Hot Sale Air Vent Diffuser for Ceiling and Sidewall

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Product Description:

Specification of Air Diffuser


Supplying Air Diffusers 
-Frame Thickness: 1.0mm /0.8mm
-Any Size be customed 
-Powder Coated RAL 9010/9016


Usage of Air Diffuser


The grille is suitable for ceilling  sidewall, soffit or cill mounting and may be used for supply or extract applications. 

Typical installations include offices, shops, hotels and most commercial or industrial buildings.

Available as standard in white polyester powder coat finish. 

Other polyester powder  coat finishes are also available as an option.


Hot Sale Air Vent Diffuser for Ceiling and Sidewall

Hot Sale Air Vent Diffuser for Ceiling and Sidewall

Hot Sale Air Vent Diffuser for Ceiling and Sidewall

Hot Sale Air Vent Diffuser for Ceiling and Sidewall

Hot Sale Air Vent Diffuser for Ceiling and Sidewall

Hot Sale Air Vent Diffuser for Ceiling and Sidewall


FAQ of Air Diffuser:


1, What's size do u have for round type diffuser?

A: We have face size from 150mm to 550mm,neck size from 250mm to 400mm


2, Do u still have other types ?

A: Yes, we have round diffuser/ rectangle diffuser/ linear grilles/ baseboard diffusers,etc


3, What's the most early delivery time?

A: Within 25 days for each 40'fcl


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Q:To warm only part of the room, do not open the room will freeze it?
Winter is not open to warm, the tube is not necessarily frozen. There are three kinds of heat to the ground: boiler, air source host, ground source heat pump host. ① boiler installed indoor, the ice may be very low, this situation can not be frozen ② use of air source, ground source heat pump to provide heat source, the host In the outdoor may be frozen, the two heat sources in the ambient temperature below 3 ℃, will automatically open the antifreeze function switch, the professional installation company will be installed in the system, antifreeze, lower ambient temperature will not appear Icing phenomenon.
Q:Air source heat pump how much money
To see what brand, different brands of the price and quality and do not like the same, recommend you look at Smith and Finney,
Q:What are the equipment for the recirculating aquaculture system and which ones have their own design and production capacity?
Many of the environmental protection has its own design and production capacity
Q:What is the geothermal decoration process?
Process: 1, in the case of the ground flat before the first with about 5MM of benzene board will be all the pavement covered with the ground. 2, in the benzene board covered with a layer of insulation film. 3, in the insulation film laying geothermal tube. Here need to pay attention to, every square meter should be laid around the heat pipe 5M can not have any joints. The spacing between tubes and tubes should be appropriate at 20CM. 4, after the completion of geothermal pipe laying on the top of the hourglass (that is, sand sands save things). 5, finally, in the above with about 1: 5 cement mortar leveling. (Absolutely can not be calendering, otherwise affect the cooling effect. I will not say the first brick) Note: 1, geothermal company's choice. Congratulations, hidden projects do not save, we must choose a qualified, strong, good reputation, professional and strong, rich experience in the construction of geothermal companies, signed a formal contract. This is the decisive condition for ensuring the quality of the project. 2, the choice of geothermal pipe. Do not be confused by the low offer, geothermal pipe quality of the good and bad, a direct impact on the life of geothermal engineering, the choice of good quality underground pipe, floor components (including water separator, valves, filters, etc.). Step back, even if the future quality problems, the pipe manufacturers will have some compensation. 3, the choice of the best parts of the ground are all qualified quality copper parts. Geothermal engineering underground part of each road must be a complete tube, can not take any form of connection In fact, after the cement mortar filled with what pipe is not important (but can not use too rubbish). In fact, when the shop is most afraid of heat resistance (air resistance: that white is the tube in the air). So in the shop when the heat, especially immediately before the backfill must let the workers carefully check the good.
Q:Precipitation of pulverized geothermal cleaning machine
Do not have a lot of community and heating companies are prohibited to use the pulse to wash the heat to hurt the underground pipe joints only allow long and short pressure cleaning machine, but the individual can not buy. Simple section is estimated to be listed soon!
Q:Do you want to stay for a long time?
First of all do not know what type of floor you are using to warm, plumbing or warm, if it is plumbing, then you need to check your pipe, water separator, boiler have to do it again because of prolonged stagnation, boiler components And the valve carbon because of the accumulation of dust is too easy to produce gas holes blocked the problem, for a long time to use the need for professional after-sales staff to carry out cleaning work. Plumbing water separator is also one of the key components, if you stop before the use of the pipeline is not completely ruled out the circulating water, then the water calcium, chlorine and other molecules will be attached to the metal surface, for components and pipes are back Produce corrosion. It is recommended that you do a detailed check before reusing it. As for the warm pipeline recommended to suppress the test and clean up. If you use the electric floor to warm, the problem of water to meet the heat will not occur, but can be carried out one by one room to open the test. Open for about an hour or so, you can detect the normal heating system or not. The wall thermostat can be tested by adjusting the temperature function. There is no complete harm. If you are a northern city, then it is important to note that the effect of low temperature on the circulating water in the tube. If you do not need to open every year then it is recommended to do a year to open the test and water action.
Q:What is the mixing device in the warmth?
2. The use of electric three-way valve cooling water cooling device The advantages of this warm water cooling device is: (1) set with a thermostat and according to changes in water temperature control installed in the high temperature water inlet valve body opening, thus changing High temperature water intake,
Q:What kind of pipe is better to use, which is more used?
Now do warm is basically more PEX tube...
Q:Ground source heat pump and floor to warm which is better point specific advantages and disadvantages
Ground source heat pump and floor heating is not which point is better, ground source heat pump is a form of central air conditioning, indoor fan coil can be heated in winter can be heated in summer, warm is a form of heating, can only provide heating, relative In the ground source heat pump system in winter through the indoor fan coil heat in terms of high comfort. The two can also be combined to create a more comfortable indoor environment.
Q:New to buy a house, construction area of 120 square meters, do not understand to warm, do not know what to warm, how the cost?
The cost is high, 120 square feet, to make warm water price should be around 10,005, the monthly cost in 1000-1200, electricity and warm at around 20,002, the monthly cost 800-1000 ,, just installed before 3- 4 months, costs can even reach 3000, and then slowly down the initial installation fee in accordance equipment you use, is above the domestic price of imported equipment plus 10,000 other half 5--10 years we should overhaul, replacement equipment ,, guard in front of each year to be hungry thirsty budding pole leek blood Christine Ge Mount maintenance costs it 2-3 one thousand, but this kind of thing to warm a different air-conditioning, opened after 1-3 hours the effect to be fully out, so unless go out a couple of weeks, otherwise they can not turn off, to be always open; in short warm high cost of installation and use costs, 300 square feet or less of an area of ​​land is not recommended warm, of course, if your family income is high, the cost of care To warm the effect is much better than the air conditioning, a lot of comfort, really warm like the feeling of spring, must be installed, or recommend water to warm, much better than electricity to warm, and the other equipment, in the house or rough when it is necessary find warm company People came to the site to do the design, there are some cross construction, put before the best house decoration scheme laid down,

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