High performance HSS rail cutter DRAX-2

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5000 pc/month

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D.O.C. 25&50mm
Made of super tough high speed steel , superiorly-designed geometry for excellent performance of hole cutting
Supply Φ19.0mm and Φ19.05mm weldom shank
Applicable to hole cutting on hard-cut railtracks with high strength


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Q:Method for processing coolant hole of internal cooling bit
About the processing of the inner cold hole, it depends on the material and the corresponding products. In general, cemented carbide is added to the core when the mold is fixed, and then the core material is different according to the hot melt type.
Q:What's the diameter of the PT3/8 internal thread drill?
Dia 14.3-14.4.PT is the old standard, and it is also written as BSPT. Now the new standard is Rc, the same.
Q:Why is the drill angle 118 degrees?
Standard angle has 118, 120, 130, 135, 140, processing material is different, drill top angle is not the same.
Q:What drill holes are used in stainless steel basins?
The cutting fluid is concentrated with emulsion. Stainless steel is not a high hardness, is a stronger toughness, while processing with some cooling oil drilling.
Q:What are the differences between a twist drill and a construction drill? Where are they used?
A twist drill is a tool for cutting round holes in a workpiece by rotating it in a relatively fixed axis. It is named because of its shape of spiral groove.
Q:Drill hammer type matching specifications
The four can only handle four round hole hammer drill hole, the domestic side Bingsi pit with general electric hammer Bingsi pit bit, round handle can be fitted with but only occasionally use.
Q:What kind of drill is used on the stainless steel countertop?
Stainless steel cabinet table drilling, stainless steel table need to prepare two kinds of drilling tools, a cutting stainless steel, the other is a layer of wood cutting stainless steel, stainless steel and wood cutting are used in cutting machine, electric drill is indispensable, hollow wood also used 3 cm diameter hole.
Q:Twist drill 200mm deep bore, what does the drill grind?
The drill bits can also be opened with a plurality of chipping grooves to narrow the iron filings. Methods and techniques for sharpening the standard twist drills are described
Q:Can twist drills drill through wall tiles?
A drill bit (Drills) is a tool used to drill through holes or blind holes in solid material and to expand existing holes. The commonly used drills are mainly twist drills, flat drills, center drills, deep hole drills and casing drills. Reaming drill and countersink drill is not in solid material drilling, but it is also customary to put them in a bit.
Q:What drill can be used to break through high strength stainless steel plates?
Diamond bit, absolutely good, it depends on you do not have to use up

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