Plastic Hot Water Pipe for Floor Heating System

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platic pipe for hot water floor heating Pe-rt pipe 



1. Good thermal stability and long-term pressure resistance performance;

 2.Excellent processing performance;

 3.Good flexibility and easy for construction;

 4.Good anti-wallop performance and high safety;

 5.It can be connected by thermal fusion and easy for installation and maintenance;

 6.With high performance-price ratio



2.standard:ASTM F1281 

3.our pipes for hot water,cold water,gas , special fluid. 

4. The pex-al-pex pipe is composed of one aluminum layer, two layers of the same polymeric   

   adhensive and two layers of the same crosslinked polyethylene.

5.Aluminum  10-5 aluminum material the mini.elongations rate is 20% and ultimate tensile  strengths is 100Mpa (14600psi).

6.Gel content test ≥65%

Plastic Hot Water Pipe for Floor Heating  System


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Okorder is a qualified supplier of all kinds of building matierials in China. All products have been showed in Okorder website are under well controlled by okorder QC team.

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Lead time depending on order quanity, The normal order can be deliveried with 3 weeks.

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Q:Home old house want to install to warm how to do?
The old house to warm the way of heating must be part of the height of the floor to install the company to lay the ground to reduce the general level of 6-8cm. For many old houses only 2.5m layer height, the impact is still relatively large. Modified to warm is not the best way to heat, and to warm the laying of concrete will be filled with a direct increase in the construction of the ground load. Usually in the area per square meter to increase the weight of about 120kg, so the old room to install the ground to consider the load capacity of the ground. The components of the warm system look very simple, only a simple combination of pipes, sinks / separators, but in fact it contains complex techniques. For the warm design has a very detailed requirements, and in the actual design, a lot of warm installation companies are directly follow the original design. Such a result will be very easy to cause the room temperature uneven situation, laying the program unreasonable easily lead to the use of poor user results. So the old house to install warm, be sure to find the strength of a dedicated designer and their own construction team to install the company to the formal. There is a dry shop to warm, is the direct shop module, and then to warm the tube in the module card slot, the top of the shop directly on the floor, but relatively rare.
Q:To warm only part of the room, do not open the room will freeze it?
Winter is not open to warm, the tube is not necessarily frozen. There are three kinds of heat to the ground: boiler, air source host, ground source heat pump host. ① boiler installed indoor, the ice may be very low, this situation can not be frozen ② use of air source, ground source heat pump to provide heat source, the host In the outdoor may be frozen, the two heat sources in the ambient temperature below 3 ℃, will automatically open the antifreeze function switch, the professional installation company will be installed in the system, antifreeze, lower ambient temperature will not appear Icing phenomenon.
Q:Silicon crystal floor heating is not very expensive to use it
Huating sun crystal silicon heating to warm uniform, can quickly reach the human body comfortable temperature, giving a warm sense from top to bottom. Silicon crystal heating than the same year heat efficiency than similar products, running pollution-free emissions. The main components for the temperature controller, thermostat through the induction room temperature, automatic temperature operation, the heating temperature of the reasonable settings can greatly improve the system's effective work efficiency and reduce energy consumption, so compared to the sun, Relatively cheap.
Q:Maintenance of gas boiler
I'll help you answer. 1, your home has been using the boiler, not off this will not have any problems. 2, radiator pipe is not leaking, but the pipeline pressure drop, it may be other parts of the system there are problems, otherwise the pressure will not be separated by three poor decline. Under normal circumstances, to maintain the wall pressure on the top of the pressure display is 1-1.5bar, below this pressure to pay water pressure. The pressure to your home often decline, they can not find the reason, I suggest you find a boiler after the sale to see you, the problem in time to solve.
Q:How to choose the wall heater
There is no difference between the use of the boiler and the radiator. Mainly to choose the brand, good reputation of the dealer, and experienced installation staff.
Q:110 level two-story to warm the boiler heating and living hot water with much model
The standard fireplace on it
Q:What is the best brand on the market now?
Now on the market plumbing and heating that kind of better? They later the energy that high ah? Later to maintain that more? More...
Q:Is not to warm the total valve opened on the line, do not control the room valve
The room needs to be heated when the valve is opened and can be closed without heating.
Q:Solar water heater mixing valve pressure balance
You can choose a thermostatic valve
Q:Carbon crystal wall warm shortcomings?
Carbon crystal wall warm advantages: carbon crystal wall warm a lot of advantages, heating effect is very good, it is relatively cool to reflect the user are also good. My home improvement is tile tile wall warm, really warm. The advantage is the room is not dry, more power, relatively clean, easy to control, decorative effect Ye Hao. Disadvantages: it is false, carbon fiber is also carbon crystal paper is also said that carbon crystal, my friend's home furnishings what the small power of the wall warm, very cheap to sell when, but hides the table The year is not hot, the temperature is not up, the election wall warm quality is very critical, after all, is to use for a long time, can not covet a moment of cheap to buy garbage things ~ ~

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