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Manual ball valve series
1.high quality water but low consumption of salt
2.ceramic non-ware type sealing
3.easily install


  • Drinking Water Plants

  • Industrial Water Treatment Plant

  • Water Softener & Purifier

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Filtration and Sedimentation Units

  • Flower water treatment

  • Solar energy water treatment system

  • Boiler water treatment system

  • Swimming Pool Filtration Plant, etc.

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Q:What is poppet valves?
A poppet valve is a valve consisting of a hole, usually round or oval, and a tapered plug, usually a disk shape on the end of a shaft also called a valve stem. The shaft guides the plug portion by sliding through a valve.. not sure if you are talking about tire valve stems? if so the poppet valve moves within the valve stem. I have also heard them referred to as Schrader valves see link
Q:Why use steel over brass in valve spindles?
Brass is used in some cases because it it less likely to corrode. It is used in other cases because it is softer than steel and can act as a bearing surface. Steel is usually used because of its strength relative to brass. In some cases they are used in combination so the steel surface and the brass surfaces compliment each other to provide a smooth sliding surface. Bronze is also a popular material for some valves and parts of other valves. Usually in water or steam service. Many times the valve seats are made from a harder material such as stellite. See site below for more info on stellite.
Q:how many valves does a human heart have?
All four valves are not essential. Many patients have Pulmonary regurg after a surgery for Fallot's tetrology. Other three valves are important but valve leaks are better tolerated on the rt side than on the left side. Stenosis of any valve causes obstruction to circulation and so it causes problems.
Q:Evap vent valve?
How Does Evap System Work
Q:How essential is an EGR Valve to the operation of a car?
Nice try guys The EGR valve has a few things that makes it boath a good thing and a bad thing. First and formost it is for smog controle. The idea is that an engine requires more volume to idle than air and fuel to idle. So if you dump inert exhaust gas back into the intake the engine (pump) will not have to work as hard to suck air and fuel. Because you are replacing fuel and air with inert gas NOx is therefore reduced. In late model cars the EGR valve is actually open at various rpm levels, different engine loads, and throttle angles. EGR error codes are usually generated because of + feedback to the ECM. This could mean that the EGR is stuck (clean it), The diaphragm is leaking, (RR) or the electronics that monitor the position are fried (also a replace) Other things that can cause an EGR code are: no vacuum to the EGR valve, or plugged Exhaust gas plumbing Good Luck Does an EGR help a car warm up/ Yes but that is just a byproduct does it reduce MPG maybe but you would have to have it on a dyno to messure the change. In any event on many cars you can plug it with a plate at the intake and everything would work BUT , if the feedback from the EGR or (like ford) there is no differance in pressure mesured through a fixed orafice. you will still get an error code
Q:Eclipse gst blow off valve?
if you want it to operate properly the yes you will need it. The valves are also adustable but you need a tech manual to and special tool to do it propperly dont just guess at its setting rather know it. I assume the picture i looked at was your engine. Unless you like taking chaces i would recomend you put your timing belt cover back in place. If anything should get in there between your t-belt and gears or pullys the belt could be damaged and if it does get damaged you could damage the valves in the event of t-belt failure. I know people like to see the belt and gears moving and if that is what you are wanting i would suggest installing one of the clear t-belt covers that are available. unfortunatly i do not know who makes them. if you cant find out go to a car show and talk to gear heads that have them on there cars.
Q:I can get my trumpet valves unscrewed :OOOO?
Well on the valves you will see there are caps on the bottom and top of the valve. The top cap (it is located at the top of the valve itself, not the button you press - it is the cap that the button lands on when pressed) you unscrew that and take the valve out to oil it. Just make sure you put it in back correctly, if you put it in incorrectly it will not play properly. Also don't drop or dent the valves as they are very delicate and the smallest dent can damage it. Make sure that when you unscrew it that you only use your fingers. DO NOT use any tools to get it unstuck otherwise you can damage the instrument. It would be best for you (because you're new at the trumpet) to take it to the local music store and ask them how to take care of a trumpet. I am sure they will be happy to show you. Hope that helps
Q:emission control valve?
Is English your first language? Where is the question?
Q:honda civic Si valve cover oil leak?
Probly need a new gasget for the valve cover, not a big job to do, just make sure when you take the valve cover off that its done in a clean dust free environment BEFORE you take out the spark plugs out make sure no dust or dirt can fall down the holes into the cylinder. Use a hover if necessary as when you try to prise up the valve cover it may jerk, spilling dirt down into the chamber. also keep an eye on the valve cover bolts and washers they tend to go missing! Then just replace the old gasget with the new one and this should solve the problem. (Dont over tighten the bolts either use a small spanner or torq wrench if availiable! )
Q:Clarification on purge valve solenoid operation?
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