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Product Description:

Patented technology:

1. Coal industry analysis crucible (ZL 03248554.9)

2. Volatile test crucible (ZL 03325699.3)

3. The moisture, ash test crucible (ZL 03325698.5)

4. A test furnace and sample delivery mechanism (ZL 200520052205.0)

5. Industrial Analyzer II (ZL 200930185715.9)

6. Coal Analyzer cam lift rotation mechanism (ZL 200910203789.X)

7. rack sample delivery mechanism (ZL 200920160033.7)

8. The heat shield mechanism (ZL 200920160032.2)

9. Industrial Analyzer I (ZL 200930185716.3)

Application areas:

Water used for testing coal, coke and other substances, ash, volatile matter, fixed carbon and calculate its hydrogen content and calorific value; can fly ash carbon content of ash were analyzed; available moisture for calcined petroleum coke , ash, volatile matter was analyzed; also on the amount of cement LOI analysis.

Technical features:

1. High test efficiency

1) boot can be tested, completed 19 water samples within 120min, ash, volatile three indicators arbitration analysis.

2) two hosts in parallel (also can work alone), moisture, ash, volatile matter while testing, the whole process is done after the sample unattended, no way to replace the crucible crucible cover or uncover.

3) patented technology and send samples weighing mechanism, weighing and send samples to improve the speed and shorten the overall test time.

2. The use of advanced technology to ensure the stability and reliability of its work

1) exclusive use of international advanced DSP control technology and a new generation of adaptive control technology, the instrument control more real and reliable.

2) Well-shaped circular furnaces, the temperature distribution more uniform and stable way to solve the assembly line work frequently open oven door cause uneven and unstable technical problems.

3) the use of patented technology, insulation mechanism, improve the stability and reliability of the instrument.

4) designed to be simple and reasonable, there is no "robot" and slide translation device, the transfer process does not appear out of the crucible, the crucible broke phenomenon.

5) do not need to frequently open the door, does not require frequent crucible to move back and forth from the burning pan pan.

      Thermal balance technology, in the same atmosphere of the environment with a blank crucible dynamic correction to ensure accurate weighing, avoiding a pipelined manner inconsistent crucible temperature caused the problem of inaccurate weighing.

6) Each test can be used by ash gray classic slow, in full compliance with the requirements of national standard furnace temperature was raised in less than 30min requirements of 500 ℃ to ensure the accuracy of the ash content of the test.

3. Convenient operation

1) There are a variety of testing methods for the user to arbitrarily set, there are national standard arbitration, rapid method, it can be user-defined settings.

2) with a variety of sample weighing mode, the user can continuously stakeout, you can single loft.

3) External balance reading on the display, real-time balance reading at a glance, user precise control sample weight.

4) After the flip-open lid structure, more user-friendly design, easy to operate.

5) during the experiment for data query, statistics, print, easier to use.

The security is good

With a quiet air pump, no oxygen, nitrogen can also experiment with ways to solve the compressor pumps air noise, physical and mental health problems affect adoption.

5. The key components are imported

1) the use of imported electronic balance, ensure the stability of test performance.

2) the use of imported whole heating furnace, heating speed, energy-saving, short test time.

3) ceramic turntable, ceramic shaft, send samples of ceramic rods, ceramic, said rod are imported, increase component life.

Imported directly slide, ensure long-term stable and reliable instrument.

Technical parameters:

Test time 120min completed 19 samples of water, ash and volatile arbitration analysis

The number of samples (number / time) 19

Temperature range (℃) temperature to 999

Temperature accuracy (℃) ± 5

Test accuracy according to GB / T212-2008 standards and American standards ASTMD5142-2009

