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Manual ball valve series
1.high quality water but low consumption of salt
2.ceramic non-ware type sealing
3.easily install


  • Drinking Water Plants

  • Industrial Water Treatment Plant

  • Water Softener & Purifier

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Filtration and Sedimentation Units

  • Flower water treatment

  • Solar energy water treatment system

  • Boiler water treatment system

  • Swimming Pool Filtration Plant, etc.

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Q:Installed a iac valve?
The okorder.com/
Q:how can i tell if i have a bad heart valve?
Q:Cleaning trumpet valves?
Remove the valves, wash them and the horn in warm (NOT hot) water with liquid dish soap. Dry with a clean towel, then oil and reassemble.
Q:hot water heater relief valve?
I would be curious to see what plumbing professionals have to say about this. From what I could find, the codes for water heater relief valves just say that the valve must have a drain pipe that discharges the hot water and steam down low, instead of up near the top where it can spray in your face. They also say that the discharge should be outside of the building, but that this is not always feasible and you can install a drip pan below the water heater for this purpose. In this case, I would think that running the discharge line to underneath the house should be okay. But, I'm not a plumber. For what it's worth, my water heater is in a closet that's accessed from outside and the discharge line from my pressure relief valve just discharges to the bottom of the closet (this was installed by a licensed plumber and signed off by the city on a remodel 2 years ago). Apparently, it's okay to just let the discharged water flow out from underneath the water heater closet door to the outside. So, I don't see why it would be against code to run the discharge line to a crawl space under the house. The point of the codes is to prevent your water heater from exploding and destroying your house (or killing or injuring you).
Q:Anti-Siphon Valve leaks = Where??
I work in a printing plant,and our city mandates anti-siphon valves on all our commercial equipment,so I have a little knowledge about these.We used to call these pesky creatures Vacumn Breakers,but now they are called anti-siphon valves,but what's in a name-they both are supposed to accomplish the same thing.Should your water pressure drop,due to a broken main or largefire,these devices are supposed to prevent contaminated water,like the contents of the Agfa Encomatic plate processor rinse tank,or your irrigation pipes,from being pulled back into your plumbing ,and then out your faucets when pressure is restored ,which could make everybody sicker than pooches. The way these work on industrial models is a little more complicated,but the principle is the same,for water to flow through the system,a certain pressure must be maintained.Our older models had a spring and diaphram arragement,the water pressure pushed the diaphram against a seal seat,with a spring behind it.As long as the pressure in the valve was greater than the spring,water would flow through the vave,but when the pressure ceased,the spring closed the diaphram,which in turn opened a vent that allowed the water to drain hence,vacumn breaker.These had to be at a point above the turn-offs,by the way,and when they malfunctioned,due to debris or rusted springs,they could either fail,and stay open,or fail,and water wouldcome gushing out the cap. The conditions you desribe sounds like a low pressure situation,where there is not enough pressure to flow through the anti-siphon.Is your supply line kinked or crushed?
Q:missing my pcv valve?
what it really is is a check valve it will flow one way but not the other meaning it lets the motor vent out pressure and no air or debris can be sucked or drawn in its better to have a functioning one cause it can affect performance overall cause it usually is working with emissions devices now to be honest replacing it is almost mandatory, but you actually might not notice any difference at all after its fixed
Q:What are the advantages of having larger valves over two smaller ones?
short answer more horse power.
Q:Choosing a heart valve for my son, just looking for support and thoughts?
Wow, okorder.com/... Good luck to you and your son and I am very sorry you are having to go through this difficult decision.
Q:valve clearance?
No you can't check the valve to piston clearance without taking the heads off. I had a 289 bored out to 351 and ran stock 351 pistons. So your stock pistons should work with the new camshaft. I know I'm a girl but my husbands a mechanic and for fun we rebuild muscle cars.
Q:how to repair a sprinkler valve?
If you are talking about the above ground vacuum breaker go buy one that looks just like it some couplings pipe and glue and a small saw . The rest should be obvious .

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