TCT hole saw(Thick metal) HTTS-2 D.O.C. 25mm

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D.O.C.  25mm
Made of high quality solide carbide tips , reduce the damage of tips , increase the endurance
Assembled with high quality center drill and spring
Maxium cutting depth of 15mm on solid plate with pistol drill , and 25mm on solid plate with magnetic drills
Shank diameter 10mm for hole saw Φ16mm~34mm , and Shank diameter 13mm for hole saw Φ35mm~100mm


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Q:I'm going to drill 10.5 of the thread. How many holes do I have to drill before tapping? How big is the tap?
Drill 10.5 (should be M12) of the screw holes to drill 10.25mm hole and tapping, tapping with M12 tap.
Q:Electric hammer drill killed what should take down
1, backward extrusion head, drill can be pulled out.2, black down, iron also press down, it came out.3, there may be a problem that the pearl inside the chuck. The drill down, pressure head black chuck, a few more to return a bit range.
Q:Tap with 5 taps. How many drills are drilled?
Generally, a drill with a 4 cm bit.
Q:What drill is used for machining holes with a diameter of 3mm?
It is suitable for drilling when holes with smaller processing diameter and less than 4mm are used. Because the processing of small holes, requiring high spindle speed, while the drill bear a great torque.
Q:What's the difference between full mill and rolling twist drill?
The mill is the whole cutting molding drill, rolling is half full grinding material pressure after a long drill, the above material is less than half, so the hardness will be affected, anyway, the rolling twist drill is not good! Without the use of, respectively, rolling and full grinding, just look at the groove can be, there are obvious texture grinding marks are all grinding, and, conversely, messy, irregular rolling.
Q:Bit grinding, hair and technical requirements
Factory general grinding drill bit is to drill, drill into the general R type, N type, in fact, a total of four grinding twist drill can drill point: X type, R type, S type, N type, in fact, the little bit into these kinds of significance, we all know the drill bit what is not worth the money, make money on it is the efficiency of above treatment can only guarantee the basic meaning of the drill grinding drill bit, and to want to drill efficiency, to the point of efforts to drill bit is related to efficiency.
Q:How much is an alloy drill bit?
This need to see what factors such as specifications and brands affect. 10MM, for example, is about 100 of the average.
Q:Cobalt containing special stainless steel drill bit, 4mm angle, do not move?
What drill, what power, what speed?.Iron and steel complex, hard harder than stainless steel.The drill is to be sharpened.
Q:What drill is drilled on marble
Do not use impact drilling, use an electric drill, and a high-speed steel drill, which is equivalent to grinding a hole in the marble!
Q:What size of drill should we use to drill 10 holes?
The use of impact drill or hammer is generally used with 8MM drill, impact drill or hammer is by shock opening principle, always maintain a bit gap state, the gap is about 2MM, and the 8MM bit size, to meet the size of diameter 10MM! If a drill is used to open holes in wood or other plates, a 10MM drill can be used without the drill bit error...

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