30 oz Kerr Graphite Crucible

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Graphite Crucible with 30 oz/1kg melting capacity which could fit Kerr electro melt oven to melting gold, silver, copper.,etc.

Graphite Crucible 1 Kilo, Fits Kerr Electric Auto Furnace

Item Description
  • Graphite Crucible 1 Kilo, Fits Electric Auto Furnace.
  • This is a new Graphite Crucible designed for the Hand held Melting Furnace.
  • Can be used for all metal types, like gold ,silver,copper etc.
  • This model has the groove in the top for the wire type crucible tongs.
  • Measurements :
  • Top outside diameter (mm) : 57mm
  • Top inside diameter (mm) : 43 mm
  • Height with the top (mm) : 125.9mm

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Q:Who knows the method for determining the total iron content in iron ore?
Iron is one of the most widely distributed metal elements in the earth, with an average content of 5% in the earth's crust and fourth after oxygen, silicon and aluminum in the element abundances. Iron minerals in nature are known to have 300 kinds, but in the current technical conditions, with industrial utilization value is mainly magnetite (iron containing 72.4% Fe3O4 (Fe2O3), hematite iron containing 70% (FeCO3) and siderite iron containing 48.2% (Fe2O3 / nH2O), limonite iron containing 48% ~ 62.9%).
Q:Corundum crucible and graphite crucibleSome enterprises use graphite crucibles in vacuum furnaces, while some larger ones use corundum crucibles. What I want to know is the advantages and disadvantages of corundum crucibles and graphite crucibles
Graphite crucible is a high temperature resistant and difficult to sinter material. But the biggest problem must be used in vacuum or reducing atmosphere. Otherwise, graphite is easily oxidized at high temperature. Moreover, this crucible is more expensive
Q:Graphite grinding out of soy milk foam, how to foam?
Don't skim it. Cook it over a little fire and you'll disappear!The soya bean milk machine is equipped with a strainer, and you can throw it away when you pour it out.Graphite graphite products - graphite processing - graphite crucible - Graphite tableware for you to answer.
Q:What is graphite?
Graphite is a carbon crystal, is a non-metallic materials, color silver gray, soft, with a metallic luster. Mohs hardness is 1~2, specific gravity 2.2~2.3, and its bulk density is generally 1.5~1.8.The high melting point of graphite, trend began to soften under vacuum to 3000 DEG C when the melting state, up to 3600 degrees Celsius began when the evaporation of graphite sublimation, the general strength of materials under high temperature gradually decreased, while the graphite in the heating to 2000 DEG C, rather than the room temperature strength is doubled, but the oxidation resistance of graphite poor performance with temperature increased oxidation rate increased.Graphite has a fairly high thermal conductivity and conductivity, its conductivity is 4 times higher than stainless steel, 2 times higher than carbon steel, 100 times higher than ordinary non-metallic. Its thermal conductivity is not only more than steel, iron, lead and other metal materials, and with the rise in temperature, thermal conductivity decreases, which is different from the general metal materials, at very high temperatures, graphite and even tend to adiabatic state. Therefore, the heat insulation properties of graphite are very reliable under ultra high temperature.
Q:What can replace a graphite crucible?
Installation of crucible:1. The crucible base (crucible station) requires the same crucible bottom diameter or greater height of the crucible platform to prevent fire from spraying into the crater above the crucible.2. Using refractory bricks, the crucible station shall be a round brick, flat without bending, and shall not be made of brick or semi - uniformly, preferably imported graphite crucibles.3. The unit is placed in a crucible melting, melting of the solution in the center, the coke powder, made of ash or refractory cotton mat, in order to avoid the crucible and crucible Taiwan rod, erected after the crucible, need to melt and the need for the central level (highest level ruler).4. The size of the crucible and furnace fit, the distance between the crucible and the molten wall, shall be suitable for at least 40mm.5. When the furnace crucible is installed, the gap in the gap below the contact brick, the crucible should be set aside about 30-50MM dollars gap, not the bottom pad, things, mouth and smooth cotton, refractory material, furnace wall. Requires a fixed furnace wall, refractory bricks, thermal expansion, space heating after the required corrugated cardboard, 3mm thick pad crucible.
Q:What are the uses of graphite crucibles?
Used in automotive, electronic and new material industries, graphite crucibles are hot containers for melting and containing non-ferrous metals and new materials.
Q:Graphite can react with alkali in high temperature
Graphite can react with alkali in high temperatureThe chemical properties of graphite are very stable at room temperature and do not react with acids, bases and other substances.
Q:Is the yellow metal in the graphite rock gold?
It would be more convenient if we could find the touchstone. From the proportion can be simply measured, the proportion of gold is very large.
Q:Can the medium frequency furnace be made of silicon carbide crucible?
Unable. The principle of the medium frequency furnace heating is that the magnetic metal material is used to experience the rapid alternating magnetic field produced by the electromagnetic induction coil, and the vortex effect caused by the limited fast oscillation of the magnetic domain body of the magnetic field is generated, and the high temperature heating is generated.
Q:Graphite crucible heat resistance, then graphite crucible can ignite? Charcoal is mainly composed of graphite, why charcoal can be ignited?
Is not the same as the graphite crystal transition in carbon charcoal, but amorphous carbon, no C-C covalent bond. Charcoal ignition point is 320-370 DEG C, the general fire than the high temperature, so the charcoal can be ignited.
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