wafer type cast iron check valve

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Technical Date

Material Specification

Nominal Diameter


Valve Body

Cast Iron or Ductile Iron

Nominal Pressure


Valve Disc

Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel

Operation Temperature


Hand Bar or Hand Wheel

Cast Iron or Aluminium or Carbon Steel or Malleable S teel

Flange Driling Standard

EN 1902-2 PN10/16

Seal Material


Suface Treatment



Carbon Steel or Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel


Portable water, water distribution service & feed lines, sewage disposol, irrigation, fire protection pipe systerm, etc.

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Q:chevy valve ajustment?
my first engine in my 57 chevy sure miss that old thing still kicking myslf in the butt for letting it go. there are two adjustments hot and cold, is the engine running,if so just pull the valve cover off and with the engine running just adj the 5/8 bolt on the rocker to take the tapping out at the same time listen to the sound of the engine for over adjustment
Q:Swap valve covers on Honda?
D16y7 Valve Cover
Q:Mitral Valve Prolaspe??
first of all, if she is on atenolol (tenormin) then you have to take a pulse before meds and hold med if it is 60 beats per min. if she had trouble with her meds and stopped them for this reason then she should get back on them, and yes mitral valve prolapse is fairly common but is not something you want to ignore or stop treatment for, if she if feeling fatigued she should get checked again, she could have other heart problems. plz have her see a cardiologist ASAP
Q:Blow off valve question,please help??
If you keep asking this question you may be able to find someone that will tell you that it will work.IT WILL NOT.You have no excess pressure to blow off.No turbo= no boost=no pressure.Record the sound that you want,wire your play-back to a micro switch on the clutch with a P/A speaker under the hood.That's as close as you can get.I'll put it in simpler terms.I T W I L L N O T W O R K.
Q:what type valves used mostly in pneumatic system?
It depends on what sort of system you are operating. Most butterfly valves leak, a few don't. Ball valves are instant operation, and don't normally leak. Needle valves are used for fine control of the flow rate. Gate valves are quick to operate, and don't normally leak. On aircraft pneumatic systems, butterfly valves are common, where a leak is permissable. Where no leak is permissable, slide valves are used, which have rubber seals.
Q:Another EGR valve question?
Usually it the car runs like crap at idle and beautifully any other time and you can't clean the EGR but cleaning the port in the intake sometimes helps for a check engine light with no running problems But as others said, the EGR is usually monitored with a sensor on or near the valve and the parts houses that do the free scans have a habit of convincing you the part they can sell you will fix it when usually it won't... Take it to a real mechanic shop, let them diag it for you
Q:Heater Control Valve?
the control valve when its turned off keeps water from circulating thru the heater core.. so the hot water doesnt counteract the coolness coming off the evaporater in the ac box under your dash that is the only place those two systems interact.. it sounds like your valve is working fine aside from the leak although i myself would replace it since by winter you may forget that it leaks and on a long drive end up overheating the truck the valve usually runs about 30$ and isn;t difficult to change its worth fixing
Q:Flap valve replacement?
Its heart surgery, which is riskier than many other surgeries, but valve replacement is routine procedure. There's a variety of different procedures that are used and several different types of replacement valves. Some valves can be repaired and some need to be replaced. Repairs usually give a person a normal or nearly normal valve that will last forever. Valve replacements don't work quite as wells as repairs and they usually need to be replaced in a decade or so. Most people can have the valved replaced by threading a scope through the arteries or using tiny incisions, but some people require open heart surgery. My friend had one of his valves replaced with a valve made from a pig heart and he was only in the hospital one night, and back to work a week later.
Q:homeopathic treatment for mitral valve leakage?
good blood does not mix with bad blood. The values have nothing to do with that as the two sides of the heart are separate. With Mitral valve incompetence or prolapse, the valve does not close like it is suppose to. That allows back flow of blood. If bad enough, the treatment is a valve replacement. With Mitral valve stenosis, the valve does not open like it is suppose to. That prevents flow through the valve. The treatment is a valve replacement or sometimes a simple cut in the valve to relieve the stenosis can be done. Either way, if bad enough, surgery is needed, not pills.
Q:Water shut off valve?
Every house should have a water meter and a shut off point close by. This will isolate ALL water cold and hot water included. With shut off valves, you can usually just take the guts out and replace them with the guts from a new one. Take a couple close up pics of your shut off valve and show them to a plumbing assistant at any DIY store such as Home Depot. They can find you the right product. In order to replace the guts, all you need is a larger crescent wrench and a set of channel lock pliers. I would recommend having a small bucket handy to catch any loose water. Prior to taking anything apart once youve shut the water off, I would run the cold water in a basement sink or main floor sink to reduce the pressure and water quantity.

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