Digital Thermostat For Floor Heating System

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16A Program Digital Thermostat: 


1.Touch screen 

2.Weekly program 

3.RS-485, Modbus(optional)

Digital Thermostat  For Floor Heating  System


Digital Thermostat  For Floor Heating  System


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Q:What is the service life of the air source heat pump water heating system?
General air to heat pump life to how to set, which is the core component of the compressor, the compressor life is generally 10 to 15 years, the use of properly to 20 years is also some, indoor pipeline at least 20 to 30 years, 50 years is also possible. As for the water to warm the system is to see the pipeline there are some accessories selection, good pipe 50 years no problem. Air energy units recommend the use of intimate PHNIX, most of the unit accessories are high-quality imported accessories, the service life is relatively long.
Q:Electricity to warm and water to warm contrast
Before the water is warm, it is electric to warm. The first is because the gas costs continue to rise, and electricity began to appear electricity peak and trough, the second is because the water can not be closed after the warm, can not be laid single room, and now warm home warm, warm floor, According to the time, the district of different ways of the switch, power consumption is also low, so what is better and worse than the factory to determine Yao Deng witnessed super cunning, landlord should understand....
Q:What is the difference between a warm water and a water separator?
The role of the water separator is the heat source of hot water separately into each side of the ground radiation heating pipe laying, to achieve sub-room heating and temperature adjustment purposes. The sump is a combination of low temperature water in each way after the heat dissipation is separated and fixed to the wall or the ground. The manifold and the sump are made up of supervisors, shunting valves and joints, exhaust valves, drain valves, and terminal plugs. The use of sub-catchers effectively avoid the loopholes in water management, centralized installation, management of water meters, and with single-tube multi-channel.
Q:What are the structural materials for the heating of household boilers?
Insulated material of water and electricity separation of ceramic electric heating pipe
Q:My home renovation of the old house, ready to floor warm, plan to sand layer destroyed, about 3cm
You simply do not have a solution, who would dare to pour the body? 2 cm high 2 cm high bar, do not do the top of the ceiling with a color mirror with a color bar to do the shape, allowing the shelves to look like a trap,
Q:What is the composition of the heating system?
1, boiler: heating and provide hot water device. At present, the general use of gas-strong row of boiler. 2, sub-catchment: the hot water assigned to the need for heating areas, divided into manual and automatic two. (Installed do not sub-water collector) 3, the cooling device is: a heat transfer of hot water to distribute, to achieve the heating needs of the device. At present, there are two common forms of radiator, low-temperature floor radiant heating (referred to to warm) two forms; also wall warm. 4, temperature control system: A, boiler linkage thermostat: According to the indoor temperature control of the automatic operation of the boiler, at the same time with programming timer switch function. Can not be achieved sub-room temperature control. B, sub-catcher linkage thermostat: According to the indoor temperature, control sub-collector on the electric actuator switch to reach the temperature of each heating area. (Generally used to warm) C, automatic thermostatic valve: According to the temperature control valve set temperature, automatically adjust the size of the water flow within the radiator to achieve the temperature of the device. (Generally used for radiator heating) A and B above two products in principle can not be used at the same time.
Q:1200 square meters of villas need much electric heating stove
Three kilowatts
Q:Electric heating, is buried or how, how to do the big wire
Look at how much power you use for the heating stove
Q:Heat pump air conditioning principle:
Heat pump air conditioning principle:...
Q:Ground source heat pump and floor to warm which is better point specific advantages and disadvantages
Ground source heat pump and floor to warm which is better point specific advantages and disadvantages...

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