Fixed choke valve with API 6A Standard for Oil Field Usage

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Fixed choke valve Description

Choke valve as the main parts of christmas tree and manifold, it is mainly used for controlling the wellhead flow and its level of work pressure can be up to 15000 psi. Choke valve can be divided into adjustable choke valve and fixed choke valve.
Fixed choke valve is the main parts of the wellhead and christmas tree equipment, through special tools to replace the size of the oil nozzle, and transform the throttling area of the liquid to control crude oil production of the wellhead

2. Main Features of Fixed choke valve

1) With competitive price and high quality. 

2) Meet API standard. 

3) Meet your special requirements.

3. Fixed choke valve Images

4. Fixed choke valve Specification

Working Pressure2,000Psi 15,000Psi
Nominal Diameter2-1/16″~4-1/16"
PR ClassPR12
PSL ClassPSL14
Working Temp.KU (-60℃~121)
Working Mediumoilgasmud
Material Class AAHH
End Connection connecting with ANSI and API standards
Nozzle aperture :Φ3, Φ4, Φ5, Φ6, Φ7, Φ8, Φ9, Φ10, Φ11, Φ12, Φ13, Φ14, Φ15, Φ16

5. FAQ of Fixed choke valve

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Q:What would valve seat faulty will cause my h22a?
It's the doctrine of alternative and end result. You made unhealthy offerings and are actually paying the penalties. If you had constant the EGR valve proper whilst the investigate engine gentle got here on, you do not need had the tickets. Cost of an EGR valve is beautiful small. But you selected now not to try this. When the plate ran out, you knew it was once out, and made the alternative to hold riding. When you obtained the primary price ticket you might have stopped then, and constant the vehicle and obtained present so there could be no MORE tickets. Again you made a alternative now not to try this, and hold riding, and get extra tickets. How lengthy could it have taken for you, or your husband, to make a sensible mobilephone name to the courts and give an explanation for your clinical situation? The courts could have gladly given you an extension to your look. But once more you made a alternative to disregard it till there was once a warrant on your arrest. Even now you've gotten made a alternative to invite a number of strangers at the Internet as an alternative than name the courtroom approach or authorized help to discover your choices. So, welcome to the exclusive global of penalties. Good Luck.
Q:how to adjust valve lash on a gmc yukon?
remove valve covers, watch front left two lifters and turn engine, by bolt that holds harmonic dampener to front of crankshaft, so mark on dampener lines up with mark on front cover. If rocker arms do not move as marks line up engine should be on top dead center number 1 cylinder. Now you can adjust exhaust valves 1, 3, 4, 8 and intake valves 1, 2, 5, 7 [ odd numbers are on the left bank from the front 1,3,5,7 even on the right bank from the front 2,4,6,8]. Adjust by turning nut in rocker arm out until movement is felt than tighten until all movement is gone and tighten one turn more. After done with the first eight valves turn engine over one full turn till marks line up again. Then adjust exhaust valves 2,5,6,7 and intake valves 3,4,6,8 the same way.
Q:control valve selection?
control valve is an uni-directional (non-return) valve, some of the factors to be aware of before selecting it....identify application character, select the valve size, select the valve end connection, piping layout and valve orientation , maintenance requirement , actuation requirement , initial cost ..etc..
Q:honda civic Si valve cover oil leak?
Q:Explain the role of valves in the functioning of the circulatory system. I am so confused!?
The valves in the body makes sure that the fluids flow in one direction, and prevent backflow. In the heart the valves prevent the backflow of blood to make sure it travels in one direction (atrium to ventricle). The valves are also present in the lymphatic system that makes the lymph travel in one direction.
Q:what is the proper type valve for a main shut off inside a house?
Gate valves used to be the standard, but Globe valves had replaced them, and now Ball valves have replaced them. A ball valve is the type of choice these days. They have the best reputation for shutting off completely and have a VERY low failure rate. Al
Q:2 leakages in one of the valves in my heart? depends how bad your leakage is. If it causes too much blood to flow in the wrong direction it could cause an enlarged heart. What lead up to you having an echocardiogram? My son has has epstines malformation of the tricuspid valve and it caused leakage. It depends on the level of the leakage. It can be a big issue but obviously your leakages are small and nothing to be concerned with? I would def. call him and get some clarification....
Q:What does an EGR valve do?
EGR means exhaust gas recirculator. it extracts unburned gas from the exhaust and returns it to the intake to be burned
Q:i need help identifying a broken valve in a van?
Cylinder compression test will tell you if you have a broken valve. Thats the best way. The valve might not be broken, it could just be a poor seal.
Q:My grandfather? Valve replacement??
It's a fairly common procedure. Though there are risks since it does involve open heart surgery, most bounce back quickly with recovery time depending on age and health history. I am sure he will feel much better post surgery. Good luck.

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