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Regulator for gaseous media, to be fitted to all types of gas
Optimum dimensioning allows high throughput performance


VGBF regualtors are general purpose regualtors for controlling gas pressure to furnaces, ovens and other gas consuming equipment. They are suitable for nature, LP and clean biogas at inlet pressure up to 60psig (4bar). Springs are available to allow for a wide choice of outlet pressure.

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Q:What is the torque specs for a valve cover?
I have a Hayne's Manual that's for 2001 through 2003. It says to tighten all the valeve cover bolts to 40 inch pounds, initially. Then--when all are at that setting, tighten all of them to 80 inch pounds. Then when all are that tight, do the final tightening to 105 inch pounds. Sounds like a weird way to do it, but I bet it won't leak if you follow these directions .... Before doing this, apply a light coating of RTV sealant onto the corners of number 1 and number 6 camshaft bearing caps (I guess some oil will leak if this isn't done). In other words, the back corners as you're facing the engine from the front of the car. Tightening sequence: Do all the middle ones first, starting with the bolt in the middle of the valve cover, then the one just above it, then the one just below it. Then do the same sequence for the left three bolts. Then do the same sequence for the right three bolts. Then get a Hayne's manual, because it may not be perfect, but it shows a lot of torque settings and other stuff you will need in the future. I don't wrench all that often anymore, so I use a torque wrench. My bad!
Q:What great blood vessels of the heart have semilunar valves?
Q:natural gas furnace valve not opening?
I don't know if this will help without seeing your furnace but this is similar to what happened when I light ours in the fall.Where the pilot light is if you have one there is a wire sensor and that gets dirty sometimes and needs cleaned at the tip by the pilot,on ours it connects to the gas valve and signals it to open.Good luck to you hope this helps,it also could be a bad valve.
Q:Painting valve cover?
You need to make use of heat resistant paint that is made for engines. Make certain that the valve cover has been cleaned very good with Acetone until all oil has been eliminated. Do not get paint on the gasket floor or your will have leaks where the gasket sealer fails at the paint. Most auto materials outlets have the high warmness paints in spray cans in plenty of colors. Simply be certain that you've got removed all the oil residue from the valve quilt and then paint it and let dry completely before reinstallation.
Q:Are Valve, Infinity Ward and Activision going to fix the hacking in Call of Duty MW2 multiplayer?
Valve?! Valve has nothing to do with COD MW2. Valve makes much BETTER games.
Q:Where is this pcv valve?
find the valve covers and it's on one of them, it plugs into the valve cover and has a hose running to it, take it out and shake it and you should hear a ball bearing rattling noise if it's good.
Q:request information deep well foot valve?
This drop tube is the suction line. This tube will always be below the water level in the well. I would talk to a competent water well company and get their recommendations. Regards, Dale
Q:Plastic ball valve help!?
=== take it back and get another valve .... if it doesn't work freely in your hand then the valve will be a problem if you install it ---- working with pvc you should use the purple glue that is waterproof and it is a good seal and no leaks when you have
Q:Valve Job?
At 102k it would be better to go through the whole motor. Do a compression balance test to get an idea of cyl wear. It will save you money if you intend on keeping the car rather than spending the money to go through the heads and then have to rebuild the motor in another 10k.
Q:Mitral valve regurgitation?
This means the valves in the heart have a little leakage, so rather than produce complete forward flow there is some reverse flow (regurgitated). To determine how much of a problem this presents to you, find out what your ejection fraction is measured as, anything over 50% is good. Ask your doctor to explain, and put this into prospective for you.

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