TCT annular cutter with FEIN Quick-IN shank DNTF-4

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D.O.C.  50mm

18mm Fein Quick-IN shank . Suitable on Fein Magnetic drills
Selected special-purpose carbide tips with multi-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower friction . Reduced damage of tip and improved performance of ships removal


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Q:What measures can be taken to prevent the bit from breaking?
In drilling, the pressure must not be too great for the drilling hole to avoid breaking the bit. Especially in the hole is drilled, the drill tip has been exposed to the bottom surface, the feed speed must be slowed down, feed pressure must be reduced. In addition, if the drill is not fast, do not force to continue to use, so that the most likely to break the drill bit.
Q:The installation method of the electric hammer drill?
General electric hammer head has a jacket, when the machine is running it is moving along, you put up this set of hammer drop down, then put the drill insert, loosen the coat. There are four grooves on the drill bit, and there are small steel balls in the coat to hold the drill bit
Q:Can HSS drill bits be drilled into stainless steel?
Yes, but it's best to have cobalt high-speed steel bit, but it's better to use a carbide drill. High efficiency and cost performance. We can make stainless steel special drill.
Q:14 what big expansion wire does the drill use?
Different expansion bolts form different drill diameters, and the maximum outer diameter of the bolt can be measured.
Q:How does the CNC lathe drill center to detail?
See the center of the workpiece directly with the naked eye. The spindle stays still and then lets the drill close
Q:What steel blade drill bit, hardness above 60
It is recommended to use steel bit, two hundred to three hundred RPM (8mm below the hole, more than 8mm, and then reduce speed), pay attention to cooling, the amount of feed should not be too large. For reference only, I hope it will help you.
Q:Grinding the drill bit, how can grinding, and the method of quick crash is what ah?
Deviation angle of drill shaft." Here is the relation between the axis of the drill bit and the surface of the wheel. "Frontal angle", that is, the top angle of 118 degrees + 2O half, about 60 degrees, this position is very important, directly affect the drill point size and the main cutting edge shape and cross blade edge angle. Often. One and two refers to the relative position of the drill before sharpening, and the two should take overall consideration, not to set aside the edge of the knife and ignore the angle of setting or to lay the oblique axis and ignore the blade. These errors are often present in actual operations. At this point, the drill is ready for contact with the wheel in place of the correct position.
Q:Is the drill fast to feed, easy to break, or slow to feed, easy to break?
The feed is fast, the drill bit is still constant, the feed is fast, the amount of cutting per tooth is large, the cutting force is large, and when it exceeds the strength limit of the drill, the drill will break. Feed too slowly is easy to wear drill bit, because the feed is too slow, cutting edge cutting more times, so easy to wear.
Q:Can twist drills drill through wall tiles?
To use the electric drill tile or impact drill with drill, drill bit to use glass with water, careful operation, drilling speed from slow growing fast.
Q:What is the difference between cobalt titanium alloy drill
Is coated on the surface of the object by an electroplating method on the outside with a titanium protective layer,An element of the periodic table of cobalt chemical elements, having an atomic number of 27 and an atomic weight of 58.9332

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