Automatic measuring sulfur analyzer

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Product Description:

Just ready to sample (20 at once) on the turntable, the instrument automatically complete the analysis, and the sample can be recycled. This product is the "Sixth National Power Industry Skills Competition" instrument --5E-S3100 upgrade automation products.

Patented technology:

A drying apparatus for measuring sulfur analyzer (ZL 200920000334.3)

2. Fast draining devices (ZL 200920156827.6)

3. sulfur analyzer for measuring temperature combustion tube fixed sleeve (ZL 200920156826.1)

4. An electrolytic cell (ZL 200920219283.3)

Technical features:

1. Using horizontal furnace and GB porcelain boat, fully meet the national standard.

2. High automation, the operator simply ready samples (up to 20) on the turntable, the instrument automatically to complete the analysis. (Figure 1)

3. The boot can be self-test, an error message appears, provide maintenance recommendations.

4. Convenient tapping control, easy to clean the cell, the electrolyte replacement.

5. Large-capacity drying tube, reducing the frequency of replacement desiccant.

6. DC pump, flow stability, low noise.

7. networking, external electronic balance.

Technical parameters:

The number of samples (number / time): 20

Sulfur measurement range: from 0.01% to 20%; sulfur measurement resolution: 0.01%

Sample weight (mg): 45 ~ 55 (coal), 80 to 100 (oil)

Single-sample test time (min): 4

Working oven (℃): 1150 (coal, coke), 920 (oil)

Temperature accuracy (℃): ± 3; Power (kW): <3; Weight (kg): 57

Dimensions (mm): 968 × 510 × 345

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Q:What does water quality analysis instrument include?
I said I know, by using the situation can be divided into two categories, one is a kind of portable instrument, is a desktop instrument, through the principle to words that can be summarized into two categories, one is a kind of instrument is the electrode, colorimetric instrument.
Q:What instruments are used in building lightning protection testing?
The utility model is suitable for measuring the grounding resistance of various devices and measuring the resistance value of a low resistance conductor, such as power, post and telecommunications, railways, communications, mines, etc., and also can measure soil resistivity and earth voltage. Ground resistance tester should be kept indoors to maintain its ambient temperature 0 to 40 DEG C, relative humidity of not more than 80 percent, and in the air can not contain enough to cause corrosion of harmful substances.
Q:What are the instrument calibration institutions? Where is the authority and the scale is relatively large?
I recommend radio and television, in the country with more than 20 branches, in Guangdong Province Quality Supervision Bureau has a record, the number of recorded standards of measurement only after Southern China Province, in second.
Q:How do you decide which instrument analysis method can be used to solve an analysis problem?
UV Vis spectrophotometry: 1 for qualitative analysis, depending on the shape of the absorption spectrum, the number of absorption peaks, and the location of the maximum absorption wavelength;2 structural analysis of functional groups and isomers of organic compoundsInfrared absorption spectrum: 1, judge isomerIf you do not understand, you can ask
Q:The working principle of flue gas analyzer, with the brand
This is the principle of electrochemical analyzer, i.e. smoke flue gas, flue gas into the gas analysis box, along the road, followed by each sensor, and the sensor produces chemical reaction, generate electrical signals, the manipulator on display.
Q:With the development of science and technology, why can't instrumental analysis replace chemical analysis completely?
For example, for example, a detection component is detected in the content is 10%, then the detection error in +-1% is relatively large, the detection of 9%-11%, +-0.1% and error is reasonable, namely 9.9%-10.1% detection at this time for chemical analysis, instrument analysis obviously large error for the content; 0.1% components, error +-1% is completely acceptable. The detection of 0.09%-0.11%, and the error in +-0.1% is not necessary, the range of 0.099%-0.101% detection in analytical chemistry is neither necessary nor meaning, then apply the instrument analysis.
Q:A machine analysis instrument to sell it out
It's controlled by a cell phone or by a remote control.
Q:What's the quality of the glass instruments of Shu Niu?
Good quality, the laboratory is often used in his family's products
Q:Working principle of automobile exhaust analyzer
The exhaust gas is collected and injected into different substances to produce a chemical reaction, and the components of the exhaust gas are qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed.
Q:The difference between UV Vis spectrophotometry and fluorescence spectrophotometry
UV Vis spectrophotometry, UV visible spectrophotometry is a qualitative and quantitative analysis methods and structure according to the material properties of the molecular absorption wavelength of 200-760nm the range of the electromagnetic wave is established. The operation is simple, the accuracy is high and the reproducibility is good. Long wave (small frequency) light, small energy, short wavelength (large frequency) of light energy. Spectrophotometry is the measurement of the degree of radiation absorption of matter molecules at different wavelengths and at specific wavelengths.

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