TCT annular cutter with Quick chang shank DNTG-5

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D.O.C.  75mm
25mm Quick-change shank(3 holes) , Suitable on Fein magnetic drills
Selected special-purpose carbide tips with multi-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower friction . Reduced damage of tip and improved performance of ships removal


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Q:How long the hand-held electric hammer drill?
Hammer is portable!Electric hammer drill know there are 1.2 meters, the longest not seen don't know
Q:What does M3x0.5 mean by tapping a drill bit?
That is, the thread with a thread diameter of 3 mm, with a pitch of 0.5 mm.
Q:How big is the screw hole at the back of the torch chuck, Is it a rebound?
Usually around M5 or M6.
Q:How do I take out an electric drill bit
Drill bit: with a key, insert the key into the side hole of the drill sleeve and loosen the bit to remove the bit.
Q:What is the cause of the drilling mud bit?
Engineering Technology: small displacement drilling, can not effectively cleaning the bottom and at the same time, the return speed of drill cuttings in the well, long residence time, adhered to the wall to form a thick mud cake, especially in the upper part of drilling speed is more serious; in soft rock strata, the drilling pressure is too large, or drilling stratum with the drill bit is formed on the surface of direct contact, causing bit balling; long open hole drill is not halfway through the cycle, from the mud cake wall scraping or cuttings are bit balling.
Q:How big are the 8 bits that have worked up?
A drill bit (Drills) is a tool used to drill through holes or blind holes in solid material and to expand existing holes. The commonly used drills are mainly twist drills, flat drills, center drills, deep hole drills and casing drills. Reaming drill and countersink drill is not in solid material drilling, but it is also customary to put them in a bit.
Q:Why is the drill angle 118 degrees?
HSS high speed steel drill bit: vertex angle is generally 118 degrees, sometimes greater than 130 degrees, HM carbide drill bit: vertex angle is generally 140 degrees; straight groove drilling is often 130 degrees, three edge drill is generally 150 degrees.
Q:What is a square hole drill and can be machined square hole?
You can drill through the square hole, but not once.
Q:Deep hole refers to the diameter of drill bits more than times, called deep hole
DF deep hole drilling: this kind of drill absorbs the advantages of BTA deep hole drilling and jet drilling, and uses single pipe, chip removal, pushing and suction to improve the chip removal ability, and can drill holes at the depth of 8 millimeters or more. Gun drills are usually made of high speed steel or hard alloy. Various kinds of inner chip removing deep hole drilling can be welded or mechanically clamped and indexable carbide inserts according to size. The guide block on the deep hole drill has the function of guiding and centering to reduce the deflection of the drill hole and the vibration during cutting. The arrangement of cutter teeth and guide blocks in deep hole drilling mainly considers the balance of radial forces during chip separation and cutting. The cutter body and the drill rod can be welded or square threaded.
Q:What drill is best?
The general drill is HSS high-speed steel, and if a good point is high-speed cobalt containing steel, black should be treated by blackening! Black Brown should be TIALN coated!! This drill is usually not custom-made, at most, take the standard drill bit to make a TIALN coating!!

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