HSS-E annular cutter with universal shank DNHC-2

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D.O.C.  25mm
Universal shank for various magentic drills
Made of super tough high speed steel with mulit-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower feiction to reach better performance of endurance and removal of chips
Applicable to hole cutting and process of annular groove on various magnetic drills and press.


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Q:What drills do we use to drill jade?
A grinding head tool that is bonded with diamond (diamond) or diamond powder.
Q:1.5 of the stainless steel plate to drill 1.2 holes, the drill has broken a lot of roots, what kind of material with a bit better? How much speed, how much feed?
Because 1.2MM this is a small size drill, so do not give a lot of feed, slowly feed, cooling liquid should also be in place. By definition, the thickness of the 1.5MM is very good, drilling, if it is a general stainless steel, then more than 1000 holes, a drill on the good. Of course, this means that the processed workpiece has not been processed.
Q:What does M3x0.5 mean by tapping a drill bit?
That is, the thread with a thread diameter of 3 mm, with a pitch of 0.5 mm.
Q:How long the hand-held electric hammer drill?
Hard alloy electric hammer drill body made of high quality alloy steel, the knife head is welded with hard alloy.
Q:What drill does 42CrMo use to drill better?
Drilled outlet, rotary car hole boring other shapes
Q:What is the difference between cobalt titanium alloy drill
Alloy refers to two or more than two kinds of gold content are mixed together to form metal,
Q:Sharpening of drill angle when machining different materials
For drilling soft materials, the drill points can be sharpened. As to why such a grinding bit is made, it is because the harder material can hold the bit, so that the bit does not swing too much, and the diameter of the drilled hole can meet the requirements. Soft material drilling, if the drill is relatively flat, because the material is relatively soft, can not cover the drill bit, so that drilling out of the size of the hole is too poor.
Q:How do you determine the speed of the drill? Is there any standard?
Large hole processing speed is not too fast, too fast, easy to make the head color (coke), resulting in turn annealing, eventually scrapped;Small rotor speed should be fast forward to the amount of slow, fast, easy to break, turn around, pay attention to crumbs.
Q:New drills usually need sharpening before they can be used. Why?
The main purpose is to grind the corresponding radian according to the requirements of the workpiece. The back angle of the new drill is grinded by the drill mill, which is made of special grinding bit equipment, and the angle is very straight. There is no circular arc R transition.
Q:How big expansion screw does the 6mm bit have?
6mm drills are generally equipped with 5mm expansion screws (the smallest specification).The relationship between the drill bit and the expansion screw is the drill diameter = the expansion screw diameter +2mm. For example, the expansion screw of 6mm shall be opened with 8mm drill bit.

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