TCT annular cutter with Quick chang shank DNTG-5

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D.O.C.  75mm
25mm Quick-change shank(3 holes) , Suitable on Fein magnetic drills
Selected special-purpose carbide tips with multi-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower friction . Reduced damage of tip and improved performance of ships removal


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Q:How do you get yellow on the surface of the drill bit?
The Yellow above the drill is not baked. It is a kind of coating which is evaporated and ionized by the titanium metal in the high temperature and high vacuum environment. At the same time, the coating is added to the metal surface after the reaction of the reaction gas. It is also called PVD coating.
Q:Drill bit specifications
No, because the diamond drill bit and drill, impact drill bit ordinary regardless of specifications, size and shape are inconsistent, on the one hand can not install the clamping key is no guarantee of safety and accuracy.
Q:What drills are used in stainless steel drilling?
Drilling drills are often used on stainless steel workpieces. Hardened carbide can be made from carbide drills. If conditions permit, we can use super hard high speed steel or ultra-fine Grain Cemented Carbide bit. When drilling, the torque and axial force are large, the chip is easy to bond, difficult to break, and the chip removal is difficult. The work hardening is intensified, the corner of the drill is easy to wear, the drill bit rigidity is poor, and vibration is easy to occur. So the drill grinding chip split groove, grinding chisel to reduce axial force, grinding double angle to improve the radiating conditions.
Q:What's the angle of a standard twist drill?
If the front angle is too small, the bit strength decreases, the deformation increases, the torque increases, and the drill bit breaks easily. Therefore, a reasonable front angle should be sharpened according to the strength and hardness of the workpiece material. The front angle of the standard twist drill is 2 and phi is 118 degrees
Q:The whole alloy drill often breaks
1, choose machinery with better mechanical performance to minimize the unevenness of bit feed.2, fixed firmly machined workpiece, minimize and avoid workpiece vibration, workpiece beating phenomenon.3, the processing of the feed should be stable, slow, slow, remember to act too hastily.4, if all aspects of the existence of factors, can not guarantee smooth drilling, you may wish to use carbide inserts bit. The body of this drill is made of tool steel, except that the cutting parts are inlaid with carbide inserts. The drill bit does not hurt even if there is a certain amount of vibration when drilling. It will not cause the bit to break.
Q:Types of impact drills
There are two types of drill hole two groove round handle (usually produced abroad and anti hammer production abroad is used), four hole square shank (general domestic production of electric hammer used) and five bit six bit long pit, angle etc.. Hope to be of help to you.
Q:I'm going to drill 10.5 of the thread. How many holes do I have to drill before tapping? How big is the tap?
Drill 10.5 (should be M12) of the screw holes to drill 10.25mm hole and tapping, tapping with M12 tap.
Q:What's the maximum available drill bit for an electric drill with a maximum diameter of 10mm?
13mm, there's a three column handle, which is equivalent to reducing the diameter of the chuck and the direction of the drill is large.
Q:What causes the drill bit to break at the end of the hole?
Small bit not used high speed, with small feed amount.A small drill can withstand torque is small, the use of high speed with a small amount of feed, can reduce the small rotating cutting output, so as not to drill to bear large torque.
Q:With what drilling steel
Tungsten steel (hard alloy) with high hardness, strength and toughness, good wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent performance, especially high hardness and wear resistance of it, even at a temperature of 500 DEG C also remained unchanged, at 1000 degrees C still have high hardness.

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