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5E-MHG6090 blast oven

Intelligent stainless steel oven blast

■ Applications

Adaptation of water used in electricity, coal, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, building materials, paper, the geological survey, research institutions and other sectors to test coal, coke and other substances

■ using standard

GB / T212-2001 "method of analysis of coal industry", GB / T211-1996 "Determination of total moisture in coal."

Technical parameters:

■ Technical Parameters

Power: ≤1.1kW

:( Thermostatic temperature range +20) ℃ ~ + 200 ℃

Temperature fluctuation: ± 1 ℃

Power source: 220V ± 22V

Within the space dimension: 450mm × 450mm × 450mm (length × width × height)

Dimensions: 600mm × 590mm × 875mm (length × width × height)

Main features:

■ Technical Features

Vertical structure, intelligence operations inside the heating thermostat system consists of a centrifugal impeller is equipped with imported German low-noise motors, electric heaters and temperature control device and other components, LED digital display, with leakage, overcurrent, overtemperature overshoot protection, housing for electrostatic powder coating of cold steel, high-temperature insulation material cotton. Studio made of stainless steel, not students

Rust is not the dregs. There are double glass observation window on the door, can be clearly observed inside the heating items.

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