal is received. Signal acquisition, the more accurate the results. Content elements can be detected in more than 0.5%.

Based on standard or non-standard model model can identify and quantify all the elements in the sample. High accuracy and precision of 0.2 wt%. For it is not expected to be able to analyze the elements.

Fineness of gold analysis can be used K (open) or mass percentage (%) said.

XSpect package provides the following features:

Instrument control, data acquisition and processing

Peak identification

Quantitative analysis of the components, no standard method and empirical models based on the standard sample

Report Output

Jewelry, gold, precious metals analysis

Jewelry and precious metal jewelry, money is not the main part by the design and production of artificial decision, but the most important is determined by the type and quality of the precious metal alloy composition and gemstones. Several alloys known analytical methods for accurate fire oldest MediaTek, the first use of high-density high-precision weighing scales original piece of metal, non-metal material is then removed by unsynchronized outs (oxidation and dissolution), and finally weighing more than the amount. But this method so good, but need to destroy the sample, colleagues also produced a lot of toxic pollutants and gases.

X-ray fluorescence is non-basic and non-destructive analysis method colleagues can be analyzed with high accuracy of the test results

Because jewelry pieces are usually very small, and some are using different expensive is a gold portfolio, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer analysis process can be employed collimator within the instrument will inspire the X-rays focused on a small point, precise Yan policy sample composition .

X-ray fluorescence measurements can be widely applied to a large number of gold alloy series, measurable materials including gold, silver, copper, palladium, platinum, rhodium, gold and other precious metals element composition range of 35% (8 kt / K) ~ 100% (24 kt/ K)

Applies to: platinum, gold, platinum alloys, silver alloys, analytical accuracy of better than 0.2%

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Q:Multisim 10 spectrum analyzer, in addition to measuring the spectrum of the output signal, but also can not sweep the frequency of the simulation circuit, how can we connect?
After the connection, you can run directly. In addition, double-click the instrument, you can also set the relevant parameters.
Q:What are the rules of sampling for raw iron analysis instruments?
After the specimen is mixed, the specimen is collected in a clean container. The same batch of samples is called equal quality, the total weight is about 45g, and the mixture is divided into 10! 15g is used to determine the composition of carbon, and the remaining 30~35g is crushed in hardened steel bowl or in his sample preparation equipment. To prevent the sample is too small, while beating the side sieve. Sample screening must be used to close screen cover, with the exemption like fine powder loss. The specimen shall pass all the required sieve holes. Malleable cast steel shot because chip into thin slices and not by all the provisions of the sieve, to film thickness impact screen aperture is less than the specified or not affect the analysis of melting sample, sieve specimens can be according to the provisions of the processing by sieve, sieve directly mixed in the samples. The size of the sample is determined according to the determination method. The standard method is that the conventional component is 60 mesh; the rapid analysis of the conventional component is 80`100; the burning method of carbon analysis is about 20 mesh (but sieve).
Q:How do simple methods and instruments test drinking water quality?
The TDS value represents the total amount of dissolved substances contained in each liter of water (mg). According to experience and related information, generally less than 50, safe to drink.In order to strictly control the water quality, it should be checked according to the national drinking water standard.
Q:What are the particle size analysis instruments?
Particle size distribution analysis instruments are divided into different methods: sedimentation method, telex sense method (Kurt), laser method and electron microscope method.By means of specific surface area analysis instruments, there are gas permeation method, gas adsorption method and electron microscopy method.
Q:The coal analyzer there is better
Hebei friends and friends of Shijiazhuang glass in the Baidu search Yongfang, coal analysis instrument with good quality, good customer service service products, instrument has high detection accuracy, complete sets of equipment on coal quality testing laboratory for you all in one service. Quality free of charge, three packs a year, life-long maintenance! The quality of coal laboratory equipment, glass instrument Yongfang all know.
Q:Instrument analysis engineer how to test, the more detailed the better,
Senior instrument analysis engineer:1 、 has passed the qualification of instrument analysis engineer;2, graduate or above, or the equivalent of the relevant work for more than one year;3 、 Bachelor degree or above, or equivalent education and related work for more than two years;4 、 college degree or equivalent, and engaged in related work for more than three years.Profession definition: instrument analysis engineer is a professional person who can skillfully use all kinds of instrument, experiment instrument and instrument analysis.
Q:What's the price of the ore Analyzer?
Analysis of high speed, high precision, realizes the on-site analysis of chemical components such as geology, ore surface, core or have prepared samples. Through real-time multiple sampling, direct assessment of ore grade, and obtain analytical results, not only greatly improve the productivity and production schedule, and the results obtained from the laboratory analysis of the number of time days to a few seconds now.
Q:Which UPS power supply is better for analytical instruments?
Green environmental protectionThis product is a green environmental protection product, and conforms to the national electronic information products pollution control management measures, the product in normal use, will not cause harm to the environment and the human body.
Q:What is the height of a level instrument? What is the back view reading?
1, the level must be three axis relationship check qualified; 2, before reading, level must be precise leveling; 3, the staff must be leveling feet vertical plumb;
Q:What are the reaction instruments in chemistry?
The reaction apparatus is: test tube, beaker, conical flask, flask.

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