TCT annular cutter with parallel DNTJ-5

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D.O.C.  75mm

31.75 Parallel shank for clamping strength and finish . Suitable foe large cutter above Φ61mm
Selected special-purpose carbide tips with multi-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower friction . Reduced damage of tip and improved performance of ships removal
Applicable to hole cutting and process of annular groove on various magneric drills and press


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Q:Hammer can play with an electric drill steel, can you?
The disadvantage is that the vibration is large and has a certain degree of damage to the surrounding structures. The steel bars in concrete structures can not be passed smoothly. They can not be too close to the building because of the scope of work.
Q:How much is an alloy drill bit?
Depends on what size and brand and technical requirements you need. I have no specific answer to that. You want a specific request for me
Q:Tap with 5 taps. How many drills are drilled?
Drilling refers to the use of drills to drill holes in solid material. The drilling work in the exploration work, as well as the auxiliary tools needed for drilling and some emergency measures are described here.
Q:8mm iron expansion bolts with few drilling drill mm?
It's a gross mistake to say 8 mm punching. As with a hammer smashed bolt can not. Strictly speaking, 12 mm bit should be used, but if the expansion bolt is not standard, you need to drill 10 millimeters, then twist the hole, it is best to use caliper to measure the diameter of the bolt and then decide
Q:I'm going to drill 10.5 of the thread. How many holes do I have to drill before tapping? How big is the tap?
In the national standard, the first series of thread sizes are M10 and M12, so the 10.5 corresponds to the M12 thread. Check the screw pitch, diameter, bottom table, check the corresponding M12 bottom 10.25mm.
Q:What is the difference between cobalt titanium alloy drill
Alloy refers to two or more than two kinds of gold content are mixed together to form metal,
Q:How can the gun drill be unloaded?
You have to decide what is the drill or hammer. The drill is to use special wrench with teeth, no special wrench, can this tooth clamping cone drill, with a metal rod inserted in the cone under Kong Zhong, one hand holding forceps, a metal stick, twist, it fell. Hammer, seize the clamp bit press back at the same time, on the other hand, pull forward, will be able to take off.
Q:What drill is used for punching aluminum parts?
The brand of the drill can be imported by YG, Su's and so on. The domestic product can be chosen as a worker or a mine worker.
Q:How do the new pros or cons drill the drill bit without the key?
There are two ways to unload and unload manually:Methods: hand unloading drill drill handle on the ground, pine along the direction of the drill bit to find a hard thing with the hammer hit, the release, remember that it is right to bear left loose, otherwise it will be more and more tightly card.The method of using a card or key to pry it open:(1) card: the electric drill is lifted and the clasp is removed to remove the drill bit;(2) bevel key: remove the bit by pressing the key with an anti clockwise ring, then the drill ring can be taken out.
Q:How big expansion screw does the 6mm bit have?
6mm drills are generally equipped with 5mm expansion screws (the smallest specification).The relationship between the drill bit and the expansion screw is the drill diameter = the expansion screw diameter +2mm. For example, the expansion screw of 6mm shall be opened with 8mm drill bit.

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