linear bar ceiling air diffuser for air fresh

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Product Description:

Specification of Air Diffuser


Supplying Air Diffusers 
-Frame Thickness: 1.0mm /0.8mm
-Any Size be customed 
-Powder Coated RAL 9010/9016


Usage of Air Diffuser


The grille is suitable for ceilling  sidewall, soffit or cill mounting and may be used for supply or extract applications. 

Typical installations include offices, shops, hotels and most commercial or industrial buildings.

Available as standard in white polyester powder coat finish. 

Other polyester powder  coat finishes are also available as an option.


linear bar ceiling air diffuser for air fresh

linear bar ceiling air diffuser for air fresh

linear bar ceiling air diffuser for air fresh

linear bar ceiling air diffuser for air fresh

linear bar ceiling air diffuser for air fresh

linear bar ceiling air diffuser for air fresh


FAQ of Air Diffuser:


1, What's size do u have for round type diffuser?

A: We have face size from 150mm to 550mm,neck size from 250mm to 400mm


2, Do u still have other types ?

A: Yes, we have round diffuser/ rectangle diffuser/ linear grilles/ baseboard diffusers,etc


3, What's the most early delivery time?

A: Within 25 days for each 40'fcl


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Q:Radiator parallel system how to take pictures
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Or to warm good, do not take up space, no mess of the pipeline. Cooling area, long life If you are doing their own soil heating, or warm, since the heating is a natural cycle, hang warm in the installation of the time to get rid of waste burning mud palm Feng Shafei extreme slope, the water will be better circulation. To warm the words must be added to the circulating pump.
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Install a smart lock valve on each user's return pipe
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Any boiler before starting the machine to pay the water to see if the water pressure gauge pointer is between 1 - 1.5bar. If the water pressure in the above range, open the gas pipe valve, power on, set the machine in the winter position, set the heating temperature, usually the upper limit of the floor heating temperature can be set to 55- -60 degrees Celsius, radiator heating up to 75-85 degrees Celsius (if the radiator is not anti-hot protection, it is best to set the temperature a little lower). After normal ignition do not have to ignore it. Bath: see the water pressure gauge pressure is normal, open the gas valve, power on, set the machine in the summer position (if it is winter, that is set in the winter position), the hot water temperature is set at 42-45 degrees Celsius Between, open the hot water head, until the water temperature is appropriate and stable after you can start bathing. Antifreeze: water pressure gauge pressure is normal, the machine power plug (do not boot), the gas path open (must ensure that the gas source) can be. The above operation applies to Faroe, Haas, Ariston, Bosch, Squirrel, Beretta and other brands of boiler
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PERTII-type oxygen to warm the pipe has been popular in foreign countries, the domestic pe-rtII oxygen to warm the current tube is still the ranks of high-end heating pipe, slowly will be popular; pertII oxygen to a good solution to solve the problem of oxygen permeation To warm the system in the installation and use of metal components to meet, such as valves and other metal parts, the general pert to warm the plastic and other plastic bite the body of the abundance of the agent by the ax of the hot water circulation process metal parts can easily be corroded, This will be detrimental to pe-rt to the long-term use of the warm-pipe system, the new pertII oxygen to warm the tube to solve this problem, so that the heating system to greatly improve the life of the heating system to ensure that the pe-rtII to warm the system safe use 50 Years or more.
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Generally can see how you design a heating
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First carbon crystal to warm the system is the full name of "carbon crystal ground low temperature radiation heating system" carbon crystal floor heating system is a carbon crystal heating plate as the main heating components and developed a new type of ground low temperature radiation heating system. Carbon crystal to warm the system to take full advantage of the carbon crystal plate excellent surface heating characteristics, heating the whole (flat) surface temperature, continuous for the pavement map warm, the ground heat balance effect is good. To overcome the traditional warm product heating is not continuous, poor heat balance effect of the disadvantages. It is the best alternative to air-conditioning heating equipment and traditional boiler floor heating equipment. The environmental protection and energy saving price is low, and the installation is convenient and fast. It is the outstanding application of hi-tech in the field of civilian products. So in the above, the tiles are the best choice. The best choice of the brand, a little better, radioactive little. Tiles are good heat dissipation. The small radioactivity is the best match.

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