Power (kW) ≤9

Weight (kg) Ⅰ section 80 Ⅱ Part 50

Dimensions (mm) Ⅰ section 550 × 580 × 890 Ⅱ section 550 × 580 × 530

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Q:Multisim 10 spectrum analyzer, in addition to measuring the spectrum of the output signal, but also can not sweep the frequency of the simulation circuit, how can we connect?
After the connection, you can run directly. In addition, double-click the instrument, you can also set the relevant parameters.
Q:We do analytical instrument products, and now want to do CE certification
The "CE" sign is a safety certification mark that is considered a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. CE stands for European unity (CONFORMITE, EUROPEENNE). All products labeled with "CE" mark can be sold in the EU member countries, and do not meet the requirements of each member country, thus realizing the free circulation of goods within the EU member countries.In the EU market, CE mark is a compulsory certification mark, whether the EU enterprises produced products, or products produced by others, to the free circulation in the EU market, we must add "CE" mark, to indicate the basic requirements of products comply with the EU "technical coordination and standard instruction of" the new method. This is a mandatory requirement imposed by EU law on products.
Q:What are the chemical analysis instruments?
Instrumental analysis (modern analysis or physical analysis): a method of analysis based on physical or physical and chemical properties of matter. This kind of method is usually measured by light, electricity, magnetic, acoustic, thermal and other physical quantities and the results of the analysis, and the measurement of these quantities, generally use more complex or special equipment, so called "instrument analysis". In addition to qualitative and quantitative analysis, instrumental analysis can be used in the analysis of structures, valence states, state analysis, micro and thin-layer analyses, micro and ultra trace analysis, etc., and is the direction of the development of analytical chemistry.
Q:Internal standard method, instrumental analysis
Choose a line in the spectrum analysis of the measured element, choose one with its symmetric line in the matrix line, according to this on the spectral line intensity ratio on the content of the measured elements making working curve, and then to the unknown sample by quantitative analysis method called internal standard method.
Q:Development trend of instrumental analysis
A new dynamic detection and analysis of non destructive testing off-line detection and analysis of instantaneous, can directly and accurately reflect the actual production and life environment of the scene live, Boone the timely control of production, ecological and biological processes. The use of advanced technology and principle analysis, research and establish a new and effective use of online and real-time dynamic, highly sensitive and selective detection and analysis of non destructive testing, twenty-first Century will be the mainstream development of instrument analysis. Biosensors and enzyme sensors, immune sensors, DNA sensors, and cell sensors are emerging. The emergence of nano sensors also brings opportunities for in vivo analysis.
Q:Spectral analyzer to do CCD pass, however
(1) the high stability X ray source provides the required X ray, changes the X ray tube anode target material, can change the X ray wavelength, adjusts the anode voltage, can control the intensity of X ray source. (2) the adjusting mechanism of sample and sample orientation shall be a single crystal, powder, polycrystalline or microcrystalline solid block. (3) the X-ray detector detects the diffraction intensity or simultaneously detects the diffraction direction. By means of an instrument, a recording system or a computer processing system, the polycrystal diffraction pattern data can be obtained. (4) the image analysis and processing system, modern X ray diffractometer, are equipped with a special diffraction pattern processing and analysis software system, they are characterized by automation and intelligence. X X ray fluorescence ray fluorescence substance by primary X rays or other radiation photon source, X ray produced by the secondary shock phenomenon.
Q:What kind of analytical instruments will be used in a hydropower station?
A large hydropower station monitoring and control system, only detection sensor in dam safety reached thousands, it must first be a variety of satellite measurement and control device to form a complete automatic control sub system, and then to form a wide area measurement system and a plurality of ground station control system.
Q:What kind of electrical, automatic and instrument equipment are needed in the sewage treatment plant?
Water quality test equipment: dissolved oxygen, turbidity, suspended matter concentration, pH meter, COD instrument, ammonia nitrogen meter, phosphate, etc..Automatic instrument and meter: frequency converter, PLC control cabinet, upper computer, touch screen and so on.Aeration equipment: including blowing equipment, aerator and corresponding accessories.
Q:Which UPS power supply is better for analytical instruments?
Green environmental protectionThis product is a green environmental protection product, and conforms to the national electronic information products pollution control management measures, the product in normal use, will not cause harm to the environment and the human body.
Q:Carbon sulfur analyzer which brand is better? Laboratory use
The better, nature is imported brands, now carbon sulfur analysis instrument top brand of German ELTRA (in), LECO (the United States, Japan force) HORIBA (juechang).

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