TCT hole saw(Thick metal) HTTS-2 D.O.C. 25mm

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D.O.C.  25mm
Made of high quality solide carbide tips , reduce the damage of tips , increase the endurance
Assembled with high quality center drill and spring
Maxium cutting depth of 15mm on solid plate with pistol drill , and 25mm on solid plate with magnetic drills
Shank diameter 10mm for hole saw Φ16mm~34mm , and Shank diameter 13mm for hole saw Φ35mm~100mm


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Q:How else can I take the drill bit off?
In any section along the bar, the flutes are located are diametrically opposed to each other's position in the flat tube, flat tube and two common edge edge in the pipe on both sides of the belt plane (F F) 90 degrees extension, wherein the knife rod has a maximum in the rigid plane. The orientation of the second plane (E E) of the center cutting edge is approximately 90 degrees with respect to the main rigid direction (F F) of the blade plane or the bottom of the cutter bar.
Q:How big are the 7 bits that have worked up?
If 8mm's expansion pipe uses a drill with a diameter of 8mm, if it is a 8mm expansion screw, use a drill with a diameter of 12mm.
Q:How can we change an ordinary drill bit into stainless steel?
I've never heard of it, but it seems to be a high-speed steel drill, and it's not expensive. Why do you charge for that?
Q:What are the tools, drills, and any of the machine tools made of?
According to the material: steel knife (carbon tool steel, alloy) alloy knife, ceramic knife, knife and other boron nitride.In the form of the structure: Forged knife knife, knife clip, welding machine.According to the use of points: cylindrical knife, round knife, thread knife, knife, left and right knife, arc knife
Q:What drill is used in stainless iron drilling?. What color?
The best is to make the stainless steel material of cobalt containing material with high speed steel drill, high-speed steel drill is cobalt containing silver, do not know the landlord of the silver white bit is not high speed steel containing cobalt, if not, you can buy only high speed steel cobaltiferous material drill (also called stainless steel special under the best bit), buy imported, not much of your money, the quality difference is too large domestic drill. Or if not, can change the drill bit Ti, Ti is abrasion resistant, average life is 3 times more than the standard twist drill
Q:What's the maximum available drill bit for an electric drill with a maximum diameter of 10mm?
13mm, there's a three column handle, which is equivalent to reducing the diameter of the chuck and the direction of the drill is large.
Q:How to allocate the electric hammer drill
There may be a problem that the pearl inside the chuck. The drill down, pressure head black chuck, a few more to return a bit range.
Q:Tap is M14-H2, drill with big bit
In practice, the thread material is different, the bottom diameter is different: Iron and steel parts are different, coarse and fine teeth are not the same, the habit of hand tapping and drilling tapping are not the same. Standard pitch M14 thread is 2, so the threaded hole diameter of 12, to select 12.20 pieces of steel, there are two kinds of specifications of fine teeth: a pitch of 1.50 or 1, the corresponding threaded hole diameter is 12.60 and 13.10.
Q:How can the gun drill be unloaded?
Maybe you're using an impact drill. The drill can be taken as follows:1, drill up, hand drilling cap, press down hard, drilling cap down, you can pick off the drill.2, drill upward, in the upper part of the drill cap has a flat iron U shape card, pull down the U shaped card on the cylinder pin, turn to the side of the U shape card, you can pick the drill bit.
Q:What kind of drills are commonly used in CNC machining centers?
Shallow hole drilling: in the processing center use, usually will use indexable shallow hole drilling, that is, with the alloy blade of the drill bit, use this kind of drill, generally require the machine spindle has internal cooling device, otherwise it will reduce processing efficiency.Deep hole drilling: as its name suggests, it is a drill bit used to process deep holes. Its diameter and length are relatively large. Generally, there are 2 guide blades on the side edge.Center drill: used to prevent hole change during drilling and to use when locating holes.Centering bit: a better positioning capability than an ordinary bit, usually used for centering holes or for machining thin plates. The difference between a drill and an ordinary drill is that the method of grinding is different.Drill: drilling reaming drill to drill, no vertex, generally between 0.5-2MM for reaming, reamer used with.

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