Gas Boiler For Home Floor Heating System L1P50-B1

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Gas Boiler For Home Floor Heating System L1P50-B1

Model Number: L1P50-B1


1. QS, ISO9001:2008 approve 

2. Microcomputer control 

3. Heating&Hot water 

4. Hot water Prior 

5. Anti-freeze protection

Gas Boiler  For Home Floor Heating System L1P50-B1


Gas Boiler  For Home Floor Heating System L1P50-B1


① why from okorder?

Okorder is a qualified supplier of all kinds of building matierials in China. All products have been showed in Okorder website are under well controlled by okorder QC team.

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Lead time depending on order quanity, The normal order can be deliveried with 3 weeks.

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I was in October 2009 to get the key to the house, small property, but no evidence, on the 3rd floor. At that time the house has been built for two years, when we are a collective decoration. I was renovated in December 2009, was not to warm to suppress, to warm the project to do, at the end of this year when the second floor of the notice received, said his roof leakage, after investigation, confirmed that my family To warm the emergence of a problem, contact the developer, the beginning of the arc 粻 post to save the cheat brother wedge workers did not come over, our property is composed of the village committee, and now I have been paved to the ground, and carpentry has done, Ground to warm, the village committee said to pay part of the money, but not enough of my decoration loss, how should I do? Attached: I am not looking for the decoration company installed, all the renovation projects are looking for the relationship, then the decoration process, there is no damage to the warm 1. I did not suppress the decoration before the warm, I was in the decoration before the obligation to pressure to warm The 2. At that time to do the closure of the test when the second floor has been unable to contact, the current floor to warm this cost and my decoration loss, who should bear? Do I have any responsibility? Who is more responsible? 3. At present, the cost of compensation for the village committee, even the normal pavement money do not come down, how can I do? 4. If the lawsuit, I was the one which side? More...
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Q:What is the service life of the air source heat pump water heating system?
Air source heat pump water to warm the general service life of up to 50 years or so, but if in daily life without reasonable use, will certainly cause water to warm the service life is shortened, so we use water to warm when appropriate to use, and do not forget The water to warm the corresponding maintenance. Carry out the necessary periodic inspection of water to warm the system mainly by the insulation facilities, sub-catchment, geothermal system, pipeline valves, backfill concrete composition. Among them, the sub-catchment has shunt, collecting, constant pressure, exhaust and so on. Therefore, the sub-catchment installed directly affects the quality of the project and the quality of heating. Scale, material, installation and other factors will affect the role of the water separator, if the above factors are not well resolved, there will be leakage, the pipeline longitudinal cracking, valve off and so on. These phenomena often appear in the upper and lower bar of the water divider interface, the angle valve and the main bar connection, the angle valve handle, and the exhaust valve at the top and the root. This phenomenon will generally occur in the water to warm the system used a year or two later. Therefore, the water to warm the system in the use of a year or two later, the user in their daily lives should pay attention to regularly check their own water to warm the system to prevent such phenomena in time to produce. Check the method can follow the "one look, two screw, three pull" principle
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