TCT hole saw(Sheet metal) HMTX D.O.C. 5mm

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D.O.C.  5mm
Made of high quality solide carbide tips , reduce the damage of tips , increase the endurance

Assembled with high quality center drill and spring

Exchangeable bodies are available upon request

Carbide tipped cutting edges.

Sturdy construction. Hole saw and arbor in one piece.

Good chip removal.

Longer product life; teeth stay sharp longer.

Exchangeable centering pilot drill.

Smooth cutting provides less vibration.

Unsuitable for percussion-drill operation. Rotary action only.


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Q:What bit is better for drilling 304 stainless steel?
Alloy bit generally refers to the hard alloy bit, divided into integral, welded, indexable inserts and removable head. Generally the whole tungsten alloy drill bit materials, imported and domestic alloy bit is very different. Imported alloy bit usually adopts VHM micro grain hard alloy (ISO K40), the type of ultrafine particles (0.6 m), will take the high-quality alloy bit surface coating, such as chromium aluminum nitride (AlCrN) coating, the coating layer of coating, the thickness of 4 m, the micro hardness is up to 3200HV, the friction coefficient of 0.35 the thermal stability, up to 1100 degrees celsius. After coating, the drill color is bluish gray. After coating, the alloy drill can process low alloy steel and high strength steel. High steel can reach 54HRC.
Q:Hammer can play with an electric drill steel, can you?
The disadvantage is that the vibration is large and has a certain degree of damage to the surrounding structures. The steel bars in concrete structures can not be passed smoothly. They can not be too close to the building because of the scope of work.
Q:What drills do we use to drill jade?
Use of modern ultrasonic drilling machine, the principle of high frequency vibration generated by the ultrasonic wave, the small needle drill under high speed moving, driven by abrasive drilling. Due to the small drill needle does not rotate, just move up and down reciprocating frequency. Therefore, the quality of drilling is very high and the holes are evenly distributed up and down.
Q:Good or good tungsten cobalt steel drill bit.
Tungsten bit high hardness, wear resistance. Suitable for occasions with high hardness, uniform material and no vibration (such as steel and hardened steel). That's the principle.
Q:What drill can be used to break through high strength stainless steel plates?
Diamond bit, absolutely good, it depends on you do not have to use up
Q:How to recognize the quality of twist drills?
General twist drill, a variety of points. It seems to be divided into two major groups. One is pumping out the twist, one is full mill. Now there is a knife bar slotted on top with knife particles. Called fast drilling, this is the high-speed processing of relatively large holes, pumping out the twist drill hardness is not so good, slightly better edge. As long as the mother material is good, the grinding accuracy is high. Now many are using this, relatively speaking, the price is much more expensive.
Q:What are the brands of homemade twist drills?
General twist drill rolling and grinding, high quality grinding, I used, there are good brands in the processing of steel parts on the whole: drill, drill Gongquan full amount, mine drill, drill the Far East
Q:14 what big expansion wire does the drill use?
The size of the bit corresponding to the expansion bolt:Bolt, =M16, drill bit, bolt diameter directlyBolt =M20, in addition to the buried depth of =170mm, take the diameter of 24mm, the diameter of the drill bolt
Q:What is a square hole drill and can be machined square hole?
The three vertices of an equilateral triangle as the center, edge radius at the apex on the side arc, get leelo triangle. As it is easy to prove that the triangle leelo properties, its width is equal to the structural length of the equilateral triangle. The length of the triangle leelo width within the square rotates, each corner of the path traversed basically is a square.
Q:What steel blade drill bit, hardness above 70
A diamond bit is a drill bit for cutting edges. The drill bit is an integral bit, the whole drill bit has no moving parts, the structure is relatively simple, with high strength, high wear resistance and impact resistance, it is one of the three new drilling technologies in the world in 1980s. Field use shows that the diamond bit in the soft - hard strata drilling, have the advantages of high speed, more footage, long service life, stable operation, less accidents, downhole wellbore quality etc.. The diamond bit not only can be used for a long time, but also can be reused. The diamond bit recovered from the factory can be used almost as well as the diamond bit produced by the factory. It can save drilling cost in large amount.

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