JET-100 1HP Self-priming JET Water Pump Italian Calpeda Model

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Product Description:


1.JET-100 Self-priming Jet Water Pump 
2.High head water pump 
3.Stainless steel shaft 
4.100% copper wire 


Product Description

JET-100 1HP Italian Calpeda model Self-priming Jet Water Pump   

1.       Product Overview

  These electric water pumps are suitable for pumping clean water and fluids which are not chemically aggressive to the pump components. They are extremely reliable.,economical and simple to use, being particularly suitable for domestic applications such as the automatic distribution of water from small and medium-sized surge tanks, watering gardens,etc.These pumps should be installed in a covered area, protected against the is always advisable to install a foot valve or non-return valve on the suction opening.

2.  Performance Range

    1. Flow rate up to 35L/min.(3.6m³/h)

    2. Head up to 50m

3.  Operating limits

   1. Suction lift up to 9m

   2. Fluid temperature up to 60°C

   3. Maximum ambient temperature 40°C

4.  Technical data

    Model: JET-100

    Power: 750W


    Max. Capacity: 35L/min






Input &Outlet(Inch)




























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Q:where is the water pump on my 94 civic?
most likely the water pump. The water pump is under the timing cover and is driven by the water pump. Make sure that you replace the timing belt when you replace the pump.
Q:How to stop water pump from leaking on 1999 grand Prix?
You will need to remove the water pump and see how far down the bolt broke. You may be able to get hold of the bolt with vice grips and get it out. Worse case you will have to drill it out and re-cut the thread or use a bolt extraction tool, you simply drill a hole smaller than the bolt and the extraction tool turns the opposite way to the bolt thread and as it gets tight its meant to loosen the bolt in question. I have done this many times and it dose not always work so you may need a professional to do it.
Q:Why should the water inlet of water pump be fitted with reducer?
Increasing the pipe diameter can reduce the resistance loss along the path and reduce the suction vacuum of the pump! Before the inlet of the pump is a big diameter, when you reach the suction port, and the pump inlet diameter to be consistent, so the use of reducer joints!
Q:On a deisel motor in a boat why does it have coolant and a water pump?
Coolant can leak from plenty of areas. Without figuring out what style of motor you've got, can handiest bet. Hopefully it's not a cracked cylinder head. But if you'll see spraying out you have got to convey the automobile to a mechanic. Obviously you're going to run out of coolant quickly even though you preserve topping it off. And it is going to occur on the incorrect time and situation. The leak price will broaden because the motor heats up and expands.
Q:*Updated 95 Mercury Villager ~ Water pump?
Again, see last answer to your same question. You obviously dont know what the real problem is, could be water pump and might not be. Instead of wasting over 25.00 on a water pump and that not being the problem, why dont you take it to a reputable repair facility and have the cooling system analyzed and they can tell you EXACTLY what part(s) need replacing, then go from there. Nobody can diagnose your cooling system problem over the internet since we are not at your vehicle with a coolant pressure tester and block test tool.
Q:I have a 1999 wv beetle, I need to change water pump, is there anybody can tell me how?
If, I have serious doubts about your doing a timing belt which has to come off and go back on to do the water pump. I also can't picture a water pump going bad in under 15 years or 150,000 miles. Spendy job, so please be sure before disassembling. OH and if you mess up on the timing belt you can bend the valves and cost yourself around 1,500 US dollars. ASE Cert Auto Tech, 92 GTI 16V 2.0L
Q:Where online can we find a small water fountain pump?
Q:1.5 kW three-phase pump with 600 meters line, should match what big line?
Resistivity of copper conductors is 0.017 ohm mm / m, R= P L/S, the resistance can be obtained by 600 meters 2.5 mm - single stranded conductor is 4.08 ohms, and rated current 1.5KW three-phase pump is about 3A, so the pressure drop resistance of the wire leading to the U=4.08X3=12.24V. So if the supply voltage can be stabilized at 380V~400V, with 2.5 mm - cable; if the supply voltage is between 370~390V, with 4 mm - cable. (above is copper core, aluminum core shall be increased by 1)
Q:Why does a car water pump fail?
The water pump has a gasket inside to stop coolant from leaking out. When the gasket fails, coolant comes out of what is called a weep hole. If you don't replace the water pump, the bearing gets saturated with coolant and fails. When the bearing fails, the water pump pulley ceases and the belt fails. I have seen this too many times.
Q:The water well pump is surging water pressure is dropping and keeps tripping the breaker?
So you have been fighting with this for a year? And you haven't been able to fix it? And you want to keep trying rather than hire an expert? Well, you are stubborn I have to admit that. Hire a well guy. In 10 minutes he will tell you what the problem is and what it will cost to fix it.

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