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Special Shaped Graphite products are used in various industrails,including graphite crucible and graphite seal

Special Shaped Graphite products are used in various industries.it can be used as sealing in machinery as carbon graphite material, such as the quiet ring or the moving ring, doctorblade, piston-ring, sealing expansionring and the raw materias.

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Q:What is the main function of graphite?
Wear resistant materials: graphite is often used as a lubricant in the mechanical industry. Lubricants can not be used in high speed, high temperature, high pressure conditions, and graphite wear-resistant materials can be at 200~2000 degrees Celsius temperature in a high sliding speed, without lubricating oil work. Many devices for conveying corrosive media are made of graphite materials, piston cups, seals and bearings. They do not need to be lubricated when running. Graphite is many metal processing (drawing, drawing) the good lubricant.
Q:Is the heat conductivity of the crucible good for graphite or iron?
Purely from thermal conductivity, it must be graphite good. Graphite crucible in addition to resistance to fall, short life, all the performance is good.
Q:What material can be used to build a furnace for intermediate frequency melting of aluminium bronze?
Melting copper bronze can be generally used graphite crucible, more expensive, can also be used in conjunction with quartz sand, tying their own knot, drying after use.
Q:Can sintering rare earth fluorides be made of corundum crucibles?
The main material of the graphite crucible is crystalline natural graphite. Therefore, it keeps all kinds of physical and chemical characteristics of natural graphite.That is: good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, in the process of high temperature use, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small, and has a certain strain resistance to hot and cold. The corrosion resistance of acid and alkaline solution is strong, and it has good chemical stability.
Q:Can I add a graphite furnace to the East and West aa-7002?
Atomizer with different flame atomizer consists of three parts: atomizer, premixing chamber and burner. Features: easy operation and good reproducibility.
Q:Disadvantages of graphite crucibles
Single crystal furnace graphite crucible defects: relatively high prices, easy to wear, the general service life of about 40 stoves
Q:Why do laboratory crucibles use ceramics instead of glass?
Because the glass has a softening temperature, and the temperature is below 1000 DEG C, therefore, made of glass crucible at high temperature when the heating crucible may be softening deformation, and the glass crucible should not contact with alkaline substances.
Q:When decomposing iron ore, why should it be carried out at low temperature?
The commonly used acid decomposition method is as follows:(1) hydrochloric acid decomposition of iron ore can generally be heated by hydrochloric acid decomposition, iron silicate soluble in hydrochloric acid, can add a little hydrofluoric acid or ammonium fluoride, the sample is completely decomposed. The dissolution rate of magnetite is very slow, add a few drops of stannous chloride solution, the decomposition speed is.(2) sulfuric acid hydrofluoric acid decomposition sample, in the platinum crucible and the plastic crucible, adds 1:1 sulfuric acid 10 drops, hydrofluoric acid 4-5ml, the low temperature heats up, when will emit three oxidation two sulfur white smoke, extracts with hydrochloric acid.(3) when sulfuric acid or sulfur phosphorus mixed acid (1:2) dissolves, the ore needs to be heated until the water is completely evaporated, and the white smoke of three sulfur trioxide is added, and then heated for several minutes. But the heating time should not be too long to prevent the formation of pyrophosphate.
Q:How about the water content of Zinc Oxide in indirect method?
The indirect method with zinc ingots as raw material, zinc in high temperature graphite crucible at 1000 DEG C converted to zinc vapor, air oxidation of Zinc Oxide before being fed into, and Zinc Oxide collected particles in the cooling tube.
Q:How should CPP aluminium plating film be produced?. Is the vacuum aluminizing machine necessary? How much is the machine?. What material does CPP aluminum plating film need?.
CPP film is aluminum barrier films by vacuum aluminum plating process will be a thin layer of aluminum atoms accumulated to CPP film formed on the casting quality, with metal luster bright, excellent gas and light resistance and good moisture, light, can use the advantages of replacing aluminum foil.
Our products are sold all over the country, and exported to America, Germany, Spain, India, Japan and Korea. Besides, we have strict management and advanced production technology. We promise we will win more clients and a larger market with honest commercial credit, high quality of products, competitive price and good service.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Inner Mongolia,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2006
Annual Output Value US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Main Markets 7.14% North America
7.14% South America
7.14% Eastern Europe
7.14% Southeast Asia
7.14% Africa
7.14% Oceania
7.14% Mid East
7.14% Eastern Asia
7.14% Western Europe
7.14% Central America
7.14% Northern Europe
7.14% Southern Europe
7.14% South Asia
7.14% Domestic Market
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Nearest Port Xingang,Tianjin
Export Percentage 31% - 40%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 21-50 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 1,000-3,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 7
Contract Manufacturing 1,000-3,000 square meters
Product Price Range Low and/or Average