Automatic measuring sulfur analyzer

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Product Description:

Just ready to sample (20 at once) on the turntable, the instrument automatically complete the analysis, and the sample can be recycled. This product is the "Sixth National Power Industry Skills Competition" instrument --5E-S3100 upgrade automation products.

Patented technology:

A drying apparatus for measuring sulfur analyzer (ZL 200920000334.3)

2. Fast draining devices (ZL 200920156827.6)

3. sulfur analyzer for measuring temperature combustion tube fixed sleeve (ZL 200920156826.1)

4. An electrolytic cell (ZL 200920219283.3)

Technical features:

1. Using horizontal furnace and GB porcelain boat, fully meet the national standard.

2. High automation, the operator simply ready samples (up to 20) on the turntable, the instrument automatically to complete the analysis. (Figure 1)

3. The boot can be self-test, an error message appears, provide maintenance recommendations.

4. Convenient tapping control, easy to clean the cell, the electrolyte replacement.

5. Large-capacity drying tube, reducing the frequency of replacement desiccant.

6. DC pump, flow stability, low noise.

7. networking, external electronic balance.

Technical parameters:

The number of samples (number / time): 20

Sulfur measurement range: from 0.01% to 20%; sulfur measurement resolution: 0.01%

Sample weight (mg): 45 ~ 55 (coal), 80 to 100 (oil)

Single-sample test time (min): 4

Working oven (℃): 1150 (coal, coke), 920 (oil)

Temperature accuracy (℃): ± 3; Power (kW): <3; Weight (kg): 57

Dimensions (mm): 968 × 510 × 345

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Q:X ray fluorescence spectrum analyzer and other analytical instruments, such as: AAS, ICP and so on, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
Both ICP and AAS instruments are tested by chemical methods. The advantages are: high accuracy and good repeatability. Generally speaking, third parties are using this method. The disadvantages are low test efficiency, great pollution and high test cost
Q:What kind of jobs does the analytical instrument include?
Employment is not difficult, diploma, then, does not belong to institutions or civil servants do not require. Because, after all, the industry is willing to do very little. Analytical instruments: gas chromatography (Pharmaceutical mostly organic matter detection), liquid chromatography (also to pharmaceutical multipoint), ion chromatography (anion, cation), gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, graphite furnace atomic absorption and flame (metal), atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer (mainly arsenic, mercury, selenium detection, can also detect other metal elements), flow injection (automatic routine spectroscopy), ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer (spectrophotometric method chemical analysis), ICP-AES (metal, but less, because of the high-end, more expensive), ICP-MS (measurement metal, super high-end, more expensive, not domestic), most of these.
Q:Why can't the food quality be determined simply by the result of chemical analysis or instrumental analysis?
Yes, the food quality standards are now mostly measured by chemical analysis or instrumental analysis.
Q:What test instruments are needed to maintain the notebook?
Tools for hard disk maintenance: oscillograph, iron, multimeter, hot air welding station, programmer, screw driver and sealing space
Q:What kind of electrical, automatic and instrument equipment are needed in the sewage treatment plant?
Electrical equipment: transformer, power distribution cabinet, control box, motor, cable and corresponding accessories;Water pump equipment: water pump, mud pump, booster pump, flushing pump, administration pump, vacuum pump and electric valve etc.;Machinery and equipment: including mixing equipment, sludge discharge equipment, sludge dewatering equipment, drag or hoist mechanical equipment, air compressor and so on;
Q:With the development of science and technology, why can't instrumental analysis replace chemical analysis completely?
Chemical analysis accuracy is very good, but the precision is not good, that is a constant or semi trace components can accurately measure the content of trace components, but for the poor even can't be detected, the error range is small, usually require control in less than +-0.1%, the instrument analysis accuracy is poor but the precision is good, can a qualitative or quantitative measure of trace components, but the error range is larger, +-1% or more.
Q:General trace element detector, human sub-health tester, quantum inspection and analysis instrument is not deceptive?
The inspection data of this kind of equipment is a concept, and it should also be explained on the package. The data is for reference only.
Q:What is the world's largest exhibition of chemical analysis instruments and laboratory equipment?
Biotechnology equipment, purification equipment, clean equipment and life sciences;Laboratory automation and accessories, optical instruments and equipment, electronic measuring instruments, calibration equipment, measurement, testing, chemical reagents, glass supplies, laboratory furniture, laboratory medical equipment;Environmental monitoring instrument, chemical petroleum instrument, instrument for medical and health industry, measurement, industrial quality control, material testing, identification, etc..
Q:What kinds of analytical instruments and related applications have been invented by using X rays?
X analysis diffraction of (phase ray diffraction phase analysis) X Xray ray in the crystal materials in the diffraction effect of the material structure analysis technology.
Q:There are usually several forms of noise in an analytical instrument
Pitch and intensity change in confusion, sounds discordant sounds. From a physical point of view: noise is the sound made by a body when it is made to vibrate irregularly.

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