DN50 EN1092 PN10 PN15 ANSI 150 Cast Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve with Handle Lever

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DN50 EN1092 PN10 PN15 ANSI 150 Cast Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve with Handle Lever


1.Body: cast Iron

2.Disc: ductile iron+plating Ni



5.OEM produce

6.Your design and logo are agree.


Payment of terms:


2.T/T 30% deposit, 70% T/T against B/L copy.



one or more packed in a wood carton.



30-35 days after 30% deposit received.



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Q:Proportional valve problem?
no count number if it incredibly is a proportional valve a 24 volt supply won't supply proportional administration. to boot, controlling an inductive load with a persevering with voltage slows the reaction time.
Q:Valve cover painting in 1990 BMW 525i?
The BMW valve covers are made of aluminum. You can repaint these valve covers using hardware store spray paints without any problem from high temperatures. The valve cover should be removed and degreased with something like Gunk. The spray paints will not adhere to any parts with oil or grease contamination. The acorn retaining nuts should also be painted the same aluminum color. You should take the acorn nuts off their studs and insert them onto a piece of cardboard where you can overspray two or three coats of aluminum paint. Chromed acorn nuts do not look good with aluminum color valve covers. Do not attempt any underhood painting with spray paint unless everything within 4 feet is carefully masked off. Be very careful with spray painting things like thermostat housings, coolant hoses, and spark plug wires looms. You can buy 4 mm chrome plated flat washers from many hardware stores for about 5 cents apiece. I think you will need about 30 flat washers for the 2.5 litre engine. Good luck. You can try the engine paints if you like, but they are much more expensive and not any better looking. If you wanted to paint your exhaust manifold, I would suggest the high temperature paints designed for 1000 deg. C. temperatures. Some hot rodders use enamal coatings on the exhaust manifolds. BMW exhaust manifolds are very hard to see from under hood viewing as they should have asbestos heat shields to protect spark plugs, gaskets, and plug wires from excessive heat.
Q:what is the reason why non-return valves are installed in the discharge lines of the sea water pumps? ?
..?..non-return valves..? I will assume that your 'non-return valves', are what is also known as check valves. Check valves allows flow in one direction only. These are used wherever you need to prevent backflow into the system, or to maintain a charged circuit with fluid, until you choose to unload(depressurize ) it. Now, why are they used in discharged lines of salt water, basically to prevent backflow....reason not known, here , requires usage info.
Q:Leaking car tyre valve?
That's spelled Tire Valve. It takes about 30 seconds to replace the valve core stem in the tire valve. Most any shop can do it, or pick up a Valve stem tool and spare stems at your local Auto Parts Store. Most are around $5 total. Many tire shops would do this free or just a few dollars without ever taking the car inside.
Q:1979 oldsmobile pcv valve?
On one of the valve covers. It will have a larger dia. (about 3/8) hose hooked to the end up of and going to the carb. It will be pushed into a rubber plug thing on the valve cover. Just remove hose, and grab valve and pull up on it.
Q:How can I tell if my 2004 Ford Taurus a 12 or 24 valve?
12 Ford Taurus
Q:replacing a faucet, but i have a broken hot water valve?
There should be a main shutoff valve to cut the entire water supply to the house. If you have a basement the main valve would be where the water supply comes into the house. 99% of the time that is in the front of the house. If you live in a slab house then the main water shutoff is usually near the hot water tank in a pipe that typically comes out of the floor. If it is not there then it will be in the yard (usually the front yard) undeneath a metal cover. You can always turn a valve off and then check water by opening a faucet. Remember that you need to give it a couple minutes to see if it has shut off fully as water may drain out of house pipes. If you are just going to replace the hot water valve then you may have a shutoff for that above the hot water tank. Most lilkely the inlet side but could be the outlet side or even both. You can try those. Now you replace the valve once you are sure that water is shut off. You may not need to drain the hot water tank. Just turn it off and see if water continues to come out. Just turn a valve off and check to see if the water shuts off. Eventually you will find the right valve. Just remember it can take a while for water to drain out of the pipes. If you need help replacing the valve just add an additional comment and I will check back. Describe to me whether you have copper pipes or galvanized pipes and the type of shutoff that is there now.
Q:what is an oil pressure relief valve?
The oil pressure relief valve is a type of valve used to control the oil pressure in the car engine. Oil pressure can build up by a motor malfunction, low volume of oil, instrument or equipment failure, or fire. Basically, oil pressure is relieved by allowing the pressurized oil to flow out from an auxiliary passage system. The relief valve is designed or set to open at a predetermined set pressure to protect pressure vessels and other equipment from being subjected to pressures that exceed their design limits. When the set pressure is exceeded, the relief valve becomes the path of least resistance as the valve is forced open and a portion of the fluid is diverted through the auxiliary route. In the 2003 Ford Focus, 3.8 engine, the oil pressure valve is located on the back of the timing cover above where the oil pump bolts up... don't install it backwards you will have the same problem... while everything is dismantled, I suggest you change your oil pump, also; and you will get a new pressure relief valve with it. I hope this helps Papaw
Q:Unplugged Idle Air Control Valve?
Your van runs good because the computer has learned the driving style, if your battery goes dead and the computer resets, itd be about 200miles before it relearns the vacuum tolerance , and because the idle air control valve is disconnected it must of been when the solenoid was in the right spot. Because the idle air control valve is disconnected, your gas milage will suffer and your computer wont be functioning right, not being able to compensate form different road conditions/weather/wide open throttle.
Q:egr valve replacement?
what approximately it? are you specific you'll be able to desire to repalce the valve itself. they could be run with the help of a sensor and vacuum traces or if sufficiently previous as yours could be basically vacuum traces. make sure your vacuum traces are good, with out holes....

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