High Quality Manual Ball Valve Stainless Stee Ball Valve

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The appearance is beautiful.
Material conform to the standard.
Every size produce according to the standard.


1. CF8M/CF8,SS316/SS04,1.4408/1.4301

2. Carbon Steel Ball Valve,with threaded ends ,BSPT,NPT .
3. Applicable media: Water Oil ,Steam, Nitric acid, Acetic acid.
4. Nominal pressure: 1.6. 2.5. 4.0. 6.4Mpa
5. Main size: 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1" 1-1/4" 1-1/2"2" 2-1/2" 3" 4"
6. Materials of main parts:
7. Valve body: WCB ,CF8, CF8M
8. Stem: 304 316
9. BALL: 304 316
10. Packing: PTFE.
11. Sealing: PTFE

3.Trade Terms

Payment:T/T,30% deposit;70% balance before shipment.


Drinking Water Plants

Industrial Water Treatment Plant

Water Softener & Purifier

Water Treatment Plants

Filtration and Sedimentation Units

Flower water treatment

Solar energy water treatment system

Boiler water treatment system

Swimming Pool Filtration Plant, etc.


5.Why Choose us?

1.We are a factory who focus on produce valves for 20years.

   Adhere To Quality Is Our Belief.

2.All valves  according the drawings to produce and 100% pressure testing,100% material inspection.

3.We use ERP system to improve the work efficiency.


High Quality Manual Ball Valve Stainless Stee Ball Valve

High Quality Manual Ball Valve Stainless Stee Ball Valve

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Q:Where is the egr valve located in a 1999 Kia Pride?
the EGR wont reason a hissing noise, if the EGR replaced into undesirable, there could be a soft stumble off the line, or tough idle. a hissin noise sounds like a vacuum leak someplace. open the hood while the vehicle is working and notice in case you may hear the place the hissing is coming from. it ought to be coming from a line someplace.
Q:Water Turnoff Valve will not come off?
Off is counter-clockwise. If it cannot be turned off, then you will have to find the main shutoff for the house. Shut down all the water. consider putting in copper pipe to cpvc shutoffs...they don't rust or corrode. 1/4 turn ball valve.
Q:1995 nissan altima - PCV valve?
The PCV valve is located beneath the intake manifold on the right (passenger) side. It threads into the breather seperator and points toward the center of the car. To remove it, you'll have to remove the Idle Air Control valve located on the end of the manifold log. Be aware that you'll have to do at least part of this task underneath the car, and that the IAC valve has antifreeze circulating through it Get a mechanic to do it if you can afford it
Q:spit valve on clarinets?
Nope, no such luck!
Q:valve mismatch?
Wherever you are get out. You are about to be ripped off. This will probably be too late. I gather the code you gave is the trouble code, as they are called, from the cars obd. The code 300 is random / multiple cylinder misfire. The code 302 is cylinder # 2 misfire The code 420 is catalytic system below threshold bank # 1 Deciphered this means you have a spark plug misfiring in cylinder #2, bank # 1. The misfire is causing a rich gas mixture in the exhaust system that is detected by the sensor and therefore it says you have a catalytic converter problem. I would suggest you replace your spark plugs, if they have a lot of miles on them. Are they the original plugs ? I f so they are probably due. Get out of there and go find an honest shop that will not rip you off. Now that you know the problem they can;t cheat. I don't know what all that other valve business was about but all you have is a misfiring spark plug.
Q:Valve amps?!?
Marshall were big name in Amps when pretty well everything electronic used valves. Some valves were quite small, some larger, and some are still used today in powerful transmitters. There are those who swear that the sound produced by a valve amplifier is far better than a solid state one. Valve technology takes up much more space than solid state, so miniaturisation is a problem, and also uses much more power and produces a lot of heat. Now solid state is capable of producing high power audio amplifiers which use less power and take up less space, so have become the preferred method. Nevertheless, there is a strong following even today for a good high powered valve amplifier. And yes, it is quite possible to have a valve and solid state mix. The solid state works at the input stage, and the valves take over at high power output levels, but I am not sure what the purists would think about this hybrid usage .
Q:if i took off the little rubber hose connected to my egr valve,and the egr has no suction?
Not sure how to answer. First the vacuum line going to your egr only has vacuum under certain conditions and never at idle. If you have an egr code/problem.... email me with code/syptom and vehicle info i'll try to help further. :)
Q:How is a pig hearts valve used to replaced ours?
now days there are vavles used that are man made
Q:pressure release valve?
do you change your oil regularly? you could have gunk restricting the oil galleys in your motor and as the oil pump does its thing with no other outlet cause the oil to flow out your dip stick... when you consider how important oil is to the motor there should not be a release valve.... that is a set up for failure... although i wouldnt put it past ford to do something like that... my opinion of course... i would take it to a shop that can flush your oil system... might be hard to find but theyre out there... good luck
Q:transmission valve body?
How much do you think you'll sell a truck with a failing transmission for? Or, are you going to hide the problem from the buyer? Flush it again, and spring for synthetic this time.

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