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Product Description:

1. Structure of Gate Valve Description

1. Selected materials, in line with domestic and international standards, high overall quality of the material.
2. In line with the requirements of domestic and foreign advanced standards, reliable sealing, excellent performance, attractive appearance.
3. Sealing pair advanced and reasonable, gate and seat sealing surface with different hardness Stellite (Stellite) cobalt-based alloy cladding made, reliable sealing, high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature, corrosion good anti-abrasion performance, long life.
4. Stem quenched and nitride surface treatment, has good corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance.
5. The use of flexible wedge gate structure, medium and large caliber set thrust bearings, friction force is small, and with a striking manually open and close with ease.

2. Main Features of the Gate Valve:
1)Full port design
2)OS&Y Outside screw and yoke .
3)BB. Bolted Bonnet .
4)Flexible wedge, Fully guided
5)Choice of solid or split wedge .
6)Renewable seat rings
7)Forged T-head stem
8)Rising stem and non-rising handwheel 

3. Images of the Gate Valve


4. Specification of the Gate valve 



3.Pressure: Class150~2500

4.Design and Manufacture:API602,BS5352,ANSI B16.34

5.Connection Ends:

  1)Socket Welded Dimension:ANSI B16.11,JB/T1751

  2)Screw Ends Dimension:ANSI B1.20,JB/T7306

  3)Butt Welded:ANSI B16.25

  4)Flanged Ends:ANSI B16.5,JB79

6.Test and Inspection:API598,GB/T13927,JB/T9092

7.Structure Features:

   B.B(Bolted Bonnet) and OS&Y(Outside Screw and Yoke)

   W.B(Welded Bonnet) and  OS&Y(Outside Screw and Yoke)


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A:Yes, We can change the form of the packaging and transportation according to your request, but you have to bear their own costs incurred during this period and the spreads.

3. Can I request to advance the shipment?

A: It should be depends on whether there is sufficient inventory in our warehouse.

4. Can I have my own Logo on the product?

A: Yes, you can send us your drawing and we can make your logo, but you have to bear

their own the cost.

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Q:Pressure balancing valve adjustment in shower?
All major manufactures of valves have excellent customer service departments. Most of them also have great websites with lots of technical info. Note: You may try changing your shower head to one that is a higher flow or remove any flow restrictor that may be in the one you have now. This may allow you to have the valve set to a colder setting for the tub spout and should increase the hot when showering. Personally, I don't like these style valves. Too many problems like yours.
Q:ducati valve adjustments?
Well first, you need to get them inspected, and they'll only adjust the valves if it's needed, even at 6k mile intervals, if your valves are still in spec or very close without lobe drag, they probably won't be changed, so check your bill and ask your tech directly if they were changed, some less reputable dealers may try to pull a fast one on you. If you actually needed ALL 16 shims changed, you're easily talking $1000 in labor, esp. on the 748/916 style heads, which have access ports on the heads instead of being able to remove the whole top of the heads like the newer DESMOQUATTRO heads, and are a PITA to work on because of it. The bad thing is that until recently (and they still need improvement) Ducati's quality control is lower than other manufacturers, meaning very inconsistent performance reliability, just from variances in manufacturing. If you get a GOOD tech to do the bike right in the first place though, not just valves but all-important TPS resetting, cam timing/belt tension, and balanced CO's in your exhaust, you will have a lot less headaches with your Duc.
Q:how can I buy a useful ball valve??
You can now easily order or buy ball valve from Kusha Steels. They highly produce A-1 quality products, Have personally ordered their products several times.
Q:Tippmann A5 gasline/valve problem?
When reinstalling the Tombstone it is best to position the marker barrel down this way gravity helps to keep the valve assembly in place. If the washer is dislodged you are probably also missing the large valve o-ring which sets on top of the washer. If the valve spring is setting past the valve body you will need to push it back down (use a small hex wrench). Set the washer on top then with the small hex wench press in the large valve o-ring on top of the washer then the tombstone should fit.
Q:How to replace PCV valve on 2001 F-150 Triton 5.4 V8? Also, where is it located?
This It will be on either the left or right side of your motor and it will be on top of the valve cover. This would not cause you motor to consume that much oil. You have a high mileage vehicle so you your piston rings and internal seals are worn out. There is really nothing you can do besides an engine overhaul. If you strongly feel its the PCV you can pick one up for a couple bucks, but it wont solve your problem. My suggestion is to keep driving and just keep an eye on the oil level. Carry a quart or 2 in your truck and just add as needed.
Q:I need help with my trumpet/cornet valves?
I play a baritone, but I hope I can help. On my instrument there are little notches at the tops of the valves. I had to spin my valve until I heard a slight click then I would push down on the valve to make sure it worked. (I would start on the first valve) Then to make sure that I had it in right I would blow in the instrument to see if the air went through the holes. Try that, it might help. Also, the next time you take your valves out keep them in order and in the position they came out in.
Q:Why can't i start my valve?
what kind of valve are you talking about? A Valvo?? LOL...No really, what kind of valve? Valves do not start, once the engine is fired up then the valve becomes a part of the engines 4 cycle system of opening and closing to allow fuel and air to enter inside the combustion chamber and ignite the fuel to keep the engine running. good luck..
Q:Presta valve bike tube?
get a new tube man presta is better because you are not fighting against the valve when it is getting inflated. Get an aditional tube as well for when you go out riding so you have a spare. In my opinion it is a waste of time to invest 1-2 dollars in a tube patch when for 3-5 you can get a whole new tube.
Q:Is valve standard of API and ISO same?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Is valve standard of API and ISO same? what's the differences of American standard valve standard and Europe valve standard. Like API598 and ISO5208 , EN12266 valve inspection standard, or API600 valve design manufacture standard,and EN598,
Q:what is the difference between industrial swing type check valve and lift type check valve?
A swing check valve consists of a flap or disc of the same diameter as the pipe bore, which hangs down in the flow path. With flow in the forwards direction, the pressure of the fluid forces the disc to hinge upwards, allowing flow through the valve. Reverse flow will cause the disc to shut against the seat and stop the fluid going back down the pipe. In the absence of flow, the weight of the flap is responsible for the closure of the valve. Lift check valves are similar in configuration to globe valves, except that the disc or plug is automatically operated. The inlet and outlet ports are separated by a cone shaped plug that rests on a seat typically metal; in some valves, the plug may be held on its seat using a spring. When the flow into the valve is in the forward direction, the pressure of the fluid lifts the cone off its seat, opening the valve. With reverse flow, the cone returns to its seat and is held in place by the reverse flow pressure. There is typically a larger pressure drop across a Swing check valve than across other types.The lift check valve has two major limitations; firstly, it is designed only for installation in horizontal pipelines, and secondly, its size is typically limited to DN80, above which, the valve would become too bulky. For more details you can refer Spirax Sarco, the leaders in Check Valves manufacturing

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