TCT annular cutter with FEIN Quick-IN shank DNTF-4

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D.O.C.  50mm

18mm Fein Quick-IN shank . Suitable on Fein Magnetic drills
Selected special-purpose carbide tips with multi-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower friction . Reduced damage of tip and improved performance of ships removal


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Q:What is a two center drill? What's the function?
There are two drill centers, one for passing through the bushing and one for reaming the center of diameter (the center line coincides with the center of the drill string)
Q:How do I take out an electric drill bit
Drill method for removing electric drill:The electric drill upside down on the ground (bit upward), left hand holding down the drill root plastic, the right hand holding the drill bit upward, provided when rotating around a bit can be taken out.
Q:What is the cause of the drilling mud bit?
Operation level factors: drilling speed too fast, not along the spiral drill track sliding down, but on the wall constantly scraping mud cake or cuttings, extremely easy to cause the drill bit balling is not difficult; the Kelly circular reaming bit under pressure or flush, but from the mud cake on the wall down, scraped or will drill bit balling; operation end drill is wrong, if the first start after the turntable, start the pump, will also cause bit balling; drilling in soft stratum, drilling is not uniform.
Q:What's the angle of a standard twist drill?
It is divided into 135 degrees and 118 degrees135 degrees vertex angle is mainly used for more hard workpiece, this design is to improve the positioning of the drill bit accurate (because 135 degrees need to open the back angle), broken cutting fastThe drill with a top angle of 118 degrees is mainly used for soft materials. The purpose is to drill holes and feed quickly. That is to say, drilling speed is very fast
Q:What measures can be taken to prevent the bit from breaking?
I. to drill through, reduce the pressure. Slow down. Two. Drill the bit into a group
Q:Is it OK to drill holes on tiles with an ordinary bit? Will the tiles crack?
But my home is cheap tiles, give you a weapon:I use the impact hammer drill, not too big eyes when drilling, I only through the 6-8 (i.e. 6-8mm diameter) of the eye;
Q:What is the maximum diameter of the drill bit 1500W heavy hammer?
An electric rotary hammer drill with a safety clutch with a pneumatic hammer mechanism. Hammer is the use of compressed gas piston, impact drill bit, need not make much effort, can open 6--100mm in concrete, brick, stone and other hard materials on the hole hammer in the above-mentioned materials on the opening of high efficiency, but it is not a hole in the metal.
Q:I want to be in the stainless steel frame and fixed drill a few screws, with what bit and screw
Requires 4.2 drill bits and 5 by 30 self tapping screws
Q:1.5 of the stainless steel plate to drill 1.2 holes, the drill has broken a lot of roots, what kind of material with a bit better? How much speed, how much feed?
1.2MM drill bit processing stainless steel cutting dosage is recommended as follows:Cutting speed / (m/min) 15 feed f/ (mm/r) 0.05 drill bit helix angle / (degree) 25-35 drill point / (degree) 118-135 high cobalt high speed steel
Q:What is the standard angle of the drill bit?
The standard angle of the drill depends on the material of the drill and the material of the material to be machined. But the most common angle is 118 degrees.

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