DN50 EN1092 PN10 PN15 ANSI 150 Cast Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve with Handle Lever

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DN50 EN1092 PN10 PN15 ANSI 150 Cast Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve with Handle Lever


1.Body: cast Iron

2.Disc: ductile iron+plating Ni



5.OEM produce

6.Your design and logo are agree.


Payment of terms:


2.T/T 30% deposit, 70% T/T against B/L copy.



one or more packed in a wood carton.



30-35 days after 30% deposit received.



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Q:how to replace a valve cover gasket on a 1998 pontiac sunfire. 2.2. engine?
First off, you remove the PCV hose and unscrew the plastic nut that retains the PCV valve. Next you remove the air intake tube from the throttle body and the air intake housing. Now locate the bracket on the side of the throttle body that contains the throttle cable. Remove the 2 bolts from this bracket and remove the cables from the throttle body. You should now be able to remove the valve cover from any obstructions. If you are not cleaning the valve cover, there is no need to remove the PCV valve. If you are cleaning it with soap and water, take the PCV out. The gasket is one piece and rubber, but you may find it a pain to keep the gasket in the groove on the valve cover, so you might try some yellow weatherstrip sealer to help hold the gasket in place. Let it dry for a little while before reinstalling the valve cover, so the gasket doesn't 'roll' out of the groove on the corners, or it will leak heavily. Good luck.
Q:What are the brass instruments with valves?
lets see... Trumpet Trombone (Not sure if it would be considered a valve instrument even though it works the same way only you have to do the sliding yourself.) French Horn Tuba and I think there's probably one or two more.
Q:what are symptoms of bent valves?
if it bent the valves it probably wouldn't run at all. it sounds like you may be off a notch on the belt timing. to be sure you didn't bend the valves you should check the compression. if valves are bent there won't be any compression. hopefully you didn't. I don't access right now to see if it's an interference engine or not.
Q:How does my automatic lawn sprinkler valve work?
the guy above me got to it before i did. sounds like either a diaprham has just gone out, or the solenoid plunger is stuck, or there is a rock or something inside the valve, not closing it all the way. like trying to close a door with your foot in it. it will not close all the way. A word of advice would be to go ahead and replace the anti-siphon valves with regular inline valves. anti-siphon valves are pretty much junk any type. As far as diagnosing the problem now, 1. check your timer's programming and make sure that its not sending out power to this zone all of the time. ( this would make the timer bad). 2. carefully open the valve up ( with the water turned off of course), and inspect the diaprham. if it has any tears or ripps in it, get a new diaphram, if not, then flush the lines out with the valve open to see if any debris is in the line( rocks pipe pieces, etc.) and clean it out. 3. take out the solenoid and make sure the plunger in it is not sticking. ( if so replace the solenoid). 4. if all else fails just simply cut out and replace the entire valve and plumb in a new one properly. personally i would use either Hunter PGV valves, Rainbird DVF 100 valves, or Irritrol 205 series valves. all are inline models. antisiphon valves tend to fail. i work on sprinkler systems full time for 95 $ per hour of labor for our company. hope this can help you out John A
Q:Broke a Bolt in the Valve Cover?
easiest to just remove the valve cover completely and then there might be enough of the broken bolt left to get a pair of vice grips on it and unscrew it out, go to parts store and get a new bolt and a new valve cover gasket and reinstall.If you drive the car the way it is it might leak a little oil around the broken bolt.
Q:Would a ERG valve cause sputtering or hesitating on my pontiac firebird?
Its EGR vavle. it is an emissions administration gadget. It stands for exhaust gasoline recuculation. It sends countless the exhasut from the engine returned by using. it is going to reason your difficulty. it is user-friendly because of the fact they gets clogged with carbon over the years and stop working. i might replace it to save on gasoline and it isnt extraordinarily expenisve to do or have completed.
Q:Testing my EGR valve?
dont unplug it... itll throw up a fault on the computer... ive got a volvo v70, my EGR valve is playing up... so, i just crimped the rubber hose... it runs perfectly..
Q:How much does it generally cost to replace valve seals?
Hate to say this but Chevrolet never put *valve seals on top of the valve guides in a stock OEM engine. Standard Chevy engines depended upon the umbrella shield that fits around the top of the valve springs held in place by the spring retainers and valve split locks as shields to keep splashing pushrod oil off the valve stems. Any time you have smoke at start-up and at idol you have worn or struck rings in the piston ring grooves or mis-shapen cylinder walls. Typical valve guide wear delevers blue smoke put the tail pipes on *deceleration when vacuum pulls oil down the increased clearance between the valve stems and the honed valve guide holes.
Q:Shower head Mixing Valve?
The mixing valve is in the handle that turns the water on. You don't need to take down the wall to get at it. The handle come off including any cover plate and the valve is right behind it. Be careful not drop/lose any screws or washers. They are small. The home center sells replacements for certain brands so get that information.
Q:what is a flush valve? is it another name for a drop valve?
The proper names of the two valves in a typical home toilet are the flapper valve and the ballcock valve. The flapper valve sends water from the tank to the bowl during the flushing of the toilet. The ballcock refills the tank and also sends a small amount of water to the bowl during the flush.

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