Heat Insulatiion Film for Floor Heating System

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aluminum foil EPE/XPE foam insulation with fireproof


1.99.9% pure Aluminum Foil 

2.Reflect 97% of heat radiation 

3.Non-toxic& Non-carcinogenic 

4.Durable and lightweight


1)     Roof, wall, floor for heat insulation and thermal insulation;

2)     Use as floor mat: soundproof, anti-skidding, moistureproof, thermal retardation;

3)     Underlayment for real wood floor, laminate floor;

4)     Major materials for baby mat, leisure mat, etc;


Heat Insulatiion Film for  Floor Heating  System


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Lead time depending on order quanity, The normal order can be deliveried with 3 weeks.

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Q:Steam heating system,affecting the two parts of the radiator heating effect?
Heating the two steam sources should be the pressure difference is not (all low-pressure steam, not suitable for more than 0.4MPa steam direct heating), the proposed use of unit hydrophobic, trap two hydrophobic pipe can be connected together. Even if the same heat source, in order to ensure the use of the effect of helium power Jiabo Huang Feng Wei Fu fruit, do not recommend multiple groups of radiators share a trap.
Q:Home old house want to install to warm how to do?
The old house to warm the way of heating must be part of the height of the floor to install the company to lay the ground to reduce the general level of 6-8cm. For many old houses only 2.5m layer height, the impact is still relatively large. Modified to warm is not the best way to heat, and to warm the laying of concrete will be filled with a direct increase in the construction of the ground load. Usually in the area per square meter to increase the weight of about 120kg, so the old room to install the ground to consider the load capacity of the ground. The components of the warm system look very simple, only a simple combination of pipes, sinks / separators, but in fact it contains complex techniques. For the warm design has a very detailed requirements, and in the actual design, a lot of warm installation companies are directly follow the original design. Such a result will be very easy to cause the room temperature uneven situation, laying the program unreasonable easily lead to the use of poor user results. So the old house to install warm, be sure to find the strength of a dedicated designer and their own construction team to install the company to the formal. There is a dry shop to warm, is the direct shop module, and then to warm the tube in the module card slot, the top of the shop directly on the floor, but relatively rare.
Q:What kind of equipment is the protection of the fan coil in the ground source heat pump?
Ground source heat pump systems are durable and highly reliable. Contains less mechanical parts, and all mechanical parts are not buried in the ground is installed inside the house, which makes the equipment from external damage. Underground buried pipeline has 50 years of service life. Ground source heat pump system is very quiet, so that the environment inside and outside the house are very pleasant. Ground source heat pump system is no noisy fan equipment, whether in the courtyard or near the courtyard, will not affect the outdoor activities. Ground source heat pump system is safe and reliable. Since no instruments are exposed to the outdoors, children or pets are protected from damage and damage to external equipment. Ground source heat pump systems do not have open flames, flammable fuels or potentially hazardous fuel storage tanks. Plumbing geothermal is closed through the water under the floor of the cycle to the temperature of hot water to increase the temperature of the indoor temperature, do not close the doors and windows, and the head of hot head in line with human health, the body is very comfortable.
Q:Solar water heating system energy-saving projects in what energy-saving sub-item, heating energy-saving projects Well?
You are registered or heating works basically useless
Q:Collective heating, and their own to change the use of heating valve installed
Heating film to warm the best installed to prevent the temperature is too high, damage to the warm system, affecting the service life.
Q:What is the role of heating water tank?
Is your home now being renovated? There are fewer people who are interested in heating the water tank. In fact, I think you know about it just fine. Heating tank is the expansion of the water tank, hot water heating system and central air conditioning system is an important component, its role is to accommodate and compensate for the system of water swelling. In the entire water system by adding expansion tank, when the water swells into the water tank, and will not pipe or mechanical burst. Expansion of the water tank in advance into the water, water shortage when the expansion tank can also play the role of water. I think the expansion of the water tank is generally set at the highest point of the system, usually connected to the circulating pump (central air conditioning chilled water circulating pump) near the suction pipe on the water pipe. Playing so many words, hands are sour, and hope to get pro approval, pro approval will become my greatest motivation.
Q:Do you want to stay for a long time?
First of all do not know what type of floor you are using to warm, plumbing or warm, if it is plumbing, then you need to check your pipe, water separator, boiler have to do it again because of prolonged stagnation, boiler components And the valve carbon because of the accumulation of dust is too easy to produce gas holes blocked the problem, for a long time to use the need for professional after-sales staff to carry out cleaning work. Plumbing water separator is also one of the key components, if you stop before the use of the pipeline is not completely ruled out the circulating water, then the water calcium, chlorine and other molecules will be attached to the metal surface, for components and pipes are back Produce corrosion. It is recommended that you do a detailed check before reusing it. As for the warm pipeline recommended to suppress the test and clean up. If you use the electric floor to warm, the problem of water to meet the heat will not occur, but can be carried out one by one room to open the test. Open for about an hour or so, you can detect the normal heating system or not. The wall thermostat can be tested by adjusting the temperature function. There is no complete harm. If you are a northern city, then it is important to note that the effect of low temperature on the circulating water in the tube. If you do not need to open every year then it is recommended to do a year to open the test and water action.
Q:Carbon crystal to warm the use of it, what advantages and disadvantages is ah
Really very costly, do not use, my family 75 flat monthly electricity bills should be more than a thousand, I hope we will not be 忽悠.
Q:120 square meters installed Bosch to warm about how much money?
First 120 square meters is the construction area or your actual heating area? Bosch is the German Bosch boiler, it is to warm the heating system to provide heat source equipment, Germany Bosch has a different series and power models, which need to be decided to choose according to your economic needs, but also according to Your actual heating area demand configuration power model. General building area of 120 square meters to do warm heating area between - between the cost difference is based on your choice of equipment brands and materials floating up and down the other. Germany Bosch is a well-known brands, especially power tools Known all over the world.
Q:Gas boiler hanging water valve bad, how to pay the furnace.
There is a way, you can connect the water pipes and heating pipes can be a

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