HSS annular cutter(High performance version) DAHK-2

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D.O.C. 25mm
Made of high quality & super tough high speed steel with multi-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower friction to reach better endurance and less breakage . Applicable to hole cutting on hard-cut materials
TiN or TiAlN coating are available upon request
Applicable to hole cutting and process of annular groove on various magneric drills and press , like Alfra , Hougen , Jancy , Euroboor , BDS , Ruko


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Q:How does the CNC lathe drill center to detail?
If the drill, on center is not very high, generally to come to the center point can drill bottom.If it is a center drill or hard alloy drill, the requirement is higher. At this point, the center height of the machine tool holder must be right, the center height is not right, and you are not to the center position
Q:What are the weight specifications of the drill pile when the bridge pile foundation is constructed?
Impact drilling in two main forms, one for earth or soft rock using tubular hammer, one for hard rock is solid hammer, the general hammer is about 4-5t, if you want to increase, you can hammer on the steel bar plus counterweight.
Q:The whole alloy drill often breaks
Drilling with carbide drills is the most afraid of bit feed instability, vibration and pulsation, which is the most likely to break the drill bit. If the drilling is not guaranteed, the cemented carbide bit can be used instead. The body of this drill is made of tool steel material, but only hard alloy material is inserted in the cutting part. The drill will not break the drill even when it is drilling.
Q:What is the cause of the drilling mud bit?
Bit selection factors: hydrophthalmia chip design can not meet the requirements; channel chip angle hindered the smooth out of bottom hole drilling.
Q:Relationship between bit diameter and rotation speed
There are many factors affecting the size of the drill bit and the speed of the drill. Theoretically, the speed of the bit is mainly the linear velocity of the bit, because the diameter of the bit is small and the speed of the bit is low. The diameter of the big drill is big and the line speed is high.
Q:Small bit drilling, drilling machine speed is fast or slow?
The main reason for the large size is the asymmetry of the sides of the drill. Also, do not drill directly with such a large drill. First drill with a small bit, then use a larger bit to expand the hole
Q:What does the cutting depth of the drill mean 3D?
That is, the diameter ratio of the drill, such as 3D, and the diameter of the drill is 20MM, the effective drilling depth is 60MM
Q:304 stainless steel material generally what kind of drill material processing?
Because of the difference in the chemical composition of the two, and make their corrosion resistance is different, ordinary stainless steel is generally not resistant to chemical medium corrosion, and acid resistant steel are generally stainless steel.
Q:Method for processing coolant hole of internal cooling bit
In the western market, there are high-speed steel and powder high-speed steel internal cooling tools, their processing technology is more complex, take the core material, hot pressing, cold drawing, core pulling material, hot spin and spiral way. From product applications, there are drills, taps and reamers for internal cooling.
Q:What bit is hard, not easy to wear and punch?
Stainless steel drilling bit, not the problem, of course, is not Never mind, is to buy a bottle of vinegar, vinegar, vinegar is vinegar can be, not tried.

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