TCT hole saw(Sheet metal) HMTX D.O.C. 5mm

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D.O.C.  5mm
Made of high quality solide carbide tips , reduce the damage of tips , increase the endurance

Assembled with high quality center drill and spring

Exchangeable bodies are available upon request

Carbide tipped cutting edges.

Sturdy construction. Hole saw and arbor in one piece.

Good chip removal.

Longer product life; teeth stay sharp longer.

Exchangeable centering pilot drill.

Smooth cutting provides less vibration.

Unsuitable for percussion-drill operation. Rotary action only.


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Q:Is there a standard for drilling errors due to machine tool shaking?
There is no standard for the drill hole error due to machine tool shaking.
Q:What drill holes are used to break the screw?
If the screw is broken and the drilling is not good, it is recommended to solve the problem with edm. A six or a slot is machined at the broken screw and then the screw is broken inside with a six square wrench or screwdriver. The electrode size is different, can process different sizes of broken screws, M3-M50 can.
Q:Can HSS drill bits be drilled into stainless steel?
No, we should use alloy drill bit, drill vertex angle to 135 degrees, you can use the drill grinding machine repair grinding, our company is using Dongguan Muller machine drill grinding machine, grinding effect is good.
Q:What's the difference between a deep hole drill and an ordinary bit?
What's the difference between a deep hole drill and an ordinary bit? Concretely speaking:Deep hole drilling is also called carbide gun drill, and most of the materials used are titanium, cobalt and steel. The deep hole drill is welded together by three parts of a drill stem, a drill rod and a drill bit. There is a through hole in the middle. It is suitable for drilling cast iron, carbon steel, copper, aluminum alloy, alloy steel and so on. The gun drill will complete the drilling, boring and reaming at once, and at one time, the high precision (IT6-8 grade), fine straightness (0.16-0.33mm/1000mm) and low roughness (Ra3.2-Ra0.1) holes can be machined. Its drilling speed of 30-100 meters / min..
Q:The maximum diameter of the hammer is fixed up? How does an electric drill screw in? How big is the drill bit?
Hammer of different sizes have different maximum diameter of the drill bit.
Q:Is the drill fast to feed, easy to break, or slow to feed, easy to break?
The feed is fast, the drill bit is still constant, the feed is fast, the amount of cutting per tooth is large, the cutting force is large, and when it exceeds the strength limit of the drill, the drill will break. Feed too slowly is easy to wear drill bit, because the feed is too slow, cutting edge cutting more times, so easy to wear.
Q:How are the drills classified?
A deep hole drill usually refers to a tool for processing holes in which Kong Shen is larger than the aperture ratio of 6. Commonly used are gun drills, BTA deep hole drilling, jet drilling, DF deep hole drilling, etc.. The casing drill is also used in deep hole machining.
Q:What is the four hole five hole hammer?
Four: refers to the pit slot number is four at the handle of hammer drill hole, two key and two ball groove, used in the four pit on the hammer. This drill is usually used in the medium electric hammer.
Q:How big a drill bit does the M6 screw hole need?
M6 drilling, according to 0.85*6---0.9*6, this is a bit to see what interval selection, but also the rest of the material, and to what degree of precision, such as the country with the more stringent requirements you should check the mechanical manual hole base shaft tolerances, and the material is also related to comparison large, such as electric drill is to use wood to choose a smaller bit.
Q:What kind of drills are commonly used in CNC machining centers?
The drill is usually divided into high speed steel (HSS) and hard alloy (CARBIDE) according to our common material. If the machine spindle accuracy, large power, can use the alloy drill to improve processing efficiency, if considering the cost of the words of high-speed steel is cost-effective, of course, relatively low efficiency, in terms of an alloy drill to increase 1.5-3 times than the efficiency of high-speed steel drill. The advantages of alloy drilling: high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance. Disadvantages: hard and brittle, improper use, prone to fracture.

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