TCT annular cutter with universal shank DNTC-3

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D.O.C.  35mm

Universal shank for various magentic drills
Select special-purpose carbide tips with multi-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower friction damage of tips and improved performance of ships removal
Applicable to hole cutting and process of annular groove on various magnetic drills and press


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Q:Deep hole refers to the diameter of drill bits more than times, called deep hole
In machining, the hole with a hole ratio greater than 6 is usually called a deep hole. In deep hole drilling, it is difficult to get rid of heat and chip, and it is easy to bend and vibrate because of the poor rigidity of the drill rod. Cooling and cooling systems are usually used to solve cooling and chip removal problems. The classification of deep hole drilling is divided into two types according to chip arrangement: chip and chip. There are 3 kinds of chip removal drill, deep hole flat drill and deep hole twist drill. The internal chip removal is divided into BTA deep hole drilling, jet drilling and DF deep hole drilling.
Q:The threaded hole M5 general drill big bottom
General drilling screw threads diameter can be directly check the manual or by the following formula:Brittle materials (cast iron, bronze): bore diameter D=d (thread outside diameter) -1.1P (pitch)Plastic material (steel, copper, etc.): drilling hole diameter D=d (L thread diameter) -P (pitch)
Q:What kind of drill is drilled by 40Cr heat treatment with hardness above 40 degrees?
Machining method of high hardness workpieceHigh hardness steel, hard powder metal, super heat resistant alloy and bimetallic material are more and more widely used in industry.
Q:Bit grinding, hair and technical requirements
Factory general grinding drill bit is to drill, drill into the general R type, N type, in fact, a total of four grinding twist drill can drill point: X type, R type, S type, N type, in fact, the little bit into these kinds of significance, we all know the drill bit what is not worth the money, make money on it is the efficiency of above treatment can only guarantee the basic meaning of the drill grinding drill bit, and to want to drill efficiency, to the point of efforts to drill bit is related to efficiency.
Q:How big is the smallest bit?
The smallest bit: the diameter range of the blade 0.5-1.0mm.
Q:What's the difference between a twist drill and an impact drill?
Impact drill is based on the modified twist drill to make it suitable for a variety of operational requirements, the shape can understand it, handle + spiral twist drill is simple, impact drill for spiral handle + + flat head.
Q:What drill holes are used in stainless steel basins?
Crazy, what do you want to do?. If the drill or two eyes, ordinary bits, slow speed can. If you drill it into a sieve, choose a high temperature resistant steel bit. To the hardware store to ask, buy a professional drill stainless steel twist drill, it can save effort point.
Q:What bit is hard, not easy to wear and punch?
Stainless steel drilling bit, not the problem, of course, is not Never mind, is to buy a bottle of vinegar, vinegar, vinegar is vinegar can be, not tried.
Q:What are the differences between a twist drill and a construction drill? Where are they used?
Impact drills operate by rotating and impacting. A single shock is very slight, but a shock frequency of more than 40000 minutes per minute can produce continuous force. Used of natural stones or concrete. When the impact drill works, the drill chuck is provided with an adjusting knob, which can be adjusted in two ways: an ordinary hand drill and an impact drill. But the impact of drilling is the use of internal gear to achieve mutual beat of impact, but the impact is far less than the hammer. It is not suitable for drilling reinforced concrete.
Q:How do we drill a tile with a thickness of 5mm glazed, without a glass bit, only the impact bit? What's up? The brick is attached to the wall!
Of course, drilling ceramic tile with glass bit is time-consuming and laborious, and the advantage of drilling bit is insurance. In the middle of ceramic tile, special ceramic tile drill is recommended. But when drilling, must use ordinary electric drill, can not use the impact function, after drilling through the cement, then use the impact can.

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