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  • Drinking Water Plants

  • Industrial Water Treatment Plant

  • Water Softener & Purifier

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Filtration and Sedimentation Units

  • Flower water treatment

  • Solar energy water treatment system

  • Boiler water treatment system

  • Swimming Pool Filtration Plant, etc.

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Q:How does an on-off actuator and ball valve connect?
An actuator for a ball valve can use either compressed air or an eectric power source to drive a motor. Air actuated valves can operate very quickly and are a little cheaper but they require a compressed air source and pneumatic controls to operate. An electric operator uses a geared motor to operate the valve and are slower. Electric operators are more expensive but only require power and some switches to operate. See link for hook up details.... The motor is built into the actuator so its just a matter of mating the actuator up with the valve. It would be best to buy a complete unit with the actuator and valve already attached. These will cost at a minimum several hundred dollars. Using a ball valve may not operate fast enough nor give you fine control if your considering using it to control the cleaning fluid applied to the floor. Instead consider using a solenoid valve instead. These are smaller valves and operate very quickly by just adding or removing power. Not to mention these are much cheaper $25 to $100 on average.
Q:Help! Sticky Trumpet Valve?
I would wager there is no dent, but the valves aren't quite straight. They have to be straight. Don't know what it will cost to fix, they may have to be replaced.
Q:Mitral Valve Prolapse..Help please?
You can lead a normal health life with MVP. What it is is the valve between the left atria and left ventricle doesn't close fully like it is suppost to and some blood seeps back into the atria when the blood is being pushed out of your heart. MVP is more common then you think. The doc even said to you that your case isn't really severe. MVP cannot be cured without surgery at this time. However you'll be fine. Just keep to your doctor visits as scheduled to keep tabs on it.
Q:Where does the blow off valve blow out the air to?
well since we all know what the heck your talking about and whats it for and stuff I choose ( A.) and that's my final answer it doesn't blow me so who cares for 3000 alex.
Q:What are compensating valves on a Brass instrument?
A compensating valve instrument has valves that send the air through two sets of tubing. For example a double French horn has slides for the F side and the Bb side. In a normal horn the air goes through the F side when you are playing the F side and the Bb side when you are playing that side. In a compensating horn when you play the F side the air goes through both sets of slides. It's a way of making the horn lighter and simpler.
Q:Can anyone tell me the difference betwen these valves?
Doleful is an adjective which means that it describes a noun. Similar words include: dreary, forlorn gloomy, grieving, lamentable, melancholy, mournful, pitiful, plaintive, sad, sorrowful. It was a very doleful day for Mary when she had to leave her friend behind. Lament is a verb. It means to grieve or to bemoan the loss of something. Frank lamented the death of his beloved cat. Woe is a noun. Other words meaning the same thing are misfortune, sorrow, suffering, grief. misery. Woe to the person who breaks his promise to me. Their woes became unbearable to handle.
Q:How essential is an EGR Valve to the operation of a car?
It will run without it but no emmision inspection station will give you a pass on the car as the engine MUST have an operational valve inorder to meet Fed Emmisions standards. BTW, some of you guys better brush up on WHAT an EGR valve does. It DOES NOT help the car in the warming up period.
Q:Heart Valve replacement????
I'm pretty sure you've got to take a blood thinner with ANY heart valve replacement. The difference is the dosage, really. At any rate, supposedly mechanical don't wear out as easily, and doesn't get rejected as much as with the bovine or porcine valves. I would recommend he calm down a little bit, though. His worrying is only putting more stress on his heart, and if the hospital doesn't consider it enough of an emergency to schedule him immediately, I wouldn't worry so much. There have been amazing advances in cardiac surgeries, and the risks are getting smaller and smaller. Either your boyfriend or his dad's significant other should make absolute sure that he meets his surgeon, and is confident in the surgeon's abilities. If he's not confident, find another one. Good luck with it, and take care.
Q:how i fix my trumpet's third valve?
That sounds like a ping in the valve casing which, if let go , can ruin the valve. It's a repairshop item maybe $100
Q:Ford Mechanical Selector Valve Operation?

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