High Quality Manual Ball Valve Stainless Stee Ball Valve

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The appearance is beautiful.
Material conform to the standard.
Every size produce according to the standard.


1. CF8M/CF8,SS316/SS04,1.4408/1.4301

2. Carbon Steel Ball Valve,with threaded ends ,BSPT,NPT .
3. Applicable media: Water Oil ,Steam, Nitric acid, Acetic acid.
4. Nominal pressure: 1.6. 2.5. 4.0. 6.4Mpa
5. Main size: 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1" 1-1/4" 1-1/2"2" 2-1/2" 3" 4"
6. Materials of main parts:
7. Valve body: WCB ,CF8, CF8M
8. Stem: 304 316
9. BALL: 304 316
10. Packing: PTFE.
11. Sealing: PTFE

3.Trade Terms

Payment:T/T,30% deposit;70% balance before shipment.


Drinking Water Plants

Industrial Water Treatment Plant

Water Softener & Purifier

Water Treatment Plants

Filtration and Sedimentation Units

Flower water treatment

Solar energy water treatment system

Boiler water treatment system

Swimming Pool Filtration Plant, etc.


5.Why Choose us?

1.We are a factory who focus on produce valves for 20years.

   Adhere To Quality Is Our Belief.

2.All valves  according the drawings to produce and 100% pressure testing,100% material inspection.

3.We use ERP system to improve the work efficiency.


High Quality Manual Ball Valve Stainless Stee Ball Valve

High Quality Manual Ball Valve Stainless Stee Ball Valve

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Q:Need flush valve for design project.?
This is an interesting problem. I suggest you study the action of a toilet flush mechanism. Don't have the flapper on the outside, have it on the inside at the bottom of the column, in a small chamber. Use a flapper of very light material, such as a ping-pong ball, which will float on almost no water. (You don't say how fast the column has to drain.) A thought just occured - if the flapper were actually a floating ball, you could pull it up from above, and it would rise to the surface, then follow the water level down, and close it when empty with only a trace of water remaining. I can think of no simpler way to accomplish this challange. Good luck with the project.
Q:01 civic valve question?
1.7 SOHC VTEC? I thought that used hydraulic lifters with the small flat plates under the lobes like a subaru or the DOHC older style hondas no? Otherwise i've never adjusted those valves unless they are the same as my old engine like a 1.6 SOHV ---V for valves Where you adjust the top screw and loosen the nut then adjust with the guage. Question are you useing the manual while adjusting from Honda? You can't just take the valve cover off and start sticking the feeler guage at every spot, Do know where each piston is at and at what stroke? also don't get the adjustment wrong for EX. and IN. side because that will just mess everything up even more. Is it high mileage also? and if you know you did it right and it still sounds loud you might have a bent valve or just engine damage like piston slap or something else. I've never had to adjust the valves for that vehicle in all the years i've worked on hondas or acuras, even though they say to adjust every 100k or something we've never had one that was really loud in that model plus those engines are dirt cheap and easy to swap if any engine damage is done... But ya, the honda manual is best for step by step instructions specially when you have to check certain ones at certain piston positions and after you can learn a trick to do it even faster and you can check a few at the same time then turn the engine and check the other ones but theres not enough space to explain in detail if you don't know.... Good luck though....( and do not leave the guage under the valve while your tightening the bolt down, you will squish the guage and then your specs will be off to )
Q:hydronic heating zone valves?
Its just an educated guess but I would say it would cause system shock if a valve just snapped shut as against closing gently. Assuming the system was shutting down as a zone valve shuts the control switch opens and turns off the plant whilst the valve is still partly open. With a solenoid unless you fit a timer to pre shut off the plant then shut off the solenoid you would probably cause some plant damage. Also by the time you have wired all that lot up you may as well do the job with a zone valve.
Q:How to fix a trumpet valve?!!?
Trumpet Valve Repair
Q:Using thicker oil to eliminate valve clatter?
I wouldn't go any thicker than 10w-40. I have seen 20w-50 in the parts stores, but this will put a lot of strain on the oil pump. You may regret it down the road, and it's just a little bit of noise. Good luck.
Q:Is my Gas Valve faulty ?
I was wondering why the flue is clogged? I've never had to clean mine. Well anyway, I use a shop vac to vacuum out any dust or rust that accumulates on the gas valve on the rare occasions it failed to work,and that fixed it every time.
Q:Road bike valve stem type?
These are definately called presta valves. I just bought a trek 6000 MTB and they have the same deal. be careful when you're pumping them using a hand pump as the valve can seperate from the tube causing a very annoying deflation. I'm yet to work out the best way to avoid this (happened to me again this morning), so it's worth carrying a spare tube just in case.
Q:How can I tell if my 2004 Ford Taurus a 12 or 24 valve?
I may be wrong but I think the 24 valve engines had a little badge on the body of the car that said 24 VALVE. Another thing that might help is look at the engine information on the white tag under the hood.
Q:The atrioventricular valves will be open when?
Answer: (c) The ventricles are being passively filled. During diastole, a normally-functioning mitral valve opens as a result of increased pressure from the left atrium as it fills with blood (preloading). As atrial pressure increases above that of the left ventricle, the mitral valve opens. Opening facilitates the passive flow of blood into the left ventricle. Diastole ends with atrial contraction, which ejects the final 20% of blood that is transferred from the left atrium to the left ventricle. This amount of blood is known as end diastolic volume (EDV), and the mitral valve closes at the end of atrial contraction to prevent a reversal of blood flow. Mitral valve also opens when right ventricle is passively filled.
Q:97 Escort. Trying to prevent the dreaded valve dropping. If I maintain the engine colder could the valve hold?
Those old escorts ran forever. I don't fully understand your question. Are you having any problems with the engine now? If the engine is running like it always has, I think you are worrying about a stray comment from a mechanic. If one of the valves seats moves out of position, you will know. The engine will start making ticking sounds and you may lose power. If none of that is happening, you are worried about nothing. If you are having some of those issues, then take the car to a competent mechanic have the problem diagnosed and get the head rebuilt. It's not that expensive on that engine. Then you will have new valves, new seats, new guides and a very clean head.

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