Gate Valve of Ductile Iron Dismantling Joints With Double Flanges

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Gate Valve Description

1. Selected materials, in line with domestic and international standards, high overall quality of the material.
2. In line with the requirements of domestic and foreign advanced standards, reliable sealing, excellent performance, attractive appearance.
3. Sealing pair advanced and reasonable, gate and seat sealing surface with different hardness Stellite (Stellite) cobalt-based alloy cladding made, reliable sealing, high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature, corrosion good anti-abrasion performance, long life.
4. Stem quenched and nitride surface treatment, has good corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance.
5. The use of flexible wedge gate structure, medium and large caliber set thrust bearings, friction force is small, and with a striking manually open and close with ease.

2.Main Features of the Gate Valve:
1)Full port design
2)OS&Y Outside screw and yoke .
3)BB. Bolted Bonnet .
4)Flexible wedge, Fully guided
5)Choice of solid or split wedge .
6)Renewable seat rings
7)Forged T-head stem

3. Images of the Gate Valve:

4. Specification of the Gate Valve: 

1) Product information: the gate valves supplied are mainly used for adjusting water, steam, oil, gas, and natural gas in chemical industries

2) Standards: AWWA, DIN3352 F4/F5, BS5163, BS5150

3) Connection type: flanged type, push-on type, mechanical joint type, plain ends type

4) Size: 50-400mm/2" - 16"

5) Pressure grade: PN10, PN16


1. Can I get free samples?

A: Yes,we can provide you the free sample, but you need to bear their own delivery costs.

2. Can I request to change the form of packaging and transportation?

A:Yes, We can change the form of the packaging and transportation according to your request, but you have to bear their own costs incurred during this period and the spreads.

3. Can I request to advance the shipment?

A: It should be depends on whether there is sufficient inventory in our warehouse.

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Q:Can someone explain mitro valve prolapse vs mitro valve regeritation?
Firstly both conditions are not necessarily serious. Prolapse is the phenomenon of one or both mitral leafets bending slightly into the left atrium when the heart contracts. Normally when the leaflets close they dont clise straight but form a slight tent shape facing towards the LV. With prolapse the leaflet bends beyond the imaginary straight line of the valve annulus. Regurgitation is simply back flow through a valve when closed - all valves function as one way check valves to ensure one way flow through the heart. Its completely normal to have a small amouny of regurgitation at all valves except the aortic valve. Mitral regurgitation typically worsens with prolapse because the valve isnt closing properly. Usually prolapse and mitral regurgitation are not all that serious and only require periodic monitoring. Consult your DR if you suddenly develoop symptoms like chest pain or breathlessness. These can indicate the valve is degenerating further and may require medical treatment.
Q:why do they use pigs heart valves for humans?
Pig Valve Replacement
Q:A customer has a G. E. SmartWater waterheater 7 the drain valve leaks, is there a gasket that can be serviced?
If it is a regular brass valve, you will have to drain the tank first, then replace the washer in the valve with one rated to be used for hot water. You replace the washer just as in any valve by removing the bonnet and stem. there you will see the washer. You may want to clean the area of any calcium carbonate that may had developed on the seat before putting it back together. If you decide to replace the valve, it is a 3/4 inch male NPT hose bib valve rated for hot water service. Personally, I've always thought that if I ever had to change one of those valves, that I would replace ti with a good ball valve that had a threaded hose end screwed into the discharge end for better drain flow. The whimpy valves that they put on water heaters is pathetic! If you use your favorite search engine and just search for water heater drain valve, you will find all kinds of cool replacement valves!
Q:Can you clean and REUSE BURNED VALVES?
if the head or heads are off then why not take them to a machine shop ! they will grind the valves that are still good and replace the ones that are burnt up and they will make sure they seat good ! if you have low compression just on 1 cylinder then it might be a compression ring stuck !
Q:water inlet pressure relief valve?
Sounds like a pressure regulator, cause, relief valves don't have a bolt, they have a lever. If, it is the regulator, and its leaking, it needs to be replaced. Good luck with that.
Q:Valve stem seal question?
yes valve stem seals can be replaced with head on, requires cam removal and cil. pressurised with air to hold valves in place whike vakve spring is removed seal changed and spring and keepers reinstalled. If you already had this done and it still smokes chances are you have a bad valve guide.
Q:2006 kx250f valves? please help!?
keep looking, they never need just valves, if it needs valves, the top end also needs to be rebuilt. when your already going to be in the motor that far, it would suck to get it back together and then the piston goes or something else that was getting abused when the valves were going. if you can`t do the work yourself it will be expensive, even if you can do the work you need to factor in parts, machine shop,and specialty tools. you could set up your cr125 for way less money, and make it work for you, i`ve seen little kids and girls at the races riding 125`s and they can`t touch the ground without blocks. and you`ll love that 2-stroke when it comes time to rebuild it, you could put all the best parts in it and do it yourself for under $300, compared to sometimes over $1500 for 4-stroke, take it from me i`ve done it, i`ve raced 4-strokes since 2001. if your not racing, stay on those 2-strokes for as long as you can, they will make you a better rider anyway, and keep riding, you`ll get used to it :-)
Q:spit valve on clarinets?
Nope. There isn't a need for a spit valve since any condensation which forms can just fall out onto your feet. Spit valves are only needed in instruments where moisture builds up. However, you may find that sometimes moisture will get trapped in some of the keys, causing certain notes to have trouble sounding. Every now and then if this happens you can open the key and blow across the hole to blow away any moisture which has formed.
Q:Does valve oil and/or slide grease expire?
Valve oil would not expire, it would evaporate. If there is some left in the bottle your good to go. Slide grease, as long as it's not hard or discolored your fine. It could be dried out or possibly have some interesting growth in it if the container was not air tight. Most likely its fine.
Q:Can I use sewing machine oil instead of rotor oil on my French Horn Valves?
If you have a Walmart nearby you are in good shape. Sewing machine oil is too thick for the valves, it will slow them down....... not damage the horn. Mot on this oil later, A great replacement for rotor oil is lantern oil from Walmart or a hardware store. It is what is burned in old type oil lamps. It comes in quarts and is very cheap. You can also get different aromas in some stores. Sewing machine oil should NOT be used inside the valves....... but it is recommended for the little crack where the moving part of the valve comes out of the bottom of the valve case. It is also what you can use on the top of the valve under the valve cap. So rotor oil INSIDE THE VALVE and Sewing machine oil on the top and bottom bearings.

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