wafer type cast iron check valve

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1.    OEM Factory : Professional manufacturer, clients from whole world.

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Technical Date

Material Specification

Nominal Diameter


Valve Body

Cast Iron or Ductile Iron

Nominal Pressure


Valve Disc

Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel

Operation Temperature


Hand Bar or Hand Wheel

Cast Iron or Aluminium or Carbon Steel or Malleable S teel

Flange Driling Standard

EN 1902-2 PN10/16

Seal Material


Suface Treatment



Carbon Steel or Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel


Portable water, water distribution service & feed lines, sewage disposol, irrigation, fire protection pipe systerm, etc.

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Q:Does anyone know what those valves are/do in my picture?
To me that is a water mixing valve used in showers, you can see the plug on the top, so when the face plate is attached the tap tops are fitted to either side of the spout.
Q:Cummins engines injector spill valve?
The fault for the spill valve is not something you can correct with timing. When they repaired or replace injectors they need to be programed into the computer so they match the other injectors. The spill valve is in the injector and is there to return unneeded fuel back to tank. If this valve does not work you could be over fueling or run the risk of fuel cooking in the injector making a mess of the spray pattern. It should be telling you which injector is throwing the code and if it is one of the two that were worked on take it back.
Q:valve seals??????????
Could be, but first I would change the PCV and the hose going to it. At 18 years of age, it's prolly not pulling out the blowby. To chance the seals, you need a air line and a fitting that fits into the spark plug holes and a pressure line.
Q:i want to know the detailed reason for pressure drops in expansion valve?
THERMOSTATIC EXPANSION VALVE A temperature-regulated valve that controls the amount of restriction to refrigerant flow between the receiver/drier and evaporator. Like the Fixed Orifice Tube, the Expansion Valve is the boundary between the High and Low sides of the refrigerant system. Unlike the Fixed Orifice, the Expansion Valve can regulate the flow of liquid refrigerant to the evaporator to either increase or decrease evaporator cooling based on the temperature of the refrigerant tube at the evaporator outlet. In vapour compression ref. cycle,The condensed liquid refrigerant, in the thermodynamic state known as a saturated liquid, is next routed through an expansion valve where it undergoes an abrupt reduction in pressure. That pressure reduction results in the adiabatic flash evaporation of a part of the liquid refrigerant. The auto-refrigeration effect of the adiabatic flash evaporation lowers the temperature of the liquid and vapor refrigerant mixture to where it is colder than the temperature of the enclosed space to be refrigerated.
Q:transmission valve body?
How much do you think you'll sell a truck with a failing transmission for? Or, are you going to hide the problem from the buyer? Flush it again, and spring for synthetic this time.
Q:Plumbing question - Fill Valve?
If you had proper plumbing this would not happen. Have a look at an Armitage Shanks catalogue..............oh sorry, you are in the US arent you....... o well
Q:Explain the role of valves in the functioning of the circulatory system. I am so confused!?
-valves control how much blood leaves the heart in each pump. they open, allowing blood to pass through and close, ceasing blood flow. their closing also prevents the backflow of blood. -valves are found in the heart, between the atria and the ventricles,
Pig valves and Cow valves are the tried and tested valve replacements used for longtime. These work well and have minimum post-surgery problems.. Go ahead.. Al the best..
Q:Bent Valve!!!!!!!?
mechanic should have told you what the cost would be...and to fix it right you should do them all
Q:Can you clean and REUSE BURNED VALVES?
Why not just replace the valves.

